Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Heartfelt Conversation

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai visits Shruti and asks Dr. Mhatre about patient’s condition. She notices Shruti in critical condition. Pulkit says this injection is a savior and if it doesn’t work, Shruti may go into coma. Sai gives injection. Virat notices from glass window and thinks he told Sai that if his wife finds out about her, she would help her, and as he said, Sai is helping Shruti. Shruti’s condition worsens even after getting injection.
Virat walks in and asks why is Shruti behaving like this. Pulkit says the did their best and can just wait now. Virat says he trusts Pulkit and god. Sai prays god to protect Shruti for Sahas. Shruti’s vital signs normalize. Pulkit says Shruti’s body is accepting blood now. Nurse asks Virat to wait outside while they finish some paperwork. Doctor says he can finish his work and be available on call.

Family helps Bhavani walk and sit on a sofa. Samrat says she will walk on her feet soon. Pakhi returns home and asks if she is fine, she went to Asthivinayak temple to pray for her after hearing about her accident. Bhavani says its good at least she was out of the drama. Pakhi asks what drama. Pulkit tells Mhatre that Shruti’s condition is stable now. Sai asks Shruti how is she feeling now. Shruti thanks Pulkit for saving her life and stopping her son from becoming an orphan. Pakhi is shocked to hear that Shruti has a baby from Virat and asks Samrat if its possible that baby is only Shruti’s. Shivani says hope it was true. Pakhi thinks Virat betrayed her and married Sai and now betrayed Sai and had a baby with Shruti.

Shruti continues to thank Pulkit. Pulkit says they are doctors and were professional. Shruti requests to talk to Sai alone for 5 minutes. Pulkit says they are doctor and will only listen to professional issues and asks Sai to leave from there. Shruti holds Sai’s hand and pleads her to listen to her once. Virat walks in and asks what is happening. Sai says his wife is fine now, he should take care of her medicines, he will get a hospital reminder for appointment and should bring his wife for next appointment on time. Nurse brings Sahas and gives him to Virat. Sai remembers Bhavani’s order that she expects Chavan family heir from Sai and Virat, Virat consoling her, etc. Nurse asks sweets from Virat. Sai says its a happy moment for Mr Chavan and his family, but she will give her money to distribute sweet among whole hospital staff. Pulkit asks why is she doing this. Sai says she is doing it for Mrs Chavan and baby, congratulates Mr Chavan for becoming a father, prays for his and his wife’s happiness without anyone’s interference. She then says she will leave now. Virat says she already left him.

She continues her heart felt discussion. Pulkit says they are late. Sai says let us go. Virat says he needs to talk to her. She says he got a family which many crave for, now he has a baby to fulfill his family. She says Shruti is lucky and should protect her happiness. Once she leaves, Shruti says she knows Virat is hurt with Sai’s words, she wanted to tell truth to Sai, but Pulkit stopped her. Virat says she need not do that. Shruti says he should tell truth to Sai and his family. He says he will when the right time comes.

Precap: DIG gives 72 hours to Virat to defend himself and warns to fire him from job. Sai reads news about Virat and informs Pulkit. Pulkit says its a tit for tat and asks her not to interfere in it.

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