Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat Arrests Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malhar feels severe pain and scolds his friends to get a good pain killer for him. His friend reminds that Dr. Sai ordered not to give him pain killer. Malhar orders them to call a senior doctor. Friends ask wardboy to bring Dr. Thurat. Dr. Thurat enters and checks Malhar’s file and says Dr. Sai is right that he cannot be given pain killer for 4 hours. They threaten to break his bones. Malhar offers him 50,000 rs per injection. Thurat calls nurse and orders her to bring pain killer injection. Nurse reminds him about Sai’s order. He yells that he is Sai’s senior and his orders work here. Nurse gets an injection. Sai gets concerned seeing unseasonal rain.

Samrat notices Pakhi lost in thoughts while having green tea and alerts her. She says she doesn’t want to have green tea adn would like to have coffee. Samrat offers his coffee to her. She holds his hand and sips coffee from his hand looking into his eyes. He holds her hand and sips coffee next. She gets closer to him hearing thunder. He wiggles his fingers in her hair and says whatever happens, he will always be with her. She hugs him intimately.

Malhar offers money to Thurat after getting pain killer injection. Money falls down. Thurat bends down to pick the money and notices alcohol bottle. Malhar agreed that he had alcohol to lessen his pain. Thurat gets tensed and asks Malhar’s friends to remove alcohol bottle from there and not tell anyone that he gave Malhar a pain killer. He then walks away nervously. Friends notice Malhar shivering and go out to get blanket. Sai walks to Malhar and notices him shivering. Malhar pleads her to save him. Sai asks nurse if someone gave him another pain killer dose. Nurse lies no. Sai shifts Malhar to the ICU and gives him defibrillator shocks, but Malhar passes away.

Dr. Thurat walks into the ICU and seeing Malhar dead recalls giving him pain killer and noticing alcohol bottles under the bed. He alleges Sai that a patient died because of her carelessness. Sai denies giving any extra pain killer, but Thurat continues alleging her and asks nurse to take her away. Malhar’s friends walk in and allege him for killing Malhar. Thurat threatens them that they kiled their friend by giving him alcohol and he will complain against them if they don’t keep their mouth shut. He then manipulates Malhar’s records and calls police.

Virat with his team walks in and asks who called the police. Sai smiles seeing him. Thurat says he called police to complain that his intern killed a patient due to her negligence. Virat asks if he wasn’t present around when the patient died. Thurat says he was in the operation there and continues alleging Sai and taunts Virat that he will not arrest his wife now. Virat gets angry on him and questions Malhar’s friends who allege that Sai killed their friend, recalling Thurat’s threat to keep their mouth shut. Virat asks the inspector to seal all the documents related to the case. Thurat shows manipulated document with Sai’s signature and says Sai gave overdose to the patient and killed him. Sai breaks down and says she didn’t kill the patient. Virat arrests her in a patient’s murder charges.

Precap:- Virat arrests Sai and takes her in a police jeep.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Is doctor thurat crazy can’t het be killed i dont believe he is a doctor but a criminal and jagtap also they both deserve to be killed OR put into jail now poor sai has to go to jail and put into jail by her own husband how happy Will the chavans family be about this especially bahvani and palkhi i am bginning to dislike the serie changed IT up please and allow the negetive figures to go out of the story of turn into positieve people this story is not Nice anymore think about some more positieve episodes that Will make everybody happier

  2. Harsheeee

    this show has decided to destroy the science completely like how can sai get pregnant just 1 day later even if she maybe ovulating still this takes time man , just because some shows are showing this pregnancy track they have to show it and this is just her internship the start of her career and if she is pregnant then that dumb ass family would never let her work idk wtf is wrong with the writers

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