Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat’s Surprise Visit To Sayi’s College

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aswini confronts Bhavani that she is misusing her silence and says she is staying with her since years and didn’t ask anything from her or Ninad, then why she thinks she is expecting money from Sayi. Saloni yells how can she allege Bhavani and forgot Bhavani’s favor, Bhavani is holding family together till now or else it would have shattered by now. Ninad yells at Aswini next to shut up and stop her drams in front of kids, they are married for 30 years and now she is complaining that he didn’t fulfill her demands. Saloni continues yelling followed by Omkar. Mohit confronts Saloni and asks why she is insulting Aswini. Saloni shouts at him to not interfere between elders and says Aswini is jealous of her, etc. Ninad yells that Bhavani chose a wrong girl for him and his life is ruined. Omkar supports him and says Bhavani held the family from shattering after Nagesh dada passed away. Ninad continues shouting and starts coughing. Omkar and Bhavani rush to him and Pakhi gives him water and asks to calm down, asks Ashwini to stop troubling Ninad now. Bhavani yells at Aswini that she ruined her husband’s health, etc. She then praises Pakhi that she is well cultured and Chavan family is lucky to have a bahu like her, etc.

Virat goes to Sayi’s college for inspection and questions students. College’s dean meets him and asks reason for coming. Virat says he heard there is some event in the college without police permission. Dean says college’s freshers’s welcome program and takes him to his cabin. Virat calls student organizer, questions him, and then asks to call Aniket saying he heard his name as singing competition runner up. Aniket enters tensed and answers his questions. Virat compares himself to Aniket reminiscing Sayi’s words. Sayi opens door and without noticing Virat signals Aniket. Aniket says he will meet her later. Sayi leaves. Virat thanks god that she didn’t see him and continues questioning Aniket. Aniket asks if he can leave for singing practice. Virat agrees and asks dean to be careful as outsiders may enter college. Dean says he will not let anyone in without ID card. Virat leaves thinking his work is done.

At home, basant panchami celebration arrangements start. Usha applying alta/red color on Saloni’s feet asks Pakhi if she should apply alta to her feet. Pakhi says no. Bhavani asks reason. Pakhi says Usha tai is elder and she doesn’t want elders to touch her feet. Bhavani praises her again and says she will read bhagvat geeta today. Saloni says Aswini reads bhagvat geeta every year. Aswini says Pakhi can read bhagvat geeta. Pakhi says if she has problem, she can continue reading it. Aswini says she didn’t mean that. Sayi returns from college. Bhavani asks if she knows today is festival pooja at home. Sayi says she knows, so she is wearing yellow dress. Ninad and others yell at her as usual. Sayi gives them a befitting reply. Usha scolds her to stop arguing with elders and get alda applied on her feet. Sayi reminds that she is allergic to alta. Whole family starts yelling at her. Sayi gets adamant that she is allergic to alta and will not apply it. Ashwini says she shouldn’t if she is allergic to it. Bhavani says nobody among them is allergic, then being a jungli mulgi how can she. Drama continues…

Precap: Sayi gets adamant not to apply alta on her feet. Bhavani orders Saloni and Pakhi to hold
her and Karishma to apply it on Sayi’s feet. Sayi while resisting drops alta on floor. Bhavani gets tensed thinking an unknown trouble may over on them.

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  1. Char chudail 2 bhoot
    Pakhi chudail
    Bhawani chudail
    Saloni chudail
    Karishma aadhi chudail

  2. I think her name is Sonali not Saloni. Here they write it Saloni.

  3. I just hope that the trouble will affect either Masta Masta or her caucus members. ACP Virat Chavan is in love cus for him to compare and contrast it means he doesn’t want any hot guy to snatch Sayi away from him.
    As for Paakhi for her mind she’s a very good daughter in law. Samrat I beg please do and come back.

    1. na mgbeke dey worry that pakhi

  4. Aishwarya ajay pakhi is a no.1 liar in real life also because in an interview she said that pakhi is dignified woman and she knows that virat is someone else so she doesn’t want to snatch him from sayi but she wants virat to support her always like a best seriously she thinks we audience are fool…..😃😄😅😁

    1. I think she’s delusional she has convinced her self she’s not a negative character so much that’s she believes it smh poor girl

  5. Why do the elders always arguing? They are soo unhealthy. Because Pakhi give some water to Ninad that makes her a well cultured bahu? Ashwini is right in suspecting Pakhi wants Virat and married Samrat just to be close to Virat, also I think she knows about Ninad and masta, masta.
    Writers need to kill so much bickering in the family and live together. Please bring Virat and Sai together quickly and let them live in love leaving evil Pakhi out to live with Samrat,when he comes back

  6. I have always say this. I pray that when Samrat comes back, he should reject that wicked girl bcs she rejected him first. Or better still come back home with his own wife.
    Sai should face her studies squarely so that she can graduate and start working. Because the way I’m looking at things, she’s the only one that can save Ashwini from this debris.
    I wonder why Virat has not thought of how to save his mother from all this witches and wizards.
    He has only spoke few times on very light note for his mother. Virat , as a man and with your age, can’t you see your mother’s pain and insult?

  7. It’s ok yaar agar sai ko alergy h alta se to elders use zabardasti na kre

  8. Please when will starplus return to startimes. Tired of reading updates.
    When this family finds out that Samrat left the house cos of Pakhi’s betrayal then we’ll see how they’ll react.

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