Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai To Leave Chavan Nivas?

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai packs her clothes. Devi walks to her and asks what is she doing here when everyone are downstairs. Sai says some work is incomplete. Devi asks if she is thinking what should she wear tomorrow, they will color coordinate their saris and make everyone jealous. Sai says she is packing her clothes. Devi asks if she is leaving house and giving her promise asks if someone troubled her. Sai says she herself is leaving this house, its time to execute what she was saying. Devi gets angry and says she will inform everyone. Sai stops and calms her down. Devi asks to let her inform everyone. Sai makes her sit and in a poetic style says there is a secret between them and they should keep it to themselves, they are playing a lock and key game in which Devi will hide a word that Sai is leaving house. Devi asks if she is leaving even Virat, picks Sai’s Aaba’s photo and asks him to tell Sai not to leave this house. Sai cries that if Aaba was alive, he wouldn’t have let Virat misbehave with her and live with a person who doesn’t love and respect her. Devi asks her not to cry.

Pakhi tells Samrat that she will also get ready if he is performing pooja tomorrow. He says she looks pretty when she gets ready. She says thanks for the complement. He says he really means it and reminds her that he liked her at first sight, but then she.. She tries to leave nervously. He stops her and asks why did she ask why Virat carried Bappa’s idol and not him. She gets nervous thinking if he realized that she wanted to perform Virat’s aarti and lies that he is missing since many long and she wanted to perform his aarti when he left home and even when he returned. He gets convinced.

Devi asks Sai if she will visit her often. Sai says yes. Virat returns to room and asks what is she doing here, she can sleep here with Sai. Devi asks her to stay with Sai at least tonight. Virat asks what will happen tomorrow. She says tomorrow is Ganpati pooja. Virat asks her to explain Sai to correct her mood as she was frowning during aarti, its good that aayi asked her to cheer up. Sai asks what she should have done when Pakhi taunted her. He asks why she questions Pakhi’s acts when she doesn’t question her acts. She says he is there for that. He gets angry on her. Devi asks her not to get angry on Sai. Virat asks her why she always irritates him and continues arguing with Sai. Sai asks Devi to go down as everyone are waiting for her. Devi asks Virat not to scold Sai again. Sai says she need not worry as she is very strong. Devi leaves. Sai asks what is his problem. Virat says Kamal sir was well cultured and highly respected, but Sai is completely opposite and didn’t deserve Kamal sir’s pampering. Sai says he doesn’t deserve to take her Aaba’s name as he may have got high rank clearing exams, but he lacks in morales. He gets more angry. She says there is no and won’t be any relationship between them, so he doesn’t have any right to speak about her. He walks away fuming. She thinks Virat will continue to misbehave with her if she stays here, so she has to take a tough decision to get big changes in life.

Precap: Sai keeps back Virat’s gifted jewelry in his cupboard. Virat says he returned all her documents, she doesn’t have anything in his drawer. She says yes. He says she was telling something will happen tomorrow, its tomorrow. Ashwini notices Sai’s dilemma and asks what is she hiding.

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  1. I wish my rubber bands were as stretchable as the ghum world.😑🤯
    When we have a fight(anyone around me) , no matter how big the matter is; either we try to sort out the things or just ignore the other person.
    We don’t time and again get into an argument. What do you ppl do, dear readers?🤔
    I m sure no one’s like them! Are you?🤨😬

    1. Jeenu

      dude, You had me at the simile u used!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    2. I m glad!😂😂
      If not the show, let our comments bring the much needed smile!😜

    3. @savi
      Ha ha, real people solve their problems but ghum ones just get ghum in all the fiasco🤦‍♂️…. dunno what goes inside the head of the creatives, I mean kudos to the patience level🙄…if these people ever made game of thrones, half of the characters instead of fighting for the throne would have been ghum in fighting themselves… throne gaya tel lene🤷‍♀️

  2. Wow i feel frustrated with virat behave.he full of ego..and because of this ego he will lost sai..look next week precap he look so arrogant..

    Let see when sai dissapear he will find sai like crazy or he will relax.

    I feel sad for sai..let we put ourself in her place she dont have anyone in this world..her aaba left and sacrife for virat life but what virat do for her only give pain and hurting her day by day..she take a good decision to left

    1. I also feel bad for her. Virat is such an ungrateful person.

  3. My rubber band is broke with envy and chewing gum fell out with jealousy seeing how stretchy this serial is.



  5. Finally Sai Leave Its Good For Virat… Not Sai Irritating Girl

    1. Correct., irritating sai….. Brainless girl…..

    2. Why only virat .. both virat n paki🐍👿💀

  6. Wow How could virat say to sai she didn’t deserve her father pampering , actually he doesn’t deserve sai and her father’s respect for him. Sai’s father trusted virat but what is he doing, insulting sai and being a big hurdle in sai’s dream of becoming doctor .honestly kamal sir never wanted these things and so called “ips Virat” taunting sai of being uncultured ,can’t he see himself in mirror and his so called”well- cultured” family who emotional torture sai uff . I feel so bad for sai ,losing father, staying in just outdated family and having such husband who doesn’t support her but instead what’s her to fulfill every family ritual forgetting her dreams but still getting taunts about her upbringing ugh, even I lost my father I know how it feels if someone says even a single word against my father I feel to give a tight slap to that person but sai she is tolrating alot ,it break my heart to see her alone in that home, ashwini ,mokit ,samrat are there but if her husband doesn’t support her means their support is of no use in front of pakhi and bavani team .the worst part is virat behave as if he did a great favour to sai just for keeping her in his home and giving her 3 Times food such a toxic and self-center person he is. I really want sai to leave chavan nivas ,plz writes keep sai character strong

  7. Virat and sai both are stupid…This Virat had proved time to time he is good for nothing…Sai has brain to solve everything possible issue thrown at her…Why dies she have to come back again and again to Chawan house because of Love that she didn’t even know.This is so pathetic both GHKKPM and Anupama are not at all practice. Anupama can stay with her mom house and also take care of her family and kids…why she wants to live in the same house and get hurt and bleed our ears with daily lecture of her life for 26 years …She gets hurt by Vanraj, Baa and kavya taunt why to stay and listen to all those crap

    1. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!both are biggest fooolll in the worldddd

  8. It’s like a merry go round, “twists and turns” but in the same direction so the story goes in one big boring circle! Hell hath no fury like a Virat scorned! I guess the ratings have to fall before they improve the storyline, I prefer to read the written updates before I decide to watch or watch it after it’s aired so at the very least I can fast forward through any Pakhi scenes! At least Anupama is still interesting, the storyline seems to be heading somewhere!

  9. Feel sorry for Sai. Virat can be so rude if Sai had refused after Virat’s love confession. But even now Sai doesn’t know why he is angry with her.
    Now I also confused. Does virat really loves Sai? If so he cannot be so mean to her specially in front of that cheap paki who loves to cheap slowly into Virat’s room at night.
    I think virat is falling for that paki again by the Oway virat praises paki in front of Sai .

  10. This drama is getting more and more boring

  11. Virat WAnts to keep his distance from Sai but unable to do so. He is in turmoil. The thing is he said to Sai pakhi left his life long time ago so why did Sai not take the hint that maybe she hAs a chance with him. Instead she twisted it and Said virat is now jealous of samrat and pakhis relationship. But pakhi is right virat and Sai don’t have a normal relationship but it is because of her they don’t. I hope Sai does leave and hip virat does not stop her. And I hope samrat beats him l.

  12. How dare Stupid ACP jerk tells an orphan that she did not deserve her father’s love? What bullshit! She never knew her mother. Her father took.a bullet for this jerk
    Please let Sai go and finished her studies and become a doctor. And the idiot can continue to lie to her brother and the rest of the ignorant Chavan looser family and be with that Old lady Paakkiii. Cheater. I can’t stand virat or Paaakkki

    This show is all about constant fighting and insulting this poor girl.
    Please writers let her leave.

  13. Both r shameless n lusty creatures. Even i think that jerk is still in love with his cheap SIL. Who knows both might be enjoying slyly

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