Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Deals With Malar’s Rude Attitude

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Thurat acts as supporting Sai and scolds Malhar for misbehaving in the hospital. Malhar threatens Thurat that his father and uncle are powerful people of Nagpur and own half of the Nagpur, he will destroy his hospital if he doesn’t get a pain killer. Thurat gets afraid and orders nurse to give painkiller to Malar. Malar walks towards an old man’s bed. Sai warns him to dare not sit on that bed and warns him to behave well if he wants to be treated. She tongue lashes him that doctors work hard for patient’s comfort and deserve respect in return, she doesn’t dare if his father is a big shot and will treat him only if he shows respect Malar gets impressed that she is behaving like him and silently agrees for the treatment. Another intern praises Sai’s brave act.

Virat returns home from work. Ashwini offers him to dinner. He asks her not to bother as he will warm the food himself. Ashwini feels elated spending some quality time with her son and feeds him food. Virat misses Sai while haivng food. Samrat walks in with Pakjhi and reveals about their new friendship. Virat feels happy for Samrat. Pakhi opens her laptop and sees Virat’s picture in it. She decides to delete it and move on in life with Samrat. She then starts wriging her blogs. Samrat offers her tea. She recalls the moments spent with him.

Sai misses Virat and messages him. Virat feels elated seeing her message and replies her back. They recall the quality time spent with each other. Sai’s intern colleague praise her bravery. Malar complains of pain again and insists for a pain killer. Sai refuses to give him a pain killer citing the issue of overdose. His aides offer him alcohol to lessen his pain. He falls for Sai and secretly clicks her pics. Dr. Thurat feels frustrated when he doesn’t get a chance to humiliate Sai.

Precap: Dr. Thurat orders nurse to geta pain
killer. Nurse informs that Sai ordered not to giveMalar a pain killer for 4 hours.
Thurat gets angry and gives painkiller to Malar. Malar’s condition deteriorates.
Sai asks nurse if someone gave him medicine. Nurse denies. Malar’s aide question Sai.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. For the 1st time i like pakhi behaviour today..look like she start to move on..goodjob pakhi👏

  2. Samrat ka death sequence near hai

    1. @Arpan I really really hope this information is false. Just as much as sairat scenes, getting to see more and more of samrakhi scenes will be nice and fun too. But if the makers are planning to ruin it they better prepare samrat’s comeback soon atleast same man with different name

  3. senior dr doesn’t know when to give pain killer and when not. Like seriously Precap is illogical
    Forget about precap the whole show is illogical 😂😂

  4. This serial is full of negativity n wrong image of many people, firstly makers showed samrat left the house,left his job,didn’t bother abut his widow mother while an army man always face problems of life boldly,damrat role was totally spoiled sitting at home listening bkvas taunts of stupid ladies of CN n tolerating his shameless wife’s unfaithfulness secondly virats role making unnecessary promises to everyone
    without realizing their consequences, helping terrorists at the cost of his wife’s happiness and then showing rude behavior to her inspite of his own fault,now v.v.poor image of medical people is being shown n it is looking unbearable n shameful, Sai boss is a psycho ,nobody can pass comments on personal relations of one’s subordinate how he was passing disgusting remarks on interim while assigning duties instead of motivating them towards their noble duty, attitude of nurse in OT with Sai,an interim was given duty to deliver a child on 1st day only due to khunas of a boss. Sai boss is just playing with lives of patients ,why the makers r showing so much negativity, agar vo khud dukhi hai logo ko dukhi na krain aur apna kisi pagalkhane me ilaj krvayen…

  5. One side Jagtap is released and other side this goon 🤦‍♀️
    I can only imagine both these goons having cat fight for Sai🤣

  6. The whole story is upside down many complications IT is good to see palkhi and samrat growing closer to eachother sai is very brave i hope pulkit and his staff Will place
    a complain t owards this crazy doctor who is sai Boss and i hope jagtap Will be killed because he is another cruel mad mean person who is coming into sai life

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