Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Surprises Ninad

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani says she can’t believe Chavan family’s bahu Sai took drugs. She sniffs Sai. Sai sneezes and smiles. Shivani says she is speaking nonsense like Pakhi as she knows Sai cannot do that. Mohini says Sai and drugs, no way. Mansi says she will not believe that Sai takes drugs and asks Pakhi if she has any proof. Pakhi says they will question when they don’t get answer. Bhavani backs her. Ashwini warns Pakhi to be in her limits as Sai will never do drugs and warns to dare not speak ill about Sai. Virat asks her to calm down as they all know Sai will not do drugs, he asks Sai to tell why she is late. Sai says finally she is getting a chance to speak and reveals that she went to a shop to take some stuff where a shopkeeper delayed giving excuse of 10 minutes, she forgot to charge her phone and hence couldn’t call her. Pakhi yells she shouldn’t like when she doesn’t know to lie. Sai says she should use her brain and realize that she never lies. Omkar yells at Sai next and backs Pakhi. Virat tells Sai that they were all worried for her and she went to buy a stupid stuff. Sai says its not stupid. Ashwini asks to tell what did she buy. Bhavani yells that Sai is ruining family’s dignity and prays god to save the family from Sai. Sai says she will not tarnish their family’s dignity. Sonali yells she should tell what did she buy with 50000 rs then.

Sai says she cannot say but can show them and asks labors to bring it. They bring a box. Ninad yells she paid 50000 rs for this box. She says not for this box but for a stuff in it and holding his hand insists him to open the box. Ninad yells to leave his hand. Pakhi yells next to stop misbehaving with Ninad. Sai forcefully makes Ninad open the box. Ninad is surprised to see a harmonium and gets emotional. Virat asks if she spent her scholarship money on harmonium. Sai says Baba surprised them with his singing during her birthday and said he loves playing harmonium. Ashwini says Sai only knows to love everyone selflessly. Sai says she just wanted to see a smile on Baba’s face and can bear his scolding for it, parents sacrifice their dreams to bring up children and its children turn now to keep parents happy. Mansi praises Sai and asks her to be same forever. Shivani jokes that Sai has really inebriated and asks Pakhi if she can see it in her eyes.

Sai continues describing how his Aaba used to scold him when she used to come late from school but then pamper her knowing the reason. Ninad holds her hand and drags her near him and emotionally holding her face hugs her shedding emotional tears. Ashwini tells Virat that his baba hugged Sai for the first time. Mohit comments he is seeing moon on the other side. Virat says its on the right side for the first time. Ninad tells Sai that he never considered her bahu, forget a daughter and hugs her againn. Mere Ghar Aana Zindagi.. song plays in the background. Sonali taunts Omkar that he was his brother’s puppet, but his brother changed his side now and hence whom he will support now. Sai wipes her tears and says let us hear Baba playing harmonium. Ninad plays harmonium and continues in his room at night. Ashwini says he looks good smiling and playing harmonium. He says he likes playing harmonium, Sai surprised him. Virat walks in and apologizes him. Ninad says he already scolded him for spending 10000 rs with Sai’s 40000 rs. Virat says he never gifted him anything till now and never knew he likes harmonium so much. Ninad says even he never knew. Ashwini tells Virat that he is lucky to marry a kind hearted girl.

Precap: Ajinkya comes to meet Sai. Pakhi sends Ajinkya to Sai’s room citing Sai is ill and informs family. Virat angrily shouts who gave Ajinkya a permission to go up and angrilyh walks into room, but stops seeing something.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Great to see that nomad accept sai but which harmonium costs 50000?

    1. Armyyy😍💜
      But musical instruments are costlier ig they might cost that much.

    2. I googled it they don’t cost that much😂sorry

    3. Are u a army too💜

    4. Yepp💜🙌🏻

    5. *ninand

  2. Since this Pakhi is a lus*y bit*h, she thinks all other women are like her. She insists Ajinkya to go to the room and meet Sai.
    No……. Next week will be Sai’s suicide track…

  3. Uss Pakhi aunty ka chehra dekhne layak tha.
    And I liked the way Shivani taunted her. Shivani bua is just savage.

  4. Today episode was so good seeing ninad accept sai but guys get ready for next week.full of sadness for sai because of this pakhi always find solution to separate sairat.

  5. Today’s episode was good finally Ninad accepted Sai, in fact if paki was not there by now bavhani also would have accepted, it is paki who fuel their anger against Sai.
    What type of a man Virat is, except Shivani and Ashvini no one said anything about pakis drug allegation. I think virat just loves to enjoy that irritating voice even onscreen. Is that Neil scared to talk back to his real life pair that much or is he loves that bakwas woman that much not to ruin her onscreen image. But he can tolerate whatever others talk about his costar. Virat spinless idiot knows to get angry only on Sai , and his brain works only for the lies spitted by his beloved paki. This is too much.
    Oh the precap, hate to watch the next week’s crap.
    A humble request from the maker, kindly read these comments at least once before you proceed with the serial. I want to know is Sai is the mail female lead or is it that cheap woman paki. Looks like both you guys and Virat wants to keep the lusty paki on your heads give her more space in the serial. You never realize we the viewers hate to see that irritating zombi takes more space.
    If you makers wants to give so much importance to that showpiece paki, you can bring Viraki together in the serial and let Sai have a life with Ajinkya, both Sai and Ajinkya together looks cute too. If you continue to give prominence to paki, please don’t bring Sai closer to that “paki lover spinless”virat, after the suicide track.
    I hate VIRAKI
    Neil also up to something in

  6. Guys why are I not understanding the serial is a full copy of kusum dola u all can see the episodes of kusum dola….suicide track next h and Phir samrat ko sai hi wapis layegi and then samrat pakhi ko bhandhan se muxt karega par vo usko propose kregi ki vo virat aur sai par Nazar rakh sake..and Sai phir se gadchiroli jayegi and phir kidnap ho jayegi….

    1. you know where I can see kusum dola from Spain

    2. Avneil fan

      This show is remake of kusum dola only 🤗..

    3. If this is the upcoming track then maker should separate sai and virat and introduce a new male lead for sai who can love and understand her and support her in every circumstances not like this spineless virat who will doubt her and accuse her.maker should show old sai who loved her self respect more than anything.sai should not forgive virat this time and leave chavan niwas forever. Even after this track they will show virat and sai together then this show will become a is the copy of kusumdola but they should not copy these kind of bullshit. Rather copying bulshit track they should end this show or star plus should ban this show.

  7. Well all I can understand that either Neil or Aishwarya one of them has to leave the show or the show will lose the charm. Just because they are engaged, Neil is not given any harsh lines against Aishwarya and neither they are showing him standing against her. If you love someone then you will defend that person at any cost but here Virat just stands there like statue and let others abuse his wife whom he says he loves her. I hate Virat & Pakhi. They literally are ruining the show by bringing their personal equation into it.

    1. Exactly… it is obvious.
      It’s better if another cast was replaced to do the paki role. She is just irritating. Looks like virat ( Neil) is surrender to that paki ( Ayshwarya) don’t know for what tho

  8. @Siya yesterday you mentioned that why I follow pakis Instagram, just check today on GHKKPM that so called famous and holy paki has posted a video with her FIL ( soon after Sai’s union with her onscreen FIL track)
    I call this is shameless cheap mentality don’t know what you guys call this. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

    1. really? omg where? i cant find it in her insta T_T

    2. @Xyz do you think I am fan of pakhi or Aishwarya ?? No way, not even in my dreams. I just hate that character so I am not at all interested in her social media or personal life happenings. I am not following her on Instagram and TBH I have blocked her 😂😂😂 so that I don’t get any suggestions from her account. Thatsy I am telling you also , not to spoil your mood by seeing her show offs. Just ignore. And also I heard somebody saying that her IG followers are rising drastically. So as you can see I think there are many fans of her. But for me she is nothing and what matters for me is only sairat and Ayesha Singh ma’am. Hope you got my point.

  9. paki has posted a video with her Baba+++++

  10. read somewhere that pakhi is unhappy with her track in the show and has asked the makers to change the script. So now lets see what is in store in future , courtsey pakhi and obviously that dumbo virat

  11. Yes Sudha even I read it yesterday in google news that she is not happy with her track. She doesnt has to worry both the writer and director and her beloved neil will see that her track is changed and she will be shown as very goody goody.

  12. In every show Pakhi is always crying, insulted, hurt, betrayed so maybe that’s why every weekend, as reported, Neil have to take Aishwarya out on romantic getaways to pacify her because seems she cannot handle the on screen romance.
    Everyone is yelling at Sai to say the reason she was late and took money but as soon as she tries to explain another starts until the entire circle takes a shot at her to “tell us…” but if they would shut up then she can speak.
    Pakhi was ridiculous with the drugs accusations, she is lame

  13. How come nobody asked paki to apologize? When Sai gifted a sari they all made her to apologize paki for no reason. But here she put some serious allegations of drugs on sai and nobody asked her to apologize! This is becoming a sitcom now.

    1. When Virat is Paul’s everything ( on /off) why should Pali bothered

    2. **paki not Paul

  14. Gen dont forget spineless virat is her boyfriens and he has a good hold over the director n writer. So they act according to spineless fellows whims n fancies.

    Pls pls stop this toxic serial or either change lusty pakhi or her spineless
    Boyfriend before this serial goes down completely. All good for nothing chavan niwas jokers with the exception of Mansi buwa, ashwini n shivani not asking the lusty woman to apologize sai for putting such dirty allegations on sai. Shameless jokers. That pakhi only looks drugged to me. Remove her fm this serial. CRANKY WOMAN

  15. T.H

    I don’t actually have anything to say about the serial as it is moving super slow. The producer should either end it in a good note or change the storyline completely and bring some new and interesting tracks! I’m loosing my interest on it day by day. Not interested in the upcoming track at all.

    I have once commented on Neil and Aishwarya’s personal life and someone told me that I sound like a big idiot. It’s true. I know I shouldn’t have done that. I apologize. But nowadays I see everyone is doing the same. In fact nowadays everyone is commenting about them more than the show.

    1. Exactly. I think their relationship will be more costly to the show.

  16. In every show Pakhi is always crying, insulted, hurt, betrayed so maybe that’s why every weekend, as reported, Neil have to take Aishwarya out on romantic getaways to pacify her because seems she cannot handle the on screen romance….. Octobergirl, liked your comment. Dil Khush kar diya

  17. I put this emoji 🤮 on a picture of neil and aiswarya. Both of them blocked me from instagram.., I live in Turkey. Here, professional players are open to all comments, what do they think they are?

    1. The hilarious mentality of these so called actors. I am not from india, even in our country we are opened to comment anything. And we won’t get blocked too.

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