Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Vaishali’s Suggestion To Samrat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi says she and Samrat will take decision mutually, she will shift to Mahabaleshwar’s orphanage if Samrat wants to. Vaishali says she cannot stay in that place. Pakhi says she will stay wherever her husband stays. Vaishali says she and Shailesh are worried for her happiness and after much thought got her married to a well-settled government employee. Samrat says he is no more a person who married her daughter and his life’s motto has changed, and if she wants him to back off from his motto, she should take her daughter home and give her happiness she deserves. Vaishali says he is misunderstanding her intention, she was just asking Pakhi if she is comfortable shifting, she is worried for him as a MIL and suggests to join back his duty as people whose life is well settled think of brightening other’s lives, social service is good but sacrificing life for that. Mansi asks him to think about Vaishali’s words, she knows he feels happy by serving kids. Vaishali says life doesn’t run on happiness and till when he will bear his expenses without job and only on his savings. She says she is asking him to think practically, Pakhi also thought before marriage. Pakhi signals her to stop. Mansi says Pakhi after marriage thought of giving time to this relationship and family and she did that, life took away Pakhi’s happiness. Mansi asks what is the use of discussing past, they should discuss about their future. Vaishali says she is right and asks Samrat how will he survive without job. Samrat says he never asked Pakhi to leave her job as he doesn’t have a backward thinking, he took oath to take care of her and will fulfill it. Pakhi says Samrat is doing what he feels happy with, she can work even now. Vaishali says she is their only daughter and cannot shift to another city. Samrat says Pakhi wants to accompany him, but he is not sure to take care along; he means even he is concerned that she may not get adjusted to new environment. Pakhi says her wish is to stay with him. He says he understands her wish, but when her excitement cools down, she wouldn’t want to stay with him and once she steps out of Chavan Nivas, all her talks would vanish in air. Pakhi says she can understand his words, whatever he is saying is happening already to her; she suffered a lot and he wasn’t present here to see that. He says his presence wouldn’t have altered his pain as her pain was never for him. Vashali and Mansi open their eyes wide hearing that.

Sai fixes her bed on floor. Virat returns angrily and says if she thinks she can do mistakes and whatever she wants to by making Samrat and Pulkit on her side, she is wrong. Sai says she didn’t do any mistake and wants to clear that he shouldn’t force her as she will not get afraid he locks her in a room, she did right, Samrat and Pulkit supported her as she is right, but he looks still angry. She picks a steel scale and asks him to vent out his anger on her. He asks what is she doing. She asks him to punish her. He throws scale away and asks if she has gone mad, she is crossing her limits. She says she always crosses limits, but he crossed his limit today by locking her in a room; she requested DIG sir and held his transfer as he is running away from his situation without facing it. He asks which situation is she talking about. She says why don’t he accept the biggest truth of his life. He asks her to be specific. She says he wasn’t happy with Pakhi and Samrat’s marriage since the beginning, but since he didn’t want to betray his brother, he asked Pakhi to start afresh with Samrat and she agreed, but she portrayed in front of him that she is very happy with Samrat and he got jealous and vented out all his frustration on me.

Mansi tells Samrat that Pakhi truly wants to move on with him, but why he drags her past repeatedly in between. He says she knows he means and is right. Vaishali says they should take time for their relationship and make it successful and invites him and Pakhi for a family gettogether to meet her relatives. Samrat says he is happy that she is doing so much in a short span, but he doesn’t know to act and is not mentally prepared for all this. Pakhi asks when will he prepare himself then. He says he cannot forget his past instantly like she is acting. Vaishali says things take time to settle down, she just wants to request him to meet her relatives or else they will think something is wrong. Samrat says they took many oaths during their wedding, but does Pakhi remember even one oath; he requests her not to force him to meet strangers and go away from dear ones. Pakhi asks Vaishali to cancel gettogether and organize it when Samrat is ready. Samrat says he didn’t ask her to cancel it and she can meet her relatives whenever she wants to. She says she will meet people only with him as she has seen pity expression for her on her relative’s face, so she will meet relatives only when he is ready. He thanks her for understanding him.

Samrat tells Sai that she is thinking wrong. Sai says he cannot get away from truth. He says he understands what she means. She says she knows that Pakhi will not give Samrat a place in her heart just like he will not let anyone else than Pakhi in his heart; how can she forget that he still has Pakhi in his heart. He asks if she thinks she is right and he is wrong, she should stop her stories. She says he is creating false stories. He says he doesn’t care what she thinks. She says he should ignore it then instead of getting angry on her repeatedly or if he is jealous seeing a few people at home supporting her and unwillingly letting her stay here till she completes her studies. He asks her to stop repeating like a tape recorder, why she thinks so. She says her presence matters to him wrongly. He says it affects him and he wants to go away from her for the same reason.

Precap: Virat tells Sunny that he doesn’t like a rift with Sai and its a punishment for him, will his love be incomplete again. Sai thinks she will free Virat from her burden and tells Bhavani that she can prepare less food from tomorrow as things will change form tomorrow. Virat thinks what is Sai up to.

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  1. Today’s episode was like all episodes only….very boring as usual virat sai arguments and the same precap……its stretching a lot…. its now usual to expect what’s in the next episode …..virat sai arguments arguments and just arguments……….and sai is also pagal ,same thing repeats always to virat that you love pakhi and virat expressions also damm stupid………….plz makers don’t spoil the story much more, plz show sai feelings for virat, we want sairat love story
    (sorry friends for bad english , i am just learning)

  2. They are dragging it to soon complete another 300 episodes and celebrate

    1. Yes, that’s true… 2 episodes of Kusum Dola is extended to 15 episodes of GHKKPM… Bahut bore kar rahe hai 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Why is Sai being so adamant? It’s because of her stubbornness this mess is there, I know many people will not agree with me and will tell that it’s all because of Virat, but now things are changed. At one point Sai shows her full right on Virat when he was sick by taking care of him and on other side feel engrossed by watching him with Pakhi. She always blames Virat to clear this scenario, but here people are involved. If she has such issues with Virat being with Pakhi, then why she got Samrat also back. Sai has only one record…she will leave the house, please go…then she may understand the difference between living alone and being with a family. If she can understand everyone’s else perspective, why the hell can’t she understand Virat? It seems she has closed her eyes and want to see only that what she has figured in her mind about Virat and Pakhi and as always she feels she is always right.

    1. No Virat is completely wrong. No one can snatch food from his wife, lock her in room. These are all cheap antics. I m not at all rooting for sairat now cuz virat is a psychotic person who is taking out anger on his young wife just bcz she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

    2. Virat snatched food from Sai🙊🙊 I didn’t watch that episode.What kind of animal behaviour is that?
      Poor girl has bags under her eyes from not sleeping properly and always having to shout, fight,argue for her to be treated well. What is actually wrong with Virat Chavan? Is he waiting for her to confess her feelings first? What a big baby!!!yes we know her tried to do so on his secret anniversary trip but he didn’t need to, they sleep on thesame bed for goodness sake🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ JUST f**kING SAY IT VIRAT SIR. But the thing is, he may not even know what love is,locking her up, starving her… a No for me. Sai should go back to gadchiroli and samrat should go back to the orphanage.That slippery lusty snake and virat f**king deserve to alone

    3. This is getting out of hand

      If Virat told her he loves her the misunderstandings would clear instantly. And she will be much happier living alone because if living with family means tolerating so much shit from the elders, she is better off alone. The Chavan family is toxic and the elders are all stupid.

    4. How is Sai going to understand his feelings if he’s never clear about it? She will never believe him now even if he tells her because he’s never straightforward with her. Since the cafe, Sai’s doubts have increased, which she can’t be blamed for. If Virat wants Sai to know about his feelings then he should stop being a coward and tell her straight up. Not to mention, he’s become so abusive just because she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. She’s acting the right way because she isn’t just sitting around and letting the abuse happen. She took a stand after her husband locked her in their room. In earlier episodes, he forbade her from eating food, he kicked her out of the house, he emotionally abused her – so Sai is in no way wrong. Virat is 100% in the wrong.

    5. Sai is not at all wrong at this time. I don’t think virat loves sai, its just an attraction. If he really loves sai he wll not expect anything in return. Moreover how can sai think virat loves her when virat never leaves a chance to humiliate her and join hands with pakhi to humiliate her. Sai please leave this place and focus on your career. Why can’t makers make this show unique by showing something different. Like a woman is strong enough to live her life alone, always women should not depend on love and males. I sware if they show something like that this show will reach better heights. But the makers are busy in copy pasting rather than putting something creative.

    6. SaiRat adorable

      Why people isn’t agreeing to the fact that sai is also like virat.Sai can’t listen and Virat can’t talk. Their problem is that. When he talks, she doesn’t let him finish and when she asks him questions, he won’t speak up.And moreover did anyone noticed today virat tried to get sai’s attention in the same way sai did after cafe kaand to get virat’s attention.What a couple made in haven🤣🤭

    7. They aren’t a couple. Virat is a sick person who humiliates a young girl who was forced to marry him. How can he expect her to be accustomed to his family’s customs? Any girl would become depressed living with Virat. He doesn’t deserve Sai. 2 min silence for those who still root for Sairat.

    8. SaiRat adorable

      No matter what we do sai is going to end up with virat.So we will have to defend virat atleast for the sake of it.And coming to whatever he did with sai from last two weeks I know he can’t be defended anymore.So all sairat fans are requesting makers to punish virat.We are continuously asking makers to make him yearn for sai atleast for 1-2 years before uniting them.If virat stays away from sai then he will realize his mistake in true sense then nobody will have any problem in sai being with virat.Virat has got a gem without any afforts.If he stays away he will understand her value.That’s why tweeter is trending #saidivorcevirat.Those who ships sairat has also perticipated in it.

    9. Yep they should divorce. I also wish that a new ML is introduced but i know that its very unlikely. But we should atleast point out thd flaws in virat. Maybe by that, writers modify the storyline a bit.

    10. Ritu kumari Rooj

      Yes,you are very much true.

    11. Please what family the family that doesn’t accept her as their own? Sai is adamant because Virat is keeping her in the dark without expressing his feelings to her so how is she supposed to know that he loves her and if you remember is the same Virat that told her, he is already committed to her. I don’t blame sai for acting this way she is hurting because she too she is in love with him but doesn’t want to agree because she doesn’t want to be heartbroken or disappointed the only way Virat can clear all these up is by confessing his feelings to her because i believes sai wants an assurance from him. And again he is still giving sai room to misunderstands him because he doesn’t keep his distance from pakhi the way he suppose to, so sai still believe he loves pakhi and i don’t blame her… Kudos to samrat u’re doing well please don’t be very careful of your so called wife”pakhi”🙌

    12. I agree with u on this

  4. I agree with u all

  5. Well said @K. That spinless IPS Officer has no brains. He himself is not sure whether he wants the lusty pakhi or Sai. I think in this scenario Sai should leave the MAD CHAVAN HOUSE and shift to a hostel and let the spineless creature continue with SIL Pakhi aunty.

  6. Apart from saying that virat loves Sai, he is talking all rubbish! “I love u” just 3 words. Solli tholacha enna da unaku.🤦‍♀️
    Virat is having time and courage to speak all nonsense but not having less than a minute to propose. Wow!
    Samrat ka dialogues achcha tha! Sharp as knife. Even then there is no effect on pakhi.
    Dragging, dragging, dragging and dragging.

  7. Susan D Daniels

    Comment removed.

  8. Comment removed.

  9. I have been seeing for a long time that many people are making a lot of comments that it is all the fault of Virat .Sai is always telling Viratn to explain clearly what is between her and Pakhi Bhabi .Although Virat has repeatedly told his wife that their relationship is not the same as before and Pakhi Bhabi has also made it clear that he does not love anyone except his wife now.Despite knowing that, Bhabi is forcibly lying in her thoughts of brother in law. Virat has done many things wrong by insulting his wife though some things have changed since he fell in love with his wife.Although he went to the honeymoon to offer love to his wife, but what is the benefit of that, his wife only stabs the groom with his big past. His wife should understand that no one spends his whole life with the same past. People want to change their lives. His wife should get out of this past, otherwise trouble is a normal thing It is wrong to hold hands with her groom and what he saw together in the coffee shop but did not listen to what his groom said. It is wrong to judge someone without hearing the whole thing. Sai has done a lot for the family but the reason behind the groom’s love and anger must be understood. It is a crime to lock to his own wife in the room because she does not understand his love. Samrat brother -in law speaks at least bluntly.I love Samrat character ..

    1. Yes, Virat is angry but that doesn’t not give him a licence to mistreat and hurt Sai. Let us assume Sai doesn’t love him, will he kill her or harm because she doesn’t reciprocate his love? As a mature and sensible person (which is a lie based on his actions since the serial begun), is that the best way to handle the matter at hand!!! He claims to be responsible for Sai becoming a doctor but prevents her from going to college. He is a spineless fool and he is to be blamed for this entire situation from the start. He has said he has no relationship with Pakhi but when found in a compromising situation in the cafe, he tells Sai he doesn’t care what she thinks about what she saw as long as she doesn’t tell Samrat about and when he tells the ‘truth’, he gives half truth. Who is fooling who!!! In this case, I am all for Sai leaving him and never coming back at all. May be the writers will then give proper dialogues to the actor instead of him making monkey faces instead of speaking up when it really matters. This serial just causes stress.

    2. I agree with u Lilian

    3. When Sai doesn’t have any feelings towards him so why should she understand. Moreover she is only a eighteen year old girl yaar so it is natural to assume things. She can’t be expected to be a ideal wife to a man much older than her. U know even i am about Sai’s age (will turn 18 this year) so i can relate to how we teenagers sometimes assume things due to our immaturity but then we understand what’s right by proper guidance from our wellwishers.
      But for Sai, Chavans(including virat and excluding samrat, devi, pulkit) don’t do anything except torturing and blaming her. Yes, sai is also wrong sometimes(rarely) but then she is a teenager for god sake. Her small misunderstanding can’t make Virat’s inhumane behavior look acceptable. Sai’s biggest mistake is to stay with Chavans.

  10. Hlo guys these many days I’m a silent reader here bt i couldn’t control myself today so why I’m commenting today
    I’m watching this show from day 1 I’m really really getting bored of watching this now
    I knw this is a triangle love story atleast one day dont show tht patralekha pls I’m getting irked of seeing her face due to her mistake she separated from virat why she dont understand tht and always following him and acting lyk a good bahu in front of everyone
    Comes to virat how could he become a IPS officer coz he doesnt have brain I love u 3 words why he can’t said tht to sai atleast she’ll change her mindset
    Sai whn the character introduced she was bold and daring bt now she is becoming adamant day by day she was mature in tackling family and situation now she is becoming lyk amateur kid and always saying the same thing tht he loves pakhi didi why pls makers change the track
    As per kusum dola tht guy from gaddchiroli i dont remember his name he shld kidnap sai pls bring tht track

  11. Oh God! what a boring episode, Pakki Pakki Pakki! please make her go away. She is sooo annoying. Virat acting has become bakwas. Who treats a person that they Claim to love the way he treats Sai? what rubbish. so tired of the two of them fighting. pleae Virat take Pakki and leave, then Sai can go on to become a octor and find a better man. so ACP Officer he is. how quickly he forgot that Sai’s father took a bullet for him. how can he treat her this way, he knows full well her abba cherished her, he know she is young. never experience love so naturally she does understand him. if only he can tell her instead of always telly Sunny. ugh-

  12. even if virat tells sai about his feelings towards her …
    trust me… sai will never agree to him ..
    she will bring up the old stuffs and start saying .. virat is committed to paki .. virat loves paki .. this sai is getting on my nerves … gosh

  13. I think the makers should change the storyline completely I am enough of seeing pakhi’s overacting and virat’s spineless nature uff seriously maker should get virat and pakhi married to each other maker’s should show us the story of samrat life with new female character and sai life as becoming successful doctor with new male character I don’t want sai’s and samrat’s life getting destroyed bcoz of virat and pakhi ( just my opinion ) I know these are just fiction character but getting frustrated after reading 😛

  14. Keep on blaming Virat lol.If Sai says it’s just a deal of a marriage why does she keep bringing Pakhi into every conversation?.I understand maybe once again people going to say her reason is only because she takes Samrat as a brother and she feels Pakhis cheating him.When Samrat wasn’t there for a year she always pointed at Virat and Pakhis so called relation.No it’s because she also likes Virat.Did you hear the part where she said that everyone asks if she has feelings for Virat but how can she have feelings when he still likes Pakhi.Meaning that’s stopping her.So yes Virats not speaking up too.But he just needs to clear it.Then again whenever she says that instead of clearing it up by saying he doesnt like Pakhi he just turns his head lol.Can you see that’s it’s a mutual misunderstanding.And they showed Virat in the end telling himself if Sai just shows a hint lol that she likes him.I think he also thinks she doesn’t like him.But maybe he thinks so because of how she freaked out at the anniversary venue.He’s thinking she’ll go all psycho.And what about when she said he’s jealous because some in the family like her.Come on.Shes also a bit psycho at times.Making unnecessary doubts.She also says he doesn’t want Samrat together with Pakhi thats why he’s angry.But she seems to forget that the day he got very angry he told her she’ll see a different side of him.And that too happened because of the same thing onces again.Accusing him of liking Pakhi.For one whole year they stayed in the house.Didnt try to get near to Pakhi.But gets accused.I support Sai and Virat.But people need to stop being blind to her fair share of faults.Her thinking is just causing problems.She says she got his transfer cancelled because he’s running away but truth is she never wanted him to leave.Shes also lying at times cause she likes him too.In understand she’s saying that Pakhis with Samrat as an act.Fair enough.But is that Virats fault?.Did he tell Pakhi to do so?. Whenever.Pakhi acts like an obsessed psycho everyone blames Virat.When he speaks to Sai then she disrespectfully accuses him.As for locking her in a room.Does that not happen in real life.Couples,kids,parents.Did anyone sue Mom and dad for locking them in room.Lol because Samrat said it’s a crime bow everyones mind is programmed to go on a bandwagon.How many times your parents gave you a punishment or thrashed you as kids?.Anyone sued their parents.Yes there’s a difference between discipline and real child abuse.But in some countries even a slight discipline gets parent’s in trouble.Its people’s view of it.While Virat was wrong though locking her up let’s not see it as abuse.She could’ve alteast just stayed back for the family.I understand she says it’s a fake function as Pakhi is acting.But does Sai always have to show a point.

    1. Never ever will a child’s parents force a child to sit in some puja if the child wants to go to college. Mine would never. They care about my studies. And 1 more thing, there is diff between parents and husband cuz parents are to be respected as u r in this world bcz of them only but husband is your equal only so he simply can’t.

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