Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Bears Sayi’s Wrath

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sayi says Karishma will cut vegetables and Pakhi will grind masalas. Devi comes down saying she is hungry and watches the drama standing nearby. Karishma says why should Pakhi grind masalas, even she can do it. Sayi says why is she advocating Pakhi, let Pakhi speak. Pakhi asks Usha to grind masalas. Sayi reminds that during mahabhoj, Pakhi told only family bahus should grind masalas. Saloni asks if she is trying to take revenge from Pakhi. Sayi says when she insisted her to grind masalas during mahabhoj, why can’t Pakhi do it, if she thinks its a small job. Ninad says let Pakhi rest. Sayi says even she was having high fever and even then came down to do household chores, why can’t pakhi do it. Devi thinks she should inform about this drama to Virat and goes to bring him. Badimaa says Pakhi can grind masalas in a mixer grinder. Sayi reminds her words that masalas taste good if grinded in stone and its Chavan family rule, says Pakhi cares about Chavan family rules and would never break it. Devi brings Virat down. Ninad yells that he brought his wife from a mental assylum. Bhavani yells next. Virat asks what is happening. Sayi says important task and asks Pakhi and Karishma to start their work. Pakhi yells that Sayi shouldn’t forget that she is elder than her. Sayi says she always fights with her and behaves of her age. Devi claps and says Sayi replies daringly like a hero and Pakhi like a zero. Sayi offers her cupcakes. Devi sits on sofa. Sayi says she is family’s daughter and deserves to sit on sofa and have snacks. Bhavani yells not to teach her how to behave with her daughter and rudely orders Devi to go to her room. Devi leaves.

Virat asks Sayi why she is working when she is having high fever. Sayi says she will complete her task. Saloni, Ninad, Omkar, and Bhavani yell as usual that Sayi is mad and should be sent to mental asylum. Karishma says Sayi is taking revenge from Pakhi for forcing her to grind masalas during mahabhoj. Pakhi repeats that Sayi wants to take revenge from her for work she did not ask her to do. Sayi says she is just reminding Pakhi’s duty and doesn’t want to take any revenge. Virat backs her. Karishma thinks Sayi may ask her to grind masalas and asks Usha to grind them. Sayi stops her and says as per elders only bahus should grind masalas. Usha asks not to stretch the issue. Sayi stops her. Virat asks Pakhi she should grind masalas if she knows to grind them. Pakhi tells Virat that his wife will not let her go without taking revenge and walks into kitchen.

Pakhi grinds chillies shedding tears. Saloni scolds Sayi and says she should learn to grind masalas from Pakhi. Sayi shows Pakhi’s tears. Bhavani and Saloni pity on Pakhi and yell at Sayi. Virat enters and asks Pakhi to stop. Sayi says his family was telling she was acting seeing her tears, but is feeling pity seeing Pakhi’s tears. Pakhi says she will complete her task and let Sayi take revenge. Sayi says she is not taking any revenge and is just reminding her that her hand burning went off in a day, but her bitter words hurt her even today. She asks Usha to grind masalas. Pakhi says she doesn’t need anyone’s help and picking chilli paste from hand feels immense burning. Sayi says even Pakhi is petite like her and should know about others’ pain. Virat asks Sayi to stop punishing Pakhi and checking Pakhi’s hand asks Sayi to bring ice for Pakhi. He applies it on Pakhi’s hand and apologizes her from his and Sayi’s side saying he thought Pakhi knows house hold chores. Sayi reminds that she grinded more masalas, but Virat didn’t feel sorry for her that day. Virat says he already apologized her that day for that. Bhavani yells if he apologized jungli mulgi. Virat requests her to drop this issue right here and not stretch it.

PrecapL Sayi pampers Devi and feeds her food. She shows Devi’s medicine to Dr. Pulkit who says it is given for the patients who are in deep shock and asks where does she stay. She says Sundar Nagar. He remembers his and Devi’s love story. She asks what happened. He says nothing.

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  1. Sai did right with pakhi .people keep taunting without knowing anything.same happened with pakhi she didn’t know real problems that people get while grinding chillies on sarpata….she thought it is easy she got a lesson but this virat he can never be one sided he tries to pretend that he supports both……and that bhavani she asked pakhi to grind chillies in mixer ,seriously how partial

    1. @Srushti, I agree with you. This Virat is becoming so irritating. He never clearly opposes Pakhi or asks her to stop her nonsense. He should support only one side completely not both. When he knows Sayi is right he should support her instead of scolding nd taunting her. I guess he’s too weak to confront Pakhi or any of his family members. And BTW its useless to expect something fair or just from Bhavani. She cannot even justify her actions now. She will always remain that stupid, taunting, dominating, one-sided Masta Masta. I’m really fed up of this family. And in your earlier comments I read that you are in class 10. I’m in class 9.

    2. Since virat promised her , that he will love only her what a rubish shit, and force her to marry his brother, although the well educated pakhi forget wife has some duty which she will not be able to fullfil. which is why this useless condition. Bhabhi ko bhabhi naahi maan pa raha hai viratnaabhabhi devar ko beta maan payengi, yeh aside hi chalta rahega,

  2. Virat always feels pity for that evil taunting Pakhi and not Sayi. he does not stand up against his family for Sayi. Yrr Virat is not a good hero. I do not like him now after what he did. He does not deserve Sayi. Why did he forcefully marry Sayi when he is not going to support her against the wrong behaviour of her inlaws? He forcefully married her and is now scolding and taunting her for no reason. Because of him Sayi’s life is becoming more miserable day by day as now even he is not supporting her, nd her other well wishers r only Ashwini, Shivani, Devi nd Usha. Usha is so weak that she wants Sayi to silently tolerate the misbehaviour. Devi is mentally ill so no one listens to her. Ashwini nd Shivani r the only good people in the house but no one listens to them even. Please, Sayi would be better in hostel, not in this stupid taunting, misbehaving Shahunukudi Maratha family who doesn’t value her and her studies. virat deserves foolish taunting stupid Pakhi, not a precious wise gemstone like Sayi. But Samrat’s heart must not be broken in all this useless drama. He is a really good hearted kind person. I liked him so much from the moment I first saw him go to meet Pakhi’s parents with his family to discuss the marriage. He is so better than Virat. Is there anyone here who agrees with me??

    1. I do. Samrat is waaaaay more better than Virat. He was very polite and kind to Paakhi who doesnt even deserve him. Virat doesnt deserve a diamond like Sayi. I hope Sayi brings back Samrat soon.

    2. Yes! He was very kind. But if this show is going to follow Kusum Dola, Samrat and Pakhi will fall in love after some time. Well, lets see how it turns out to be. What type of drama will be there when Samrat will be back and how Pakhi will react, that would be the most interesting part of the show so far.

    3. I agree with you, how I wish is sayi and samrat will meet soon equation will now balance.samrat and sai will gang up against them period.🐶🐵

    4. I agree with you samrat is far better than virat.

    5. I want samrat and sai to be together phaki doesn’t deserve him, they should swap their marriage that was why samrat left phaki in the first place,I like samrat and don’t want him to suffer in the hand of phaki.

    6. Yaar wait till Aniket enters…..a whole different Virat will be seen….

  3. I don’t like Sai ….😐😐she is soo irritating 😶 I don’t know why the serial is focusing on her…and making her heroine and showing everybody as villain….

    1. Really she’s the irritating one? So you agree with everything everyone else does🤦‍♀️… you even know what the original story is about or who’s it about KD Kusum Dola/nenjam marappathillai google then you’ll know….so it will help in if you want to waste your time watching or not because I guess your a Pakhi fan

  4. Accha hai ab pakhi ko sabak mila ke sai ko kaisa laga hoga masale peeste waqt

  5. Ankita, are u really watching the series? If u are then I don’t understand why u said Sai is irritating. From the first day she came to the Chavan house, she wasn’t accepted, they didn’t even want her to step into the house, it’s only Ashwini who accepted her, so from the beginning most of the family elders hates her and they still do. I admit that she’s a short tempered person but living in a house where they always bad mouth and insult her all the time, do u want her to endure all that just because she is young and want to study? The truth hurts and whenever she tells the truth about their behavior, they say she is insulting them. Look at the way Sai relate to her monther-in-law, Devi tei and Shivani, they have a very lovely relationship, that means Sai is a nice person and if they’re nice to her, she’ll be nice to them. Today’s episode for instance, Sai made Pakhi grind that chilli on the stone for her to realise that it hurts a lot when she was forced to grind chilli on stone and Pakhi and the whole family kept on tuanting her over and over again. May be what she did was wrong but it’s very painful when you’re in pain and someone makes fun of you.

  6. This show is very nice but since some days they are just showing arguments fighting and kitchen politics and playing dirty games against sai. Tired of all these. Hope they show some nice scenes of sais college days and chemistry between sai virat. And hope they soon fall in love with eachother. We are waiting for that only. Not interested in their daily fights.

    1. I agree with you. verynice show but the arguments and bickering is getting tedious 10 minutes of arguing who should grind masala 🙈come on writers plz don’t spoil this show

  7. Really pls bring Samrat back so that the DUMBO PAKHI wl divert her attn fm Sairat. And that MAST MAST Women has no work but all the time she keeps on taunting Sai. She is a useless character.

  8. I wish samarat come back.

  9. Disgusting pakhi aur uske nakre hamesa virat virat karti rehti hain,in this episode in tamil hero supported heroine not pakhi’s role he told elders that when Saranya done it why can’t sathya but in hindi he always supporting pakhi

    1. Exactly they trying to be creative and not copy paste but they doing a crappie job at it even in the Bengali version Rono supported Imon smh of lately star support ema in all their serial it seems

  10. I don’t know what you are all saying. Virat has been supporting Sai against his family all the time, except that once. Which we all know, it’s bcs of jealousy. And he has apologized to her.
    One thing you people don’t want to see is that Virat have to create a balance. He has to be supportive of Phaki too. No matter how she is.
    We all see that he has started falling for Sai. And we should all remember that his brother left home bcs of both Pakhi and Virat . So, in the absence of his brother he should care for both Pakhi and Sai. Only that it shouldn’t be the same type of love. Phaki’s own should be sister in-law love.
    As far as am concerned Virat has not done anything wrong. He’s still on track.
    My advice for we Fans is that we should not be in a hurry. And we should not be writing or directing the script for them. Just sit back and enjoy.
    One thing I know is that petty quarrels like this happens in big families. A lot of families quarrel everyday in my vicinity. They beat themselves so much sometimes that they go to hospital. Sometimes they Sue themselves to court.. There’s one family that the elder brother died. And the junior who is living adjacent did not attend burial together with his family, bcs he and his brother were not on talking terms when he was alive. They were keeping malice for like twelve years.
    So, this serial is just showing petty love quarrels

    1. I guess you’re mainly referring to me as I have criticized Virat a lot in my comment. But still I don’t agree that Virat is doing the right thing. And what is it that he has to take care of Pakhi because Samrat is missing? Everyone of us knows Pakhi isn’t one bit upset or sad by that. And she’s probably enjoying and taking advantage of Samrat’s absence to interfere between Virat and Sayi, grow closer to Virat, and cause rifts between Sayi and the family. Virat knows all this very well as he has also witnessed Pakhi’s behaviour. Still he was shouting at Sayi for that. And he never openly opposes his family for their horrid misbehaviour. He just acts like to get Sayi out of the house soon to be rid of drama or asks everyone to not stretch the issue. When he clearly knows his family is WRONG, then why can’t he simply tell them that and ask them to stop it? As Srushti had said, that he’s trying to pretend he supports both sides. I don’t consider that a good hero, who just wants to be rid of drama. Even if the show is meant to show Virat torn between Sayi and Pakhi, I think he must support the right thing. Not the wrong person just because he had stupidly loved her for only one week. It is ridiculous. After Samrat will be back. equations will be equal, and how would Virat nd Pakhi react would be interesting.

  11. Yes dear Funmilayo i agree with u. Virat has started fslling for Sai. Look at it this way when u love someone then u consider that person as yours so u take advatafe n start firing that person since u consider her or him as yours. In this case he is only considerate about that DUMBO PAKHI n nothing else. And as u said virat was jealous when he saw saw talking lovingly to that crap fellow so he burst out on Sai.

    Just waiting n waiting to see SAIRAT lovey dovey scenes.

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