Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: DIG Asks Virat To Apologize Jagtap

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagtap via a video message threatens Chavans to get him married to Sai if they want to live in peace. He says he just cut electric and water supply for now and will make their life help if they don’t oblige. Chavans are shocked to see that. Samrat takes Sai to police station and informs Vriat about Jagtap’s threat. Virat gets angry on Jagtap and leaves police station.

Jagtap exercises at his place. His aide asks why he shifted from alcoholism to bodybuilding suddenly. Jagtap sayshis love for Sai changed him and says Virat will not leave his wife easily, so he will build body to break Virat’s bone. His aide applies face pack on his face saying Sai will like it. Virat enters breaking the door. Jagtap says he called his wife and not him. Virat says he came to punish him for his misbehavior. Jagtap humilates him. Virat removes his cap and shirt and says a husband has come here to punish him for his heinous act. He trashes Jagtap’s goons. Goons run away. Jagtap attacks him, but Virat overpowers him and trashes him brutally.

Virat then ties Jagtap to his jeep and drags him on road. Jagtap warns him to leave him or else he will kill him like he killed Kamal. Mob records Jagtap’s video. Jagtap threatens even them. Virat takes Jagtap to Chavan nivas and calls Sai out. Sai pleads him to spare Jagtap. Virat brutally punishes Jagtap again for humiliating Sai. DIG reaches there and stops Virat for breaking the rule. Vittal complains against Virat and demands DIG to arrest Virat. Virat refuses. DIG asks Virat to apologize Jagtap for physically harassing him. Virat slaps Jagtap again and apologizes him. Vital demands Virat’s arrest. DIG warns him not to teach him his duty and sends him from there. He then takes Virat along to police station and suggests him not to do anything which will put his family into trouble and handle the situation wisely.

Mansi’s health worsens. Familyi gets concerned for her. Sai asks what will they do now without power and water supply at home. Samrat says he will take Mansi to hospital. Sai says she will accompany him. Bhavani yells at Sai that she is responsible for all the problems. Jagtap enters on a horse as a groom and demands to marry Sai right now. Chavans try to leave. He threatens them to stay there and watch the drama. Sai asks Jagtap if he forgot how her husband trashed him just a few hours ago.

Precap: A businessman offers Virat bribe worth 1 crore. Sunny asks Virat to accept it and save Sai. Police arrests Virat for accepting bribe.

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  1. Terrible person jagtap it looks as if from this Day he Will keep winning please let him loose this heavy dangerous criminal and please don’t let doctor thurat return as a doctor let him be dismissed and let pulkit OR some other doctor take over and understand Day better and give her time off so she can prepare for the birth of her and virats child

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