Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat And Sai Get Intoxicated

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat asks Sai if she was speaking to somone. She says no one and asks what he wants to say. He nervously says he wanted to say. Sunny signals him to speak and thinks he has to do something now. He sends cook aside and mixes bhang in bhajia/fritter batter. Cook returns. He asks cook to prepare bhajia soon and give it to him. Cook gives him fritters and he takes it to Sai and Virat. Virat asks why he is spoiling his mood and disturbing him from expressing his feelings for Sai. He says its special and insists. Sai and Virat enjoy bhajia and feel weird. Virat says he wanted to say that. Sai says she is orrigant, stubborn, etc. He says she is, but he wants to say something. She feeds him bhajia. He says she is chilli. She asks if she is chilli. He says he bit chilli and asks water. Omkar also mixes bhang in thandai glasses and offers one to Ninad. Sai takes Omkar’s glass and gives it to Virat. Virat drinks it and says he is feeling much better. Pakhi gets jealous seeing them closer.

Virat asks why is ground shaking. Sai says he is shaking. He laughs saying she is shaking. Somone pushes his hand and thandai falls on Sai. They both laugh again, making Pakhi more jealous. Sai cleans Virat’s face and continues laughing with him. Sunny thinks babaji ki boti/bhang worked and asks Virat to dance. Sai says shaking hands and playing dhol is not a dance as dance is an art which he doesn’t know. Sunny says Sai insulted Virat and goes to get more bhajia. Virat smiles at Sai and thinks what is happening to him.

Omkar and Ninad drink bhhang thandai and cheers. Bhavani walks to them and asks why are they sitting in a corner, if they mixed something. Omkar says its plain thandai. Sunny brings bhajia for them, and Omkar feeds bhajia to Bhavani. Bhavani asks what did sunny mix in it, its very tasty. Sunny says he will ask cook and leaves. Pakhi passes by angrily. Bhavani calls her and asks her to sit. She sits and Bhavani says this bhajia is different and eats one. Ninad signals her to feed it to bahu. Bhavani feeds Pakhi. Pakhi feels weird. Bhavani cries and says she is missing Samrat and prays god to send back Samrat soon and color Pakhi’s life. Pakhi gets more jealous seeing Virat touching Sai and eats more bhajia.

Virat holds Sai’s hand and looking at her bangles says they look pretty on her. He then looks into her eyes and says he likes her a lot. She asks really. He says a lot. Ashwini noticing that asks Sunny what is Virat doing. Sunny says Virat is trying to express his feelings for Sai. She gets happy hearing that.

A lady enters in car and waves at them. Ashwini says why did Barkha rain came. Everyone get happy seeing her and thinks now she will dance and entertain them. Sonali gets jealous seeing Omkar going towards her. Bhavani asks why she gets jealous each year while Ashwini doesn’t seeing Ninad dancing with Barkha. Sonali says Ashwini doesn’t love Ninad, so she is not jealous. Barkha performs Marathi lavani with her team. Virat joins her and dances with her. Sai imagines herself in Barkha. After performance, everyone clap and Sai thinks if she also loves Virat.

Precap: Virat and Sai play holi.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Why no one comments here anymore

  2. virat should be with pakhi, they both look flawless in both reel and real life, how can they potray off screen couple as separate on screen. pakhi is still livng on their 1st day meeting and virat moved on so easily , virat is unfair on his part. the tract is moving in wrong direction, please make pakhi and virat unite.

    1. Pakhi didi
      Sai is married to Virat
      And Pakhi is married to Samrat who is Virat’s brother
      Do you expect a brother in law getting married to his Bhabhi?
      Yes Neil and Aishwarya do make a lovely couple and since they are actors it’s their job to act on the basis of the script! I love Pakhi’s character but the makers are turning her into a villain which I dislike. I know she is devoid of love now but hopefully Samrat will be back soon!!!!!
      All the same, I respect you and your thoughts….

    2. Divya Sharma Upreti

      Ary yr Pakhi pata nh kyon 2 din purane pyar nei itni pagal ho rhi h usy agy move on kr lena chaiye virat aur sai k beech akar apni insukt nh karani chaiye.

  3. Sai and Virat❤️❤️.I think Sai should share everything about Pulkit with Virat.After all he is a police officer and a good husband with whom she can share her feelings

  4. I don’t used to watched this show cos I hate said arrogant character and the childish behavior and I don’t like the way she used to talk to her in law which can’t happened in real life,I don’t know maybe it can happen in India but trust me it can’t happen in Nigeria cos they would have three her outside,I like pakhi alot but is the writer wanted to turn her to villian,which will make the show stupid,pakhi don’t deserve to be villian,I know the show lack action and too dull for my likeness but I don’t pakhi to be villian,the show still the same since the beginning, beginning of show was interested but now so annoyed

    1. Out of curiosity…Do Nigerian women live with their in-laws ?

    2. Charms22

      Sai stands for the truth and against the wrongdoings of her in-laws and the truth is always bitter whereas Pakhi wants to have EMA with her brother-in-law who she fell in love with in 1.5 days which is likely to be infatuation, so your opinion doesn’t make much sense to me!

    3. Das

      @Bislove I am Nigerian and there is nothing wrong with Sai, it’s not like she started disrespecting them when she entered Virat’s house. Respect is reciprocal, if the adults don’t deserve the respect and they are just bent on insulting you , then to hell with the respect, always stand your ground and that is what she is doing . I hope when you do become a mother in law or father in law , please don’t act like this people , the daughter in laws in Nigeria are not stupid and we don’t need unnecessary disrespect.

  5. Sai and Virat are the lead couple and we all know it is not going to change . I like the actress playing Sai , I think she is cute . Not sure why people dislike her .
    The actress playing Paki is very pretty too but her character is irritating and I guess it is intentional . I don’t understand why she thinks she is in love with Virat . They barely know each other and met briefly and probably had a little crush .
    I wish the actor playing Virat was different . I liked him in Diya and Bati but for some reason I don’t like him on this show . He looks a bit old for Sai , I guess that makes sense since she is supposed to be 19 and he is much older . Wish our Indian shows didn’t have to show younger girls being married off because they have no choice .

  6. Amal

    Cute episode 💕💕😘

  7. Amal

    Love seeing Pakhi mad 😡 😂😂😂

  8. I’M INTERESTED drma for some reason I love you

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