Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Thurat Punishes Sai For Trying To Outsmart Him

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani opens the door excitedly thinking Sai and Virat came and stands tensed seeing guests instead. Guests ask her if she will not welcome them in. Bhavani welcomes them in and introduces them as Survarna and Arthi who handle their locality’s temple committee. Suvarna says they just work under her. supervision. Karishma says she has met them before. Suvarna calls her Kanika and asks how is she. Karishma says her name is Karishma. Suvarna asks Bhavani about her others bahus and asks her to serve her some water. Pakhi asks if she likes to have cold or normal water. Suvarna says old water mixed with normal. Pakhi says its okay if she gets sore throat as Chavan family’s elder bahu is a doctor and will do her treatment for free. Arti asks Bhavani about Virat’s wife and asks if today’s program is for her. Bhavani nods yes.

Sai gets busy in performing a patient’s delivery. Bhavani angrily asks Ashwini when will Sai come and says she made a mistake by organizing the program, Sai disappointed her again, etc. Pakhi walks to her and says guests are asking for aam panna juice, so shall she serve her prepared juice or shall wait for Sai. Bhavani asks her to serve her prepared juice. Pakhi asks her to taste it first. Bhavani tastes it and says its good. Pakhi while fill juice glasses taunts Ashwini that Sai herself hit her foot on the axe and doesn’t deserve respect. Ashwini warns her to bother about her self-respect first and serve the juice to guests. Pakhi leaves frowning.

Sai succeeds in performing the patient’s delivery and informs the patient’s husband its a boy. Husband thanks her. Nurse says Sai performed 1st delivery with care, even she will be frustrated as she gets used to. Dr. Thurat praises Sai for her good performance on her first day of internship and as a reward gives her 24-hour shift duty. Sai asks why he is punishing her even after completing her task. He says she can leave or else her husband’s car will catch rust waiting for her. Sai warns him not to make personal comments on her. He says he didn’t want to, but she tried to oversmart him by speaking to her husband via the patient’s husband’s phone. Sai tries to explain that her husband was coincidentally present there when the patient’s husband was calling the patient. Thurat doesn’t believe her and warns to give her the toughest assignments among interns.

Bhavani’s guests taunt her when Sai doesn’t return on time. Sonali provokes Bhavani that Sai ruined Bhavani and Chavan family’s dignity. Guests say they will go now as Bhavani’s bahu may not come. Bhavani requests them to wait as her bahu must have stuck in traffic. Pakhi serves gifts to guests to divert their attention. Bhavani acts as talking to Virat over phone and asks if car got punctured. Suvarna asks her to stop acting as she can catch her lies and taunts if her babu left home again. All guests continue to humiliate Bhavani and walk away. Pakhi taunts Bhavani for the failure of her function and asks her to felicitate Sai when she returns. Bhavani says she will punish Sai when she returns home.

Sai rushes to Virat and says they should go home soon as they are late. She notices him wearing a shoulder sling and asks if he is hurt. He says he is not and is thinking what to lie to Bhavani now. Sai asks if he will lie to Bhavani again and says it would have been better if he had informed Bhavani about her internship. He asks if she is serious. Shivani calls him and ask him to come home with a solid reason as Bhavani is very angry. Virat wears an arm sling and says he will lie that he met with an accident. Sai asks if he will lie even today. Virat asks her to be practical and drives home. Familiy gets tensed seeing Virat’s arm sling. Karishma says Virat is hurt. Virat says he got hurt while changing car’s tyre after tyre puncture and couldn’t bring Sai on time. Bhavani feels concerned for him. Pakhi yells at Sai for not informing them about Virat’s injury. Ashwni backs Pakhi.

Sai says she didn’t inform them as she is not a liar, Virat is not hurt. Bhavani asks why is Virat saying this. Sai says Virat wanted to hide truth and reveals that they were late as it was a first day of his internship. Family stands shocked hearing that. Sai says its the last step of fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. Sonali and Karishma grin sharing that. Bhavani asks Virat when it was decided that Sai will not become a doctor, then where is a question of the internship; what is Sai saying. Virat says she said truth.

Precap: Virat scolds Virat for lying to her.
Virat says he promised Sai’s Aaba to make her a doctor and he will fulfill his promise.
Bhavani slaps him and takes back Sai’s protective thread.

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  1. Sayi story is getting more complicated i too think that sayi should stop working it Will only make her unhappier and palkhi happier when Will we see sayi happy and without problems the story realy is getting boring happy week

  2. All know ambition is our career and its very important but sai must know become a doctor its not an easy like she work at office .she can come at 8am and go by 5pm..

    Almost 24/7 and more time all doctor spend their time at hospital and sacrife their family moment to save patient.

    I think better she stay at home let virat earn and she become like a queen at chavan niwas.

  3. In todays world everyone is equal. All couples work. Very big family , why Bhavani said who will look after the kids. When sai at work Ashwini , Shivani and Bhavani can look after as they will be nice to babies. Other ladies you all know …..
    Only option virat take transfer and move away with sai.

  4. this is because the story is about a conservative oldfashion rich family the whole story is based on many indian traditions that are lovely to see, and all in a modern time, but it seemds as if say and virat can never be happy together and that is what anoys people, they are supose to love eachother but it looks as if everything in that family is based on lies nobody seemds to be happy in that family say knew how to handle them but now some disgusting episiodes ahead of us with palkhi getting preagnant for virat sayi working in a hospital with a monster doctor and nurse. sayi getting a miscariage why all these horrible episiodes make palkhi get preagnant for samrat say for virat and remain preagnant and let that terrible heartless doctor die or get killed and plan a happy end to the show and stop it that is my advise happy weekend

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