Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai And Virat’s Cute Nok Jhok

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells Sai that he is her husband and after marriage, a wife has to accompany husband when he is invited somewhere, so as a couple they should go together. Ashwini and Mohit smile hearing that while Bhavani and her puppets fume. Ashwini packs Sais tiffin and says everyone must be happy that Virat and Sai will come together, they all can visit Pakhi’s parents for lunch, Virat and Sai will join them in the evening. Everyone walk away while Pakhi stands jealously. Ashwini taunts Pakhi that her efforts to stop Sai failed, she would have messaged in family group, now Sai is going with Virat. Pakhi forcefully gives a fake smile.

Ashwini gets Sai ready in a beautiful Sai. Sai says she doesn’t want to go as nobody wants her to. Ashwini says Virat wants to and she should get ready soon as Virat will not wait for her. Sai says she also should listen to her. Ashwini says she always listens to her and scolds her to hurry up. Sai continues. Ashwini emotionally says when she got married and came into this house, nobody used to speak to her and she used to feel lonely, but Virat listens to Sai and raises his voice for her, so she should respect him. Sai says she is supporting her son and doesn’t know what he does behind her. Ashwini says Virat cares for her and she can see it in his eyes. Sai says Virat must have fought with Pakhi, so he supported her. Ashwini says she will slap her if she doesn’t obey her as she is her mother. Sai emotionally hugs her and says if her mother was alive, she would have loved her similarly. Ashwini asks what does she mean by alive, she didn’t give her birth doesn’t mean she is not her mother. Sai says nobody understands her, she doesn’t have a family except Usha mausi, her mother left the world when she was born and then Aaba left, everyone get angry on her, so she is angry always and cannot control herself. Ashwini hugs her and says she is the world’s best child as she is kind hearted and cannot see wrong happening around her, her anger is just for the world and she is same Aaba’s little Sai who needs loves and care, so she is there to love her. They both wipe each other’s tears. Ashwini says people around her love and care for her and she shouldn’t say it again. Sai asks if she is telling truth. Ashwini makes her wear jewelry and says she is looking very pretty.

Virat returns from duty and asks Sai to get ready. Sai says she is ready and just needs gajra. Virat says she doesn’t seem to be going for Pakhi’s parent’s party, but for a drama. Sai says she told her she is not looking good. Ashwini scolds him and insists him to tell Sai is looking pretty. He says with gajra, she will look like phoolmati. Sai gets more angry. Ashwini tries to calm her down and by mistake calls phoolmati. Sai angry frees her hair and says she doesn’t want to get ready at all. Bhavani walks away asking them to sort out their issues themselves. Sai scolds Virat for criticizing her make up. Their nok jhok starts. She asks him to let her hair free as it suits her personality. She says he is calling her jungli mulgi, she will not accompany him. He says he will go alone then. She asks why did he promise to bring her along. He asks if she really doesn’t want to come. She says yes. He says okay and walks to washroom. She gets angry again. He says he didn’t mean that. Finally she agrees to accompany him and asks what will they gift Pakhi’s parents. He says flowers. She brings her saris and says she got them as wedding gift and if his family doesn’t mind, they will gift it to Pakhi’s parents. He says she can if she wants to. She packs it in a box and smiles at him. He stares at her and says let us go. She asks if he will not change. He says he forgot because of her. Their nok jhok continues.

Precap: Sai clicks her and Virat’s selfie and says she will teach him to click selfie from tomorrow. He informs that he is going on a mission as he will fell guilty if he sends someone else in his place and something happens to them.
Sai thinks what if something happens to him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Hmmmm virat has a naughty side! I like it but I wish he would just hug her once and tell her that he loves her only. They are treading on eggshells around each other- yet in bed Sai rested her head on his hand ( yesterday episode). If she did not feel anything for him she would not have made that intimate gesture. They are confused as hell!

  2. Pls froend waiting to read each onez wonderful comments. In 2days episode that lusty woman was not there n there was a lot of romantic n funny sxenes between sairat. But why still no comments from all of u. Just because this 2 dumbos r engaged i think people r now not enjoying sairat moments.

    Hope either virat or pakhi r changed fm this serial

    1. Remove the actress or kill pakiโ€™s character. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ

    2. Agreed. The episode was good but we couldn’t enjoy sairat moments as before because of virat’s behavior in previous episodes. I know that jodiya bhagwan banata he but whenever i see neil sir and aishwarya ma’am i feel like is bhaar bhagwan be mast mazaak kiya hai. ( i am just joking . please anyone don’t take it serious)

  3. Anybody feel that this show is dragging. I mean the week starts off with full suspense and thrill, but by Thursday or Friday it just dies down and they use either a never ending arguments (always the same: puppets and pakhi against sai) or they do nok jhoks. Anyone else feel this way?

    1. Prajkta

      Yes even I feel the same, it is just the same thing happening again and again, all they do is argue over petty things and make big deal out of it, and then the same taunts and fights. And in between, they put some Sairat scenes to make the audience believe that they are the lead couple, but honestly, now I do not feel like enjoying these scenes also.

  4. Yes even i feel same. The makers should replace pakhi with some other actress. When she starts fighting and arguing with Sai her upper portion of teeth set looks like as though a Dog is snarling in a ferocious way.

    1. Lols! Pakhi is pretty itโ€™s such a shame that she is crying all the time in her desperate attempt to win Virat.

  5. Guys in an interview aishwarya sharma said that she can’t see Neil romancing with someone else I think that’s why makers are not showing any sairat moment. How unprofessional she is.If she is so possessive then what was the need of getting engaged with an actor.

    1. Seriously did she say like that? OMG , I feel so bad for her, how childish is she. Yes you are correct, then why did she get engaged to an actor? i would like to see that interview. is it from SBS?

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