Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Fails To Understand Virat’s Feelings For Her

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai’s college friends Ajinkya and other friends visit her to celebrate her birthday. Sai thanks them for their surprise visit and thanks Virat for inviting them. Ajinkya says they came by themselves. Senior Chavans yell that goon looking uncultured boys entered their house uninvited shamelessly. Viraj gets jealous seeing Sai chatting with Ajinjya and others. Ajinkya asks Sai about her injury. She says she slipped and injured herself. Ajinkya hopes her family didn’t mind them coming at night uninvited. Sai says her family will not and invites them in, says all this decoration is for her and she feels she is the world’s happiest girl. She introduces her whole family to them. Students wish Pulkit good evening and apologize for not noticing him. Pulkit says its okay and he felt good seeing their concern for their friend. Virat looks at watch. Ashwini says she will bring them sweets. Virat stops them. Bhavani yells so many boys came uninvited at night. Shivani asks her to stop overracting just because she doesn’t have any friends. Friends make Sai cut their brought cake and feed each other, irking Virat more. Sai offers cake to Virat and he is full after having so much already. Ajinkya smears Sai’s face with cake. Virat warns them to be careful as Sai is injured. Sai says its okay. Sonali yells that even she attended college but never did such a shameless act. Sai hugs all her friends and thanks them for coming. Ajinkya clicks their selfies. Bhavani asks Virat if Ajinkya is the same boy who danced with Sai and competed with him. Virat says Sai says he is her friend. Bhavani asks what does he feel. He says he doesn’t know. Friends leave. Ashwini asks Virat to have ice cream. Viragt says he is full and goes to his room. Karishma taunts Pakhi that Sai is lucky to have such a loving husband who organized such a lavish party for her. Pakhi warns her to stop it and go to her room.

In room, Virat angrily reminisces Sai and Ajinkya’s equation. Sai says she is full with both cake and modak, in fact cake was used also as facial. Virat silently looks at her. She asks what happened to him, she noticed he didn’t even have ice cream downstairs. He says even he noticed her, Ajinkya and other friends’ jokes, she was hugging them and touched his feet acting as sanskari. She respects him and her Aaba told if they respect someone, they should touch their feet to get their good qualities in them. She says she had hugged him in front of everyone, but he didn’t react. He says elders’ feet are touched. She says he looks older. He asks really. She makes him sit in front of mirror and says his hair is greying and it proves he is becoming old. He asks if she wants him to look old. She says it doesn’t matter as he will be not his wife in the future to bother. He asks if not him, will she become Phajinkya’s wife. She gets angry and asks what does he mean. She says she is so close to Phajinkya that he came at night to surprise her, she thinks he is old and doesn’t like him, but he likes her and feels she is special and different than others. She says she doesn’t like this joke. He says he is serious and thinks she has problem with his everything. She says she is not as he does so much for him, threw party for her and gifted her a diamond ring. Pakhi passes by and stops to hear their conversation. Virat says at least she remembered the ring. She says he would have given the ring now instead of giving it in front of family. He says he will give it now and asks if he should fix it in her finger. She extends her finger and he fixes it in her finger. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that peeping. Serial’s title song plays in the background.

Sai asks Virat if its her birthday gift or something else as he wanted to say something. He says its not a birthday gift. She says she cannot accept it if its not a birthday gift and if its a gift by husband to his wife as their relationship is just a deal and there is no place for a costly gift in it, hence she is asking him clearly if this ring is her birthday gift or something. He controlling his emotions says its a birthday gift and hopes he could tell her that its not just a birthday gift. Sai thinks why is she saying this as if it was something else, it would have been in Pakhi’s finger. He asks if she liked it, she should wear it always. She asks if he will take it back, she will wear it always as he gifted it with so much love. He asks not to remove it if they fight or if he is not in this world. She shuts his mouth. He says whenever she returns this ring, everything will end between them. She asks not to worry as their relationship will not end easily and she will visit him repeatedly even if she leaves this house. He asks why she talks about leaving the house, he will not meet her again if she does that and he is not a person who looks behind his past. Pakhi thinks he really doesn’t look at his back as he doesn’t accept his mistakes.

Precap: Chavan family gets tensed when Sai doesn’t return at 8 p.m. Virat returns. Pakhi yells she must be enjoying with friends. Virat says he is worried for Sai as she took 50000 rs in the morning. Pakhi yells she escaped with 50000 rs.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Virat can be angry aur jealous but can’t express love properly🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    Virat was more expressive when he got shot and was lying on hospital than today…
    2. Doesn’t Pakhi have anything other than listening talks of Sai-Virat from outside their bedroom😡🤬😠
    And best part is no-one see her doing so ever😩😩
    3. I think🤔🤔 Sai is trying to distance herself from Virat, as she said to Pakhi that she will not show any right on him..

    1. Bilkul sahi😉😉😉 from ada muneeb .please ap back reply mei hello zaroor likhna🙏🙏🙏

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hello @adaMuneeb☺️
      How r you?

  2. Pakhi fans, how was your idol’s behavior today? is it good to peep into a married couples’ bedroom and listen to their conversation?
    And also those who would think that sai is insensitive i would say she is not insensitive , infact she is more matured and she is sticked to her words. Not like virat who says something and does something. Virat always says nah that ‘ virat chawan …. pakkhi zabaan ‘ may be because of that sai is not able to get off from all what he said during their wedding.
    Makers, todays episode was so disappointed, the story is rotating and coming to the same point always. Please show some improvement orelse give proper dialogues to sai and virat. And also please give another job to our pakhi didi.

    1. SaiRat adorable

      Virat se kuch khas expection to mujhe hai nahi.Lekin sai ko pata nahi kya hua.Virat ne jab sai ko surprise diya tab thanks dene ke liye usne virat ke feet touch karke blessings liya.Lekin ajinkiya ko thank you dene ke liye usne sidha use hug kardiya 😞Why?Aur woh baar baar virat ko old kiu kehti hai.Ajinkiya ke itna tareef bhi karti hai 😖.Baad mei isi baat ko lekar birat ko ajinkiya-sai ke friendship pe doubt hoga.Virat ne to aaj yeh bhi soch liya ki sai ajinkiya ko paasand karti hai,uske biwi banni chahti hai.Virat ke saath rehna nahi chahta.Aab aage pata nahi kya hone wala hai.Sai kui apni musibaat khud bula raha hai

    2. It’s a show not in real she will peep.☺☺☺

    3. Exactly I know that it’s a show. She was peeping thatsy I said peep. If you watched the episode you will clearly see it.

  3. I think it will be better if Virat expresses his feelings towards Sai, coz Sai is still stuck on Virat’s words that he loves someone else!!! So everything Virat does, Sai sees it as a favour as he made it clear that he cant belong to her but the day he tells her that he loves her & has forgotten his past i think Sai will start reciprocating!!! Coz already Sai has feelings for him just that she is supressing them so she doesnt get hurt the day she leaves as Virat belongs to someone else!!!

  4. I have seen that Balika Vadhu Season2 is about to start at 8 PM slot on Colors…if that happens..that will be tough competition for this show…hence it’s about time makers start showing interesting tracks apart from usual Hall Drama and unnecessary taunts of those Trimurti and annoying Pakhi to sustain its position in TRP Charts…otherwise it will be out of league just like Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya series.

    1. Aap belive nhi karoge jb mene BV2 ka promo or timing dekhi tb mere dil me same baat aayi….

      Agar ab v makers ne serial k leads pr jayada dhyaan nhi diya to bahut problem hogi….

      Becoz BV2 aachi takkar dega….

      Ab to makers samjh jaye or dever bhabhi ki jagah seryk leads ko promote kare….

      Ab to makers real nhi reel couple pr focus kare…. Sairat pr apni creativity kare… Naki pakhi pr….

      Nhi to trp gir jayegi….. Or serial ki band baj jayegi…. Vo v makers k pakhi prem k karan…..

      Or vese v anokhi wala serial v mohor (ye serial bahut lamba chal raha hai) ka remake tha… Pr sunne me aaya hai ki trp kam hone k karan vo off air hone wala hai….

      Ab sb makers k upar hai unhein apne serial k couple pr dhyaan dene hai ya real life couple ko promote karna hai…. Or phir serial ka kuch v ho

  5. I officially give up on this show.
    . Pakhi needs to cut ties with this family and focus on her career. 4 din ke pyaar ke liye poori life spoil kar rahi hai.
    Sai needs to leave this house and go to a hostel and study.
    And Virat toh gadha hai. I love you nahi bol pa raha ACP kaise bana

    1. Write he is gadha only

  6. As I know many married woman have male frnds but no one’s husband get jealous seeing them if they truly love and trust them and this virat for no reason showing jealousy and same with the other frnd who use to sing well sry I don’t remember his name this show is same and same again showing pakhi peeping for another time and all this are far from reality and this virat also don’t know how to express his feelings just say it na why you have to think so much 🤦

  7. How can IPS Virat express his feelings freely or act romantic scenes with another beautiful actress when paki is around him like a stinking stray dog (actually I meant to say police dog but it’s too good for that cheap lusty woman) 👿👿👿👿👿
    True this is reel but Neil sir somehow have to face the consequences afterwards with the real. I am sure Neil sir will never get any freedom from that woman in the real life too, she will guard him like a servant I guess 😂😂😂😂😂
    Feel like killing both makers and paki woman. She is so cheap. Can someone from Chavan’s give her a tight slap.👹👹👹 or at least makers let her get injured by herself.

  8. Guard hike like a serpent ( note servant) she’s a vampire/ Nagini. Feel sorry for Neil sir

  9. Guys..Be ready…ek aur week Hall wala drama hone wala hai when Sai doesn’t reach home….abhi Friday tak yeh chalega..and then when she will return tabhi phirse taunting sessions chalu hojayenge jo aur ek hafta chalega….Pakhi and uska over dramatic scenes….Trimurti ke double standards….and what not.

    1. Bilkul sahi

  10. Rightly said, Neil will have Aishwarya 24/7 like a shadow IF they get married (really hope not)
    Pakhi stopped making the best tea and cooking delicious foods for oldies only now peeping/listening to Virat and Sai. I think except Pakhi also Sonali needs a good slap for being so irritating.
    I think now Sai needs to show some maturity, she no longer lives GC, also that love triangle needs to move on from that past so called relationship / promise and start a better life.
    Really Virat? You cant express what you feel for your wife but can get angry on college friends enjoying in front of everyone, even their professor? There was nothing wrong with the guys putting cake on birthday girl, it’s a norm, maybe waiting on that vile bhabi to give permission 🤔
    I saw what Virat touched Pakhi hand a few times last week, anyone think she will say she is pregnant? 😂😂 (I’m just being foolish)
    Seems like due to real life relationship, Virat cannot do or say certain things onscreen because like how Pakhi dominate him on and off screen.
    Please change scripts

    1. Hey @Octobed girl I want to tell they are going to marry for sure and the show is going to end but not that which is fixed (marriage) and they already said that to keep reel real different so many are discussing about real life here more than the show Neil & aish are acting and Neil / virat has to do what in script he cannot do certain things on screen just because Hawa pakhi /Aishwarya will dominate screen please get out of your imagination it’s not good there
      And I think you are sairat fan but I like both neiwarya and sairat♥️

    2. Unprofessional Act


      @octobergirl, I feel you. You said it right.

  11. Happy to quit watching this show

  12. Note pakhi is not fit for serial and evil thinking like bhavan. Pakhi is jealous puppet

  13. In 2days episode Virat was also looking like a fat pumpkin just like pakhi aunty. What is the matter no time to do exercise or very busy with pakhi aunty in real n rerl life.

  14. Pakhi has no work that’s why she always peep up Sai and Virat Conversation.its really boring serial.sai innocent acting is not good why Virat can’t express his love to her.

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