Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Intentionally Uninvites Sai For Her Parent’s Anniversary Party

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells Sai that she will not say, so he himself will ask that if she needs him. She says yes, but his family needs him more, even he would have said same if he was in her place. He says she said right, he will think about it and will take decision. She says good, he should sleep now and let her study. He insists her also to sleep. She switches off light and goes to table. He asks if she can see a banyan tree via window. She says yes. He says a chudail/witch has taken it on lease. She gets afraid. He says he doesn’t believe in all this, but people says that; she didn’t worry though as she is Gadchiroli’s tigress and study alone peacefully. She gets afraid, closes window, and walks on bed. He says today is amavasya and she goes on hunting tonight, she hunted 3 people last year and one was a medical student like her. She asks him not to frighten her and sleeps holding his hand. He pampers her and thinks he is there for her.

In the morning, Pakhi wishes good morning to Bhavani and asks if she finished her pooja. Bhavani says she did early as they need to attend her parents’ wedding anniversary party, when shall they leave. Pakhi says she didn’t wish her parents last night as she wants to wish them personally, hence she invited everyone for party via message. Pakhi says she doesn’t mind formalities, even Shailesh called and informed her. Pakhi says baba informed her and asks if she has any problem if she stays in her parent’s house for a few days. Ninad says he has problem as their house’s happiness shouldn’t stay away from home for long. Bhavani smiles. Ninad asks Pakhi not to overstay or else they will miss her and she will get hiccups. Pakhi says she will return in 2 days. Omkar walks in greeting good morning. Pakhi asks if he is accompanying them for party. He says yes. Ashwini walks in next and asks how long her parents have been married. She says 30 years. Ashwini says people will react knowing about Samrat missing, so her parents should have thought well before throwing a party. Pakhi says if Samrat is missing, her parents are not at fault, there were celebrations and marriage in this house after Samrat went missing, they don’t know if Samrat is trying to escape from his responsibilities, don’t her parents have right to live their lives, if she wants her parents to suffer along her. Bhavani yells at Ashwini to shut up and tells Pakhi that her parents will be sad seeing her sad, so she shouldn’t. She asks Ninad and Omkar if everyone is ready. Ninad says Pakhi messaged everyone and whoever wants to come will come. Omkar asks Ashwini if she is coming. Ashwini says she is fasting. Bhavani says she shouldn’t eat then, they are going there to follow their relationships and Pakhi’s parents invited everyone. Ashwini says whoever wants to is going, her presence doesn’t matter. Pakhi says her parents will feel good if she comes. Mohit walks in. Pakhi asks if he is coming. He says he can’t as he has his drama rehearsal. She comments if her parents’ anniversary party was his priority, he would have postponed his rehearsal. He says its not in his hands. Bhavani orders that he will come. Omkar asks Mohit if Karishma is coming or she also wants to skip. Ashwini says she has gone to parlor and will attend the party. Omkar asks why parlor. Bhavani says she took her permission and went with Sonali, they must be on the way.

Sai walks down ready for college, greets them good morning, and asks Ashwini if breakfast is ready. Ashwini nods yes and goes to serve her breakfast. Bhavani asks if she is accompanying her. Ninad says why will she, she must be having an important class. Sai asks what are they talking about, where are they going. Ninad yells she is talking as if she doesn’t know anything, Pakhi individually messaged everyone. Pakhi says she forgot to message Sai as she was not at home and when she came, she created a big drama, she wanted to visit her room and invite, but didn’t as she gets insulted always. Sai says she creates a situation and gets insulted herself, anyways she didn’t want to invite her. Bhavani yells at her that Pakhi agreed that she forgot, so she shouldn’t make an issue out of it; they all are going for Pakhi’s parent’s wedding anniversary party. Sai asks why didn’t Pakhi invite only her, nobody has an answer for it; she asks Pakhi to wish her parents from her behalf. Pakhi says she knows Sai will not come even if she would have invited. Sai says she has college and will not, but would have if she had informed her beforehand.

Virat walks down ready for duty. Pakhi asks if he will attend party or will give excuses like others. He says he will attend for sure with Sai, he will be late, but will come with Sai for sure. Pakhi says she is asking him as Sai will not come. Virat asks reason from Sai. Pakhi hopes she doesn’t tell truth and provoke Virat against her again. Sai says she has an important class to attend. Mohit asks her to stop lying and reveals that Pakhi didn’t invite Sai at all and any dignified person will not attend party uninvited. Virat is shocked and asks Pakhi why didn’t she invite Sai. Pakhi says she forgot. Sai says she didn’t want to invite her at all. Pakhi says she really forgot to inform her and when she realized, it was late night and she didn’t want to visit her room, its not her mistake if nobody informed her. Ninad asks not to worry if Sai doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter. Pakhi says Sai will come for sure as Virat told he will bring her and Sai will not disobey Virat. Virat tells her that he already told he will come with Sai. Sai asks him to go alone as she will be late. He says they will go late then, he is sure Pakhi’s parents will not shut the door on their face. Ashwini asks Sai to return from college soon and get ready. Virat tells Sai that he is her husband and as per culture, husband and wife have to attend any function together.

Precap: Ashwini asks Pakhi if Sai is looking pretty. He says yes and taunts Sai. Sai acts, then she shows a sari and asks if they can gift this sari. He asks where did she get this sari from. She says she got it as a wedding gift and asks if his family will not oppose it.

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  1. Virat now in every episode be like:- pati hu main tumhara, patni ho tum mere…bas Karo pata hai hame🤦.

    Abhi saari ke wajah se drama hoga, as patralekha always says sayi Tumne mere bejjati karde, now her mom will copy her line🤣🤣

    I have watched this episode in kusum Dola….

    1. Yes, u r right

    2. Oh god again drama…. what is the problem in gifting a saree?. For the way pakhi is treating sai, actually sai shouldn’t give any gift or else she shouldn’t attend the party. But unfortunately she is going.

  2. Chlo drama topic pta chal gya ..saree as pakhi will again say how dare u gift your wedding gift to them..ab yeh aurat sbke same tamasha kregi..oh god!!! I just hope sai doesn’t talk back and return from that place atleast guests ko toh pta chle ki yeh pagal aurat ghar ke bahr tamashe krti hai…virat plz start calling this wrench vahini ASAP

    1. According to KD
      Problm ye hoti hi nahi hai ki sai gifted sari gift kr rahi hai…. Pakhi ki maa ko sai k gift karne se bi problm hoti hai…
      pakhi ki maa sari return kr deti hai or kahti hai ki tumhare ghar se jo bada hai vo Pahle hi gift de chuka hai to mein tumse alag se gift kese le lu tum to choti ho… And pakhi also insult sai…..
      Actually sai jese hi virat k saath unke ghar jati hai pakhi or uski maa sai ki insult karna shuru kr dete hai…. Pr yaha ek baat aachi hoti hai ki virat Sare jabaab deta hai pakhi or uski maa ko bo v unki hi language me….
      Or yaha pakhi ne jo kaha tha ki vo kuch din apne parents k ghar rukegi pr vo raat me ho virat or sai k saath ghar vapas aa jati hai kabaab me haddi bn kr…. Pakhi ko ab bezati or besharmi dono ki aadat ho gyi ha…..
      Ab dekhte hai yaha kya hota hai kya yaha v virat pakhi or uski maa ko jabaab deta hai ya chup chaap rahta hai….

  3. Virat sir he boosting my mood today… When he tells Sai. What the defference does it make when we go late? Then it’s wouldn’t have happened that the father of the bird would close the door on our faces 😂😂Hilarious IPS 🤣
    Pakhi didi face she’s looking like cold ice today…

  4. Yes please be calm Sai… don’t argue or don’t pay any attention . Please don’t shout and spoil your image in front of that enemy lusty paki and stupid pati
    Don’t know it’s the same gift paki’s mom gave for Sai 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Omg!!!!!!!i am happy that atleast virat spoke that sai is his wife and he will attend party only if sai will accompany him 😂atleast some misunderstanding cleared bw sairat

    1. Virat still has not admitted to Sai the promise he made to pakhi. He is avoiding it and acting that the promise was not Important. Sai cannot move forward with him if he does not tell her he has feelings for her. Virat is definitely playing an emotional game with Sai unintentionally. He expects Sai to know that she is important to him
      Far more than pakhi. He is not treating her like a child and expects her to be a wife to him!

    2. I honestly think he doesn’t realize his mind he’s moved on from rakhi…he just needs to have a heart to heart with sai and tell her his feelings…until he does that..sai will continue to feel as if she’s a third wheel. And sai also needs to listen and stop jumping to conclusions lol

    3. I wonder if that sari that Sai wants to gift was initially given by Pakhi family? Lol that will cause so much more drama… I’m thinking if that was the case they’d assume she was trying to insult them by returning a gift.

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