Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Invites Devi and Pulkit Home

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Virat that their family is incomplete without Devi and Pulkit, and their post-wedding ritual is still pending, she wants to invite them home and finish that ritual. Virat says his family will not agree for it. She says let her handle the situation in her way and assures him. He says its dangerous to call them here. She wears Virat’s police cap and stick and says she is a martyr police officer’s daughter and a brave police officer’s wife, so she knows how to protect love from hate mongers. He says they should plan it properly. She says she has a college holiday tomorrow, so she will invite them tomorrow. He asks if Pulkit will agree. She says she will, knows to handle his family, and like she performed Devi and Pulkit’s wedding, she will perform their Mandav Parath ritual. He agrees and asks if she doesn’t think tomorrow is too early, how will they make arrangements so soon. She says they need not prepare food for 200 people but only for 2, feeds him medicine and says she is only here till he gets well and may return to her hostel next week, so she will herself prepare food tomorrow. He asks who will take care of him if she leaves. She says she will manage both cooking and taking care of him tomorrow, he forgot her talents. He says he knows she is multitalented, but will miss him tomorrow. She jokes on him. He replies that she is jealous. She asks if she is jealous of Pakhi. He says the nurse who wants to perform his sponge bath. She gets angry. He jokes again and then asks her to do whatever she wants. She pulls his cheeks happily and says good boy.

Bhavani with Sonali takes food for Pakhi and consoles her that she is angry and sad, but shouldn’t ignore jungli mulgi Sai. Sonali says with Sai’s drama, anger is obvious, she need not worry as they are all with her and know that Sai is acting as taking care of Virat and can fly high by degrading them. Bhavani says when knows how Sai is, then why is troubling herself. Pakhi says she is not bothered about Sai, but Virat’s act. Sonali says Virat is under Sai’s control and is acting on her orders. Bhavani says Virat is acting as Sai’s puppet, but soon she will cut Virat’s rope from Sai’s hands. She suggests her to prepare Virat’s favorite food tomorrow and rekindle their friendship, she need not worry as Sai will not enter kitchen and asks Sonali to help Pakhi. Pakhi thanks her.

Pulkit feeds dinner to Devi. Devi fills another plate and says she will feed her daughter first. Pulkit says Madhuri already fed Harini and made her sleep. Devi says she is Harini’s mother and wants to feed her. Pulkit says Harini stays in the same house and she can feed Harini some other time, convinces and feeds her. Sai calls him. He asks how is she. She says fine and informs Virat that towel is nearby. He asks where is she. She says she is at Chavan Nivas and came with Virat. He gets happy hearing that. She says she is here only till Virat gets well and invites him and Devi home tomorrow for Mandav Parath ritual. Pulkit hesitates. Sai says he is damad of Chavan family and deserves respect, so he and Devi should definitely come. Devi hearing that says she will not go there. Pulkit says Sai will also be there. Devi agrees. Sai requests not to bring Harini along as she wants Chavan family to accept them first. Pulkit agrees. Devi happily greets her bye.

Sai informs Virat that Devi and Pulkit accepted her invitation and prepares grocery list. She then picks money from her purse to pay for grocery. Virat says she has invited Chavan family’s daughter and shouldn’t spend her money. Sai says she withdrew Aaba’s money and since she invited them, she will pay. Virat says he hasn’t done anything for Devi yet, so it would be his gift. She argues that she will pay. He says she should keep that money for her hostel expense. He gets angry and says he is eager to send her back to hostel. He says he wants her to stay back with him, will she. She says she will return back when he gets well. He says he can’t understand women. She says he shouldn’t and let her do whatever she wants. He says even he will do what she wants. She gigs. He asks to stop gigging and give grocery list and money to Mohit, asks when will she inform family about inviting Devi and Pulkit home. She says she will not as they will not let her cook. He says as she wishes and feels headhace. She says she will message his head. He says she will anyways go, so he will help himself. She insists and massages his head. He relaxes and falls asleep.

Precap: Ashwini informs Bhavani and her puppets that Sai invited a few guests home. Sai says she will prepare special feast for special guests. Bhavani yells who is she to invite guests without her permission. Sai asks her and her puppets to behave well with her guests. Ninad tells Virat that Sai’s guests are more secret than his mission. Door bell rings, and Sai opens door.

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  1. sai to bhi bhut pyaar hai viraat se

  2. Hey guys do u know ghkkpm is ranked number 1 show😃😃 yahoo its happy news for ghkkpm fans🥳🥳🥳

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Uff yeh latest promo🥰🥰🥰
    Sai telling again that she will go from here soon..
    Virat asking why she keep saying this?
    Sai whats the difference, you will not fall in love with me…☺️☺️☺️
    Link for video and audio

    2. Sai now a days keep on saying 2 things on daily basis:
    A) Virat, I am your wife
    B) I will leave chavan house as soon as virat recovers
    Matlb hakk bhi jaati hai or chod bhi deti hai😂😂😂😂😂

    3. I really feel bad for Devi😢😢😢 she keep on trying to unite with Harini, but Madhuri does Harini works in advance, making Devi sad…
    I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻Devi get fine soon and Harini accept Devi as mother soon..

    4. Just love 🥰🥰🥰 the nok jhok of Sai and Virat.

    5. I didn’t want to spoil my mood so i specially skipped Bhavani Pakhi talk which was shown in precap: and it was such a relief☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    6. Secret Mehemam Mission😳😳😳😳
    Ninand gave nice name..😂😂😂

  4. Ye sai pagl hai kya ab kya jaroorat hai pulkit devyani ko bulane ki? Wo bhi aise logon mein jo uski khushi se jalte hai? Khud to permanently rehne vali nai na uss ghar mein then y ? Ab wo dono happy hai na apni life mein then let it be unchanged. Y to call them and then make devi sad again?

  5. I like the fun between Virat and Sai, I hope he totally trust and respect her so when she moves back in with him, he will help her deal with the dysfunctional family most especially his bhabi. Can writers give stupid Sonali a different role other than ☹😏 forever instigating what she knows nothing about. Karishma is immature, loves to poke trouble.
    Love the way sweet aai and Mohit is helping Sai. I think now we will see alot of blaming Sai and Mohit relationship to compare with Virat and his bhabi 🤪🤮
    Note to writers, during shoot with Virat at work, I think they should promote safety measures like having them wear masks. Will go a long way.

  6. I have stopped watching and can only read the written updates until they get rid of the Pakhi character or reform her. I do not like how the show is developing Pakhi’s character. In real life, the majority of people would avoid negative, self-obsessed, and manipulative people like Pakhi. I don’t need nor want that sort of negative energy in my life.

    I love the sweet Virat and Sai interactions.

  7. Virat is so boring, when is he going to tell Sai that he loves her. Why does he let Sai call him sir? He should get a pet name for Sai too. Virat needs to show off his romance acting skills.

  8. Sanja may be virat is scared to get more romantic since in real life he is dating that broad face pakhi. May be pakhi might not like it

  9. Pakhi is foolish girl .She is always after Virat.Bechari kare tu kyakare her husband is missing .Nobody is interest to search him .poor and stupid girl .i hate her

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