Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Emotional Imagination

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat blindfolds Sai and takes her to a decorated room with lots of balloons, chocolate bouquet, all her favorite snacks. Sai excitedly asks if its for her. She excitedly picks them and seeing a big box asks if she should open it. He nods yes. She opens it, sees a beautiful pink gown, says its her favorite color and asks how does he knows its her favorite color. He says he knows everything about her and one she herself doesn’t know and asks her to get ready soon. She asks him to go out then. He walks towards door asking her to come soon as everyone are eagerly waiting for her. She holds his hand and thanks him for everything. He asks her to save her thank you for more surprises. Sai walks down wearing her gown. Her supporters get happy seeing that while haters get jealous. Ashwini tells Shivani that Sai is wearing her husband’s gifted dress on her birthday. Bhavani sees Sai wearing same red ruby pendant and removes her pendant. Harini tells Sai that she is looking like a princess. Sai says she is looking like princess, but Harini is a real priness. Virat holds Sai’s hand and takes her to cake. Harini and Devi bring her a crown and stash. Virat says let us click family pics and asks Mohit to click them. Her supporters join while haters don’t.

Virat then asks Mohit if everything is right. Mohit nods yes. Sai asks if there is something else awaiting. Virat removes his blazer and dances with Sai. All supporters join them. Bhavani yells jungli mulgi made Virat dance on stage and now Virat is dancing with her all the time. Sonali tells same to Omkar. Sai imagines her Aaba happily extending his hands for her. She happily runs and hugs him and asks if he is here. He says he came to check if his daughter is happy with her family, her husband is celebrating her birthday and he is feeling proud of his decision. She says she can’t believe Virat planned her surprise birthday party. Aaba prays for her happiness forever and says her husband’s love is her happiness. Sai says this happiness is short lived and she has to leave him some day. He asks not to say that as he became alone when her aayi left him. She says Virat is just following her responsibility and she will leave him once she completes her studies. Aaba asks what he used to say regarding flowers in her childhood. She says a flower is alive until its connected to its plant and once its separated, it sheds off. Aaba says similarly her happiness is with Virat and hence she should always be with him and happy. She says but.. He asks her to promise that she will always be with Virat. She extends her hand to promise him when Virat shakes her and asks what happened and she says Aaba. He says she must be missing Aaba as its her first birthday without him, but he is trying his best to make her birthday special. Sai says she knows and thanks him. He hugs her and wishes her happy birthday and hopes her Aaba is happy for her wherever he is. Sai says Aaba is happy with for him. He asks what does she mean. She says nothing. He wipes her tears and mimicking Rajesh Khanna says he hates tears and she should say bye bye to sorrows and welcome happiness. Sai laughs and says his jokes are bad. Ashwini walks to them and says they look so good together. Sai says her Aaba would be very happy seeing she got her aayi. Mohit says its cake cutting time.

Sai walks to cake and asks Bhavani and puppets to join her. Bhavani yells she should be happy that they are attending her function. Ninad yells next. Sonali says it doesn’t matter to her if they attend her function or not. Sai says it matters or else she wouldn’t have lied and called them to her college function, and if they don’t attend her cake cutting event, she will not cut the cake, hence they have to and sing a birthday song for her. Mansi also requests them followed by Mohit. Sai holds Bhavani’s hand and pleads her. Bhavani feels irritated. Virat next requests all the puppets.

Precap: Sai requests Pakhi to come down as everyone are waiting for cake cutting. Pakhi says she doesn’t to. Sai holds her saying she has to listen to birthday girl. Pakhi pushes her hand back. Sai falls on table and injures her forehead.Virat comes to call Sai and sees her injured.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Why are they dragging so long!!!???

  2. Do they have any concept? Any story ?

    This is so boring and dull show . ML mai guts to h ni apni feelings accept karne ka …FL is too smart but idiot when comes to her feelings.

    Family members are useless and toxic .

    This show harms my brain cells. I have to unnecessary hear it because my mom watches it . Don’t know what she likes in this crap 🤮

  3. This show doesn’t have any story. They are just promoting illegitimate relationship between devar and bhabhi on the name of love, friendship and so called promise. This is first show (I have ever seen) where male lead is spineless, female lead is annoying and idiot, villain (who is 2nd lead according to the makers) is lusty and rest of the family members are useless.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      @ritu you can watch any starplus or zee show amd you will find male lead spineless, female lead stupid and most idiotic person and villians way to smarf to get catch(until their contract end with channel) and rest family is just watching their drama…

  4. I mostly read negative reviews here about this show and imlie….but these two shows have high trp…how come??🤔

    1. That’s a secret… something fishy there .

      Better shows doesn’t get justice mad these craps are being promoted

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      @can its not about this tellyupdate views which are used for trp ratings, its by IG, twitter and entrainment boradcasting channel who decide trp..
      And if you watch all top 3 shows they don’t deserve to be in top 3..

  5. I love the way the writer said, “Her supporters joined while haters don’t” 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Yes they r promoting illetimate relationship between sponeless BIL n the lusty SIL. Even i am wondering how r the TRPs so high for this idiotic cheap serial. This serial should be completely BANNED. I am just wondering if this spineless hero n the lusty 2nd lead in fact she is a vamp not paying the channel to show the TRPs more. They both verywell know that they r not that good actors that they wl get some other serial espthe lusty woman. Both the fools r flying very high in the air least realizing that any day their great FALL is imminent.

  7. Scorpio
    No story .There should be some exciting , suspense story rather than just dragging the same lines again and again . Something different for Sai , rather than challenging Pakhi and her family members .

  8. Till Saturday they will show the birthday party and from Monday onwards the suicide attempt.
    Yes Sai should move on, she should concentrate on studies and become a great doctor and let Chavan’s to respect her. if virat doesn’t confess his feelings then she should find her own happiness.

  9. Just a small clarification. Who has curly / wavy hair and beautiful eyes Ayesha or Aiyshwarya.
    In the interview virat mentioned he gets attracted to curly hair and eyes like Ayishwarya’s.

    1. I don’t know about others but according to me Ayesha is more prettier and she is very cute and her eyes are also beautiful. The best thing about Ayesha is she is very kind hearted and well behaved. Even kishore ma’am ( bhavani kaku) said in an interview that Ayesha is well behaved. (not like others who are doing different things to gain attention)

  10. Wonder curly hairs n big eyes r Ayeshas. I think the lusty pakgi has straight hair.

    U said correct Siya these 2 useless creatures do what not to gain attention least realizing this display of cheapness is not going to take them very far. Poor both attention seekers. Both fools should be changed with some other actors. Or the writer n director UNITE THESE TWO FOOLS n bring somr handsome n a good actor for our lanky Sai.

  11. I just love Shivani, she can give befitting answer to all the haters and loves the supporters as said by writers 🙂
    Pakhi really needs to change that always constipated look off her face and she don’t have to near or next to Virraattt on every scene, keep you real life scenario off the sets, she seems to be as shameless on and off screen
    Let me guess, even tho Virat must have seen she pushed Sai he will pretend he did not but yet keep asking why did she it. I don’t beleive Pakhi will be taunted enough for her evilness. She goes to her parents because they know about her plans for Virat, her mother clearly shows she supports her.

  12. For me too Sai is the prettiest, her eyes, her hair, smile, the way she talks everything easily get attracted. Did you watch the recent interview of Neil sir where he mentioned that he got attracted to paki’s hair and eyes (evil eyes)
    I am just confused . May be real paki must have insisted to love her in real life tooooo LOL

    1. Yah I watched it. I think that was the funniest part of the whole interview because the host didn’t know who is aishwarya. LOL. (beizzati hui)

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