Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat And Sai’s Emotional Bonding

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

At hospital, Samrat brings Sai’s medicines and gives them to Pulkit. Pulkit says these medicines were difficult to get and hands them over to nurse He says he will go home and return in sometime, Dr Karmark is here to take care of Sai till then and to inform him if there is an emergency. Samrat asks him not to worry as he is with Sai and even Virat is here. Pulkit leaves. Samrat walks to Virat and asks if he met Sai. Virat nods no. Samrat says he can understand that Virat couldn’t gather courage seeing Sai’s condition. Virat says he lost a right of seeing Sai. Samrat says husband and wife relationship is not a glass piece to break, his and Sai’s relationship is intact. Ashwini cries seeing Sai’s condition not improving. Samrat asks her be courageous as doctor gave new medicines and their effect will be seen soon. Ashwini gets happy seeing Sai opening her eyes. Samrat asks how is she feeling, and Ashwini asks if she is fine. Sai looks at door. Samrat asks if she is searching someone. Sai blinks eyes. Ashwini says Sai is unable to speak due to weakness and is searching someone, she can blink her eyes to her questions; asks if she is searching Virat and wants to meet her. Sai blinks eyes. Ashwini gets happy and says she will call Virat. Samrat says Virat doesn’t want to meet Sai in ICU. Ashwini says Virat doesn’t want to trouble Sai. She walks to Virat and says its time to meet a person whom he is praying for. Virat says he can’t. She asks if he thinks Sai doesn’t want to see his face, Sai herself wants to meet him. He asks is it. Samrat says when Ashwini asked Sai if she wants to meet Virat, she blinked her eyes and her eyes are searching only him. Virat gets emotional and asks what if his visit harms her. Ashwini asks to leave it on god helps him get up. He feels drowsy. She sends him to Sai’s room. Samrat hopes their decision is right.

Virat enters Sai’s room with teary eyes and asks how is she, can she hear him. She blinks her eyes. He says aayi told she is searching him, was she really searching him. She blinks eyes again and cries. He holds her hand and asks her not to speak as he understood everything. He wipes her tears and requests not to cry as nothing is precious in this world for her to shed tears, especially him; she is not made to bear pain. Sai’s condition deteriorates and vital sign monitor beeps. He calls sister. Sister enters and corrects connection. Sai holds Virat’s hand tightly. Nurse says she knows he is praying for her sitting outside, she seems to be more emotional seeing him, so its better her waits outside and let her rest. Virat says she will be fine and walks away. Nurse tells Sai that she should be happy to have a caring husband as her husband was crying for her sitting outside and praying for her.

Bhavani with Ninad, Mansi, Shivani, and Mansi reaches hospital and asks Samrat about Sai’s condition. He says better than before, but they should maintain silence. Omkar rudely says he told not to visit hospital, but nobody listens to him. Bhavani says she wants to keep pooja prasad and flowers near Sai. Samrat takes them to Sai’s ICU room. Sai opens eyes and looks at them. Samrat asks how is she feeling, everyone came to meet her. Bhavani asks why did she leave house without performing pooja and cries seeing her condition. Ninad asks if she is angry on her old FIL and will she not return home with them. Omkar again in a rude tone asks why she run from home and troubled them. Mansi and Ninad stop him. Ninad gets emotional nwext and asks her to speak to him. Bhavani says she went to temple and prayed for her health, she wants her to get well soon and return home. Shivani says only doctor can say when can Sai return home. Mansi says a few family members hate her, but remaining family members love her immensely and want her back between them. Samrat says she need not try to speak and informs that she is unable to speak due to weakness. Mansi asks if she lost her voice. Bhavani asks to speak auspicious. Ninad pleads Sai to call him baba. Sai just looks at him. Ninad asks Samrat why Virat didn’t come in. Samrat says he purposefully is staying away from Sai. Bhavani asks if he doesn’t know what Devi told. Samrat says Virat knows, in fact he met Sai a few minutes ago and her condition deteriorated, so nurse asked him to sit outside. Ninad says whenever he plays harmonium and sings, he remembers the moment when she gifted harmonium to him; she should return home soon or else it would be difficult for him to play harmonium, he realized her value and will never let her go away from him, and pleads to look at her baba once. Sai looks on the other side. Ninad, Mansi, and Bhavani get more emotional while Omkar frowns.

Precap: Virat offers coconut water to Sai and mimicking Kamal says he is eager to hear Virat sir from Sai’s mouth.

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  1. Pranbirlover

    There was a Malayalam show that aired on Zee Keralam channel.

    The show is the love story of landlord and wrestler Devan (Jai Dhanush) and highly educated school teacher Alli (Pallavi) who has recently moved to the village.
    In this show, actor Jai Dhanush was the hero paired with actress Pallavi. There were a lot of bts videos of the show, many interviews etc. Actress Keerthi played the role of Archa(I guess), the hero’s sister-in-law. When the show was about to get off-air, the actors had some interviews… And it was only then when many came to know that the hero and the on-screen sister-in-law were husband and wife in real life.
    But no one ever felt that. They always kept their real life seperate from the reel life.
    I don’t want to interfere in anyone’s personal life.. nor ami spreading hate comment, but, in SBS anniversary celebration, in other shows when the leads came, Ghkkpm cast went as two different groups- the first one with Samrat, Sai, Bhavani Kaku, Sonali and Karishma and the second with Virat and Pathralekha.
    The other shows- may it be KUMKUM BHAGYA, Bhagyalakshmi, yrkkh, Anupama.. every other show had the leads in but here… Many were unhappy with this.

  2. I feel happy looking sai hold virat hand today..ler bygone be bygone i hope they will reunite and happy together.

    What they do outside even hurt sairat fans but what to do we as a fans must respect their life.we cannot force them to be what we want.and we must accept in real life neil is aishwarya fiancee and soon they will got married.

  3. Hmmmmm….so all the emotional, mental and psychological abuse from Virat and the hate gang has been forgotten with a stroke of a pen. I guess I am not as forgiving as Indian serial characters but to each their own.

    1. I know this is so messed up like how can they make her forgive him so soon, so next time he might assault her and she will thank him, like seriously 🤨

  4. Good. Worth watching today’s episode for a change. As there is atleast no khandan drama.

    Instead of making Pakhi evil, writers could have done better job. We all know love can easily become obsession, and such obsession can lead to sin ful behaviour.

    So instead showing Pakhi fighting with every family member her character could have been the one who is seeking vengeance rather than illicit relationship hopes with Virat

    Again, all main leads like Kaku, Sai, Samrat and even Virat are extremely weak right now and hence making screen dull. Only screen time of Pakhi seems to be unstoppable. Give her some break and good script so she can show case the excellent actress she is.

    So many old tracks can be restarted. Why drag the same crap.

  5. Dear Ayesha… This was one of the best performance today… Speaking with eyes is more tough than stupid expression of hate and jealousy. Keep entertaining your fans with great acting

    1. I agree. She aced the episode today. She is the only reason why I am still watching this serial.

  6. How dare this coward and pathetic excuse of a man act like he is a victim here. OMG….this Virat is the worst kind of man. This is completely his fault and he is acting like he is the one who had the accident and should therefore be pitied. How completely useless is he! Also he says he was acting like a husband to Sai….so being a husband is treating your wife like dirt, speaking to her like dirt and allowing others to speak to her like dirt (Lusty Pakhi – I am looking at you), and not defending and standing up for your wife just because she cannot see your love! If this is what a husband is, then every woman should be single. Loser Virat!!! Worst ML ever!!!! Show should end with Sai living and working independently. She is better off than ending up with this spineless excuse of a man!!!!

  7. How [email protected] Even i hate this chit of an ass. Useless spineless
    Creature doesnt lnow whom he wants to enjoy with. His dirty actions show that he is more lusty behind hisbone n only lusty fiancee in real life. Kick him out of the serial or makers pls bringing some dashing hero like Anuj from Anupama serial who can act well n look handsome like him. Not this fellow who only knows to makes monkey faces ln the name of acting. Henceforth i dont think we all wl enjoy Sairat chemistry. He n his monkey faced fiancee the most 2 irritatibg characters fm this serial.

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