Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Viraat Reaches Gadchiroli

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ninad informs Viraat how he headed a military operation against terrorists and lost 3 of his jawaans, how one of his jawaan lost his life trying to protecting him and bearing bullet on himself. He continues that he shattered after that and took early retirement. He hands over bullet to him and asks not to be coward like him and to fight bravely like his uncle DCP Nagesh Chavan. Viraat consoles him. He then gets ready and walks down with his bags when Devyani happily hugs him and asks if he forgot his gift. He asks what gift. She says she doesn’t want to tell that he is going to find a husband for her. Badimaa scolds her that she will not marry. Devyani gets angry on her, but Ashwini handles situation, gives laddoo box to Virat and wishes him best of luck.

Pakhi’s mother insists her to visit beauty parlor and get ready as boy’s family is coming to see her. Pakhi resists. Mother says boy’s family is Nagpur most respected Chavan family and she would be proud to be associated with them. Papa acts as scolding her and says she should obey her mother, then silently says she can reject the boy. After sometime, Pakhi’s friend comes to meet her. Pakhi informs her about Virat. Friend suggests her to call yoga center and take Virat’s number. Pakhi calls yoga center, but receptionist denies to share client’s personal number. She then calls instructor who agrees to text Virat’s number.

Virat’s family eagerly waits for Samrat to visit girl/Pakhi’s house. Samrat who is very jovial reaches home early and seeing maid carrying food says he was missing Ashwini maami’s favorite food. He munches food and asks maid to get one more thali. Badimaa walks in and asks when did he come and why didn’t he greet her yet. He touches her feet and says he didn’t bring gifts except her, so he came early. Family joins. They all rejoice and share emotional bonding with him. Mansi informs him that they are taking him to see girl for him as they are fixing his marriage. Samrat hesitates, but agrees.

Virat reaches Gadchiroli in a taxi when he gets Sunny’s call and picks excitedly thinking Sunny found Pakhi’s number. Samrat speaks. Virat gets happy hearing his buddy. Samrat informs him that he is going to see a girl with family, etc. Sayi with Usha walks on street when Virat’s car splashes dirt on her and she angrily walks to Virat yelling at him, but busy on phone Viraat doesn’t notice her and car speeds away. He reaches police station where he sees constable not paying auto fair and threatening driver to leave. Driver yells that all policemen are same and don’t pay. Virat pays fair and says all policemen are not same. He enters police station and sees constable scolding other colleagues to work fast as new ACP is coming. He takes constable’s wallet and drawing money from it informs that he is taking back his money. Constable yells who is he. Virat informs he is new ACP. Everyone salute him. Virat scolds them for being undisciplined. Aaba enters and gets happy seeing him. He greets Viraat. Viraat scolds him for breaking rules and dragging a criminal to police handcuffing him to jeep. Aaba says he doesn’t know exactly what had happened, but Viraat gets adamant that he cannot break rules for whatever reason. Aaba drops him to his quarter and informs him about DM organizing his felicitation ceremony. Viraat apologizes Aaba and says he is proud see his mentor back. Aaba reminds him what had happened in police station. Viraat says Aaba taught him to keep duty and emotions separate. Aaba remembers his teachings and feels proud for Viraat.

Precap: Viraat reaches felicitation venue where host announce s that Sayi will felicitate him. Sayi gets angry seeing him. Pakhi calls Viraat and he angrily asks who is it. Pakhi sadly disconnects call saying wrong number. Sayi rudely asks Viraat to bend his head for garland.

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  1. I think from Monday episodes will be good iam liking virat but not unable to connect to 2 heroines neither pakhi nor sayi
    Virat family also good except 2 3 characters(especially badi maa)
    Presently plus point of this show is Neil and his acting

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