Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kamal Seeks Guru Dakshina From Virat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badimaa asks Patralekha/Pakhi if Ashwini, Devi, Karishma, Sonali’s allegations that there is something between her and Virat. Pakhi says she and Virat are good friends. Badimaa says they are not good friends. Pakhi gets tensed. Badimaa smiles and says they are devar bhabi, Pakhi relaxes. Virat takes Sayi towards her home in his car and asks why she looks sad. Sayi asks why didn’t Aaba come. He says doctor asked him to rest. She asks what? He says doctor advised to stay away from sad faces and says she should be happy that she is out of safe house and will be soon out of Gadchiroli as Aaba accepted VRS. Sayi jumps happily and thanks Bappa that finally she will be out of Gadchiroli and will go to Nagpur. He saks if she will forget him after going to Nagpur. She says Aaba will not let him forget and takes his name at least 500 times. She asks if badbad devi will miss him. She asks if he called her badbad. He says he even called her Devi and says her home came. She thanks him, jokes and gets out of car. She then reaches home and calls Aaba. Aaba plays Aye Dil Tu Laya Hai Bahar.. song and greets her praising her bravery. Usha hugs her and says her hair are very rough now. Aaba asks her to heat the oil and oil massages Sayi’s scalp. Sayi asks if he remembers what is today. He says poornima. She says he must have visited temple and panditji had informed him about poornima. He says yes and ties protective thread around her wrist. She tightens his protective thread. Usha brings them soup and says today is poornima. Sayi says she knows. Aaba says soon they will be out of gadchiroli and Jagtap should be caught before that. Sayi asks him to promise to stay out of that case. Aaba promises that he will not involve actively. Sayi goes away. Aaba gets a call that Jagtap’s location is found.

During dinner, family continues worrying for Samrat. Ninad hopes Brigadier Sood calls him and informs that Samrat is fine. Karishma brings Solkadhi for Badi maa. Mohit says its Samrat’s favorite. Mansi cries profusely. Mohit sayshe didn’t mean to hurt her. Ashwini pleads to stop crying and says she made Solkadhi in Samrat’s remembrance and hopes they get a news that he is fine. Badimaa also sheds tears remembering him. She imagines Samrat entering and wiping her tears. Lukka chuppi bahut huyi…song..plays in the background. He meets each family member and cheering them up. She then then remembers it was her imagination and walks away crying. Ninad walks behind her.

At police station, Virat gets a call from Jagtap’s puppet that Jagtap is hiding in Banganga area and he will inform him when Jagtap leaves. Virat says everything is happening as he thought. Jagrap shouts angrily that Virat arrested his father, now he will kill Virat. Virat explains his plan to his team. Aaba insists to accompany him. Virat says he is unwell and should only help in planning. Aaba says he wants to complete his last mission; after knowing Jagtap is back, he cannot keep quiet; as a father, he will not keep quiet until he catches Jagtap. Virat says he clearly understands him, but he cannot go on this mission; he should sign on the register and go home. Aaba chants Guru Gobind Saheb’s verses and asks him to complete it. Virat completes it. Aaba asks him to give guru dakshina and let him accompany to mission. Viat agrees.

Precap: Aaba and Virat catch Jagtap. Jagtap shoots at Virat, Aaba interfes and bears the bullet. Sayi shouts Aabaaaa..

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