Ghulaam- He Is Not (Episode 7)

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Hlo friends thanks a lot for the immense love tht I have got in the last episode. Here is the next episode… hope u all will like this too…
Ayesha is driving the car and crosses the road side board labeling ‘BEHRAHAMPUR’
Rangeela and Veer are standing face to face to each other. The girl is looking at them with a face flushed due to crying.
Rangeela looks up at the croching sun and smiles. He looks down at Veer and sees Shivani behind him crying and tied to the tree. His eyes get red remembering all those incidents again.
Sarkar: and the competition begins…
Veer and Rangeela start the fight. Veer gets hold of Rangeela easily and tosses him on the ground. Blood starts coming out of Rangeela’s face due to the numerous cuts…
Police station:
Ayesha’s car stops infront of the police station. She gets down from the car and stands infront of the station. She sees leaves fallen all over around the entrance to the police station. She walks up and cleans an area on the floor and touches the ground and puts her hand on her head and then steps inside the police station.
Veer n Rangeela’s fight is continuing. The crowd is cheering Rangeela.rangeela falls on the ground and looks straight and sees Shivani looking at him and smiling…(phir bhi tumko chahunga…plays from Half Girlfriend). Rangeela closes his eyes and sees his Shivani hanging from the ceiling. He opens his eyes and gets up and holds Veer from the back by his stomach and tosses him on the ground and punches him on his stomach. Sarkar gets up. Gulguli rushes towards the fight ground. Veer signs them to stop there. Rangeela pulls him up holding his hair and makes him go round and round holding his hair.
Sarkar: he is doing wrong…

Rangeela throws Veer on the ground and jumps on him hurting him with his elbow. Veer shouts in pain. Tears fall from Rangeela’s eyes.
Police station:
As Ayesha enters the station the policemen there looks at her in shock seeing a girl in police uniform. Ayesha goes to the centre of the room and stands looking around. All the policemen there starts laughing at the same time. Ayesha looks on confused.
Police1: a girl as inspector tht also in Behrahampur…
Ayesha looks on firmly. The policeman comes near her and smells her. Ayesha slaps him and the polman falls on the floor.

Ayesha: don’t u dare… I am the new in-charge of this village… and u all r ought to fall my instructions…
The policeman gets up holding his face…
Police2: we follow only one man’s order and tht is Sarkar…
Ayesha goes to him and pulls out the badge from his uniform.
Police2: ayyeee…

Ayesha: u r given this badge and this post to follow the instructions of the government of India and not any Sarkar if u cant open the uniform and leave and join ur Sarkar’s bang permanently…
Police1: hlo madam this is Behrahamour here only men talk and men beat the woman and they only rule…this is the rule here….

Ayesha: but now the rule will chnge as I want it to change…
She opens a policeman’s cap and goes to the front table made for the in-charge and dusts it with it and then sits on the chair and throws the cap back to its owner n looks on determined.

PRECAP: Ayesha is standing near a pond. Rama sees her and gets shocked seeing tht she is exactly like Shivani. Ayesha goes the haveli…Rangeela sees her stops fighting and keeps looking at her… later Ayesha tends his injuries.

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    this is episode 9 and not 7 plzzzz change it…

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