Ghulaam – He Is Not (Episode 1)

Hlo friends I am here to write a ff on this show Ghulam with all the characters set the same but the story a little different. Plzzz do read this story and do comment if u like it or not and can give suggestions as well they r like life line to me. Thank plzzz enjoy…

A man is shown doing exercise and doing pushups. A girl enters the room and keeps the jug of water on the table with a thud. The man stops doing the push-ups and looks up.
Man: wht happened now????
The girl goes to the cupboard and takes out her sarees and throws them one after the other on the man’s face.
The man gets angry and gets up and rushes and clutches the girl by her hair.
Man: how dare u???
Girl: I dared as I am ur wife… the anger tht u show me here… tht shud better be shown in ur owner’s house when they make u do all sort of rubbish works…
Man (shouting): Shivani…

Shivani: don’t shout… ur shout has never proved me wrong and will never do tht even in the future…
The man leaves her and goes to have water. The girl picks all the clothes and is going to put them back when the man snatches a dupatta and rubs his sweat…
Shivani: wht non sense is this Rangeela… now I have to wash this again…
Rangeela: do tht as tht is ur job and I will do wht is mine…
He wears his t-shirt and leaves with big step while Shivani looks on…
Shivani: I will never let u continue as a ghulaam any longer… u have had enough of this and me too…
She throws the clothes on the bed and leaves the room.
A group of girls are singing and dancing. A girl leaves the group and goes to use the washroom. Someone comes from behind and pulls her away.
A dark room:
The room is covered with smoke and a man is seeing lying on the armed chair. His phone rings and he receives it.
Man: work done… good… I will reward u for this Rangeela… this is a promise from Veer’s side… come home soon…

PRECAP: Shivani throws money bumdles on Veer’s face and asks him to keep her husband away from his bad works.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow finally someone is writing a ff on Ghulaam ??? and Omg i thought that guy was Veer initially turned to be Rangeela ?? love the fact Rangeela accepts Shivani as his Wife here and they r staying together ??? and interesting precap ????
    Please post the next part soon
    Love u

    1. Rhimjhim

      Thank u for commenting… I hope I will b able keep up at ur level of thinking and liking… Keep commenting…

  2. Wow nice FF….. epi was gud expect love nd romance btwn rangni (rangeela ❤shivani)

    1. Rhimjhim

      Thank u for commenting

  3. Karina

    Realy nice liking the concept…keep going…

    1. Rhimjhim

      I happy that u r liking the concept…

  4. Hai i’m hamsa . . Plz continue 🙂

    1. Rhimjhim

      Hii… I will surely continue…

  5. Nivu99

    Hey its really nice….
    Please do continue….????

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