Ghulaam 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer’s bhabhi dances on song..Nagade zara..She tells Rashmi that Berahampur has a ritual that bhabhi’s dance during devar’s marriage reception. She danced during Rashmi’s marriage, so Rashmi also should dance with her during Veer’s reception. She gives her pen and says Berahampur men give gun in their women’s hands, forget pen. She brought pen for her and she can write her feeling with it. Rashmi writes to find out what happened to Raghav. Bhabhi asks if she wants her to find what happened to STS officer, she will, but she should learn dance with her.

Rangeela travels in his jeep after buying flowers to decorate Veer and Shivani’s honeymoon bed. His friends joke till when he will decorate other’s bed, even he should kidnap a girl and marry. He says he will not kidnap anyone for himself. He sees someone looking at Berahampur via binocular from a cliff and silently walks towards him with gun. His friends catch man and he throws powder in man’s eyes. Man writhes in pain. Rangeela asks who is he. He says STS officer and came to find out what happened to his friend Raghav, department closed his file noting that he is injured and missing. Rangeela hits his head with gun and says injures him.

Bhabhi with Rashmi dances in front of family. Rashmi dances with fear on her face. Bhabhi says she should dance or die. Rashmi dances well. Bhisma tells Gulguli that Rashmi has changed now. Gulguli says fear changes everyone. Shivani cries sitting next to Veer. Jageer comes and Gulguli asks him to join. Veer shouts. Jageer says he is elder to him by age and Jageer says he is not interested and tells his wife that she dances well, tells Sarkar that did not give him anything good except a beautiful wife. Wife smiles. He leaves.

Bhisma gives gift box to Shivani as shagun. Shivani opens it and is shocked to see gun. He asks to shoot. Shivani worriedly says she did not use gun in life. Gulguli says she should now. Veer asks whom she will target. Rangeela enters with STS officer and says here is the target. Rashmi reminisces him as Raghav’s friend and playing prank on her once. Bhism insists Shivani to shoot. She shoots and falls on sofa and misses target. Bhisma laughs and orders Rangeela to teach STS officer a lesson and throw him out of Berahampur. He then tells his bahu used gun for the first time and can ask anything she wants. Shivani says she needs to talk to Rangeela. They ignore her requests.

Gulguli says Veer and Shivani need to go to temple and pray for child. Rangeela goes out and set ups horse chariot and bends. Veer insists Shivani to climb chariot. Bhisma orders to lift her and drop in chariot. Veer does and asks Rangeela to remove horse out as he will pull chariot today, Shivani should know Rangeela is her servant/gulam. Rangeela does and ties himself to chariot and pulls it.

Precap: Rangeela pulls Veer and Shivani’s chariot and gets tired. Veer gets down to urinate. Shivani seeing Rangeela tired and sweating offers water. Rangeela says boss is offering water to Ghulam. Veer comes and slaps Rangeela and says she eloped. Rangeela searches Shivani and shouts she cannot escape.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think shivani can’t leave her husband rangeela,so her must be gone to do some favour to them or kidnapped by somebody……let’s see what will happened….anyway like the episode…..

  2. Hi everyone.hi br mam I said u na I’ll come here & I joined u too.I want to c who r all here our old frnds.
    And coming to d show d story was crystal clear that hero is a slave he can do anything for his malik.but hw he get change his mind to love shivami & hw shivami changes rangeela mind to love her.finally hw rangeela is freed from being many twist must wait & watch.

    1. Hello dear….welcome to our ghulaghulaam family…

      1. Hi sakshi tanq for ur warm welcome dear. And now I intro myself. I was in ishq ka rang safed family which had a huge following members of telly updates. But after that show off we all dispersed. And after BR mam advice I used to watch this show.gulam story was dif but in reality it wasn’t happening now a days.any way my best wishes for d team GULAM

  3. GHULAM IS SUPERB!! but i didnt like how veer is intentionally trying to make shivani feel bad by making rangeela do defaming acts……… anyway today episode was awesome!!!!!!

  4. hai frnds…can i join u r family??
    ghulaam is gud gng bt ter is a bit more of violence in tis show….still lot of mysteries to be cleared.
    precap is intresting

    1. Richu

      Hii. Nivu dear wlcum…

    2. HNivu…..welcome dear….nd keep commenting

  5. Richu

    Guyzzzz Kaise ho Sab log!!Sab mazeee mei?
    Karu saku kushagra sidmin chinni br Antara rozzzz sana kavitha deepti wlcum to ghulaam family!!…

    1. Esther

      Hallooo Richu…..I’m good…… 😀
      N big hai to all other Ghulaam fans

      1. Richu

        Nice to see ur gud?

    2. Yup…i m fine…hws u???

      1. I’m fine… Kya baat hai.of mood ho kya?

  6. SidMin

    Gulam …… Param sir is doing a fab job as a Gulam the emotions and all are perfectly shown ….. Loving him
    He has his own norms …. he said he won’t kidnap a girl for himself ?❤

    1. Richu

      Ur right dear!!


    How dare that veer slap our rangeela .
    Waiting patiently for change in mindset of ghulaam

  8. Epi was gud…poor Shivani.. .hate this veer nd his song very much…my heart is beating …..irritating…yackkk…

    Precap….bichara Rangeela.. .feeling bad for him.??

  9. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hii guys. How r u? I’m back?
    Sorry I was a lil busy.
    Hey sakshi richu di karu di. Chinni kavita Esther kushagra sidmin…..welcome nivu deepti?????? how r u guys
    Episode was ok ok…☺☺☺

    1. Hi himanshi dear….hws u????…..
      I m so happy to see u back….all Ok??….
      Nd call me saku…
      Btw what u r age??

  10. Himanshi shrivastava

    I agree with u sakshi kushagra and sidmin.
    I too hate his song?

  11. Hii guyssss hioppe you all remember me..
    I am nisha from sadda haq sandhirrrrrt

    I misseddd shh a lott and just came to know about ghulam..

    N here I am surprised and veryyyyy happy to see karruuuuuu my karuu my jaaann…

    Howru karuu dear you remember suru??? Ourrr grouppp….trioo..

    Karruu how’s life dearrr…n are you enjoying this show????
    Share share…

    Hry richuuuuu howruuu????? Soo happy to see youuu hereee….

    Himanashi isthat youuu our sh friend???
    Someone called you chotu their right dear???

    Guys I miiss all our shfrnds hope wefind them heree

    1. Richu

      Nishuuuuuuuuu jaan…how’s u??m fine yaar…..
      Miss sh family badly…..n howzz life??
      Plzzz do comment regularly

  12. Angelk1

    I miss two eps , ut i caught up lol. Just have to say, shivani you are superb. I laugh when she held a gun. Poor girl, i cant see her using one. I’m glad shes not agreeing with veer. I’m glad shes telling rangeela his her husband no one else. As long as she keep telling him that an defy veer. She might get to him.

    Matter fact i think her bravery will probably affect the females in the future, an they will stand together with rangeela to fight veer . if they can see that they dont have to be scared, they can beat the men’s.

    But it was so cute how shivani was concern for rangeela. I cant wait to see how he takes back his wife. An veer vs rangeela. Lastly, i wonder why rangeela so loyal to veer. What could be the reason?

  13. Karina

    Nishuuuuuu im so glad to see u…i ve missed u…im fine dear…life is good thank God and h r u dear ? I also miss our SH friends…i dont know about Suru i havent seen her…i like Gulaam but not as much as i loved SH…i dont really have much free time so i cant watch it regullary…i ve missed u Nishuuu….

    Richu my crazy friend h r u dear ? sorry for the late reply but i wasnt online…stay safe dear…

    Himanshi im fine sweety and h r u dear ?

    Saku h r u sweety ? i hope your ok…stay safe

    A big hiiii to all Gulaam fam….

    1. I m not so fine di…suffering from cold…nd a bit tensed tomorrow is my test..

      1. Karina

        Oh sweety i hope you ll feel better and all the best for your exam…im sure you ll do great…

  14. Guys plz comment…see comment number is very less…if this continues then we will not cross 50 also…
    Nd where r regular commenters.??.
    Antara,Br,naz, nd other …
    Naz u used to comment on starting episode why happened now…
    All new comers plz do comment…

  15. Awesome!!!! Track
    Param Singh …oh my god.. such a good actor….
    Feeling bad for shivani …
    Hate that veer he was deliberately humiliating rangeela to hurt shivani ??

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