Ghulaam 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manmeet drops Shivani. Rangeela holds Shivani and she falls on him. Rangeela wakes up and tells Veer that he saved the girl. Bhisma scolds Manmeet. Gulguli says he is our son. Veer says son dropped girl and gulam/servant saved her.

Gulguli takes good for her elder son Jageer. Jageer fumes why did sarkar/Bhisma threw girl in dangal/wrestling ground. Gulguli tells sarkar threw girl in dangal to frighten her. Jageer says she and sarkar did wrong. Bhabhi enters. Gulguli asks if she dropped Shivani to Veer’s room and asks her to feed and serve her husband Jageer now. She walks out. Jageer asks his wife if she is happy getting jew clothes and gifts in her devar Veer’s marriage. She says what is the use, nobody respects her and even him. She heard sarkar telling that Jageer is his son, but does not look like. Jageer fumes that Sarkar should know that his son has grown up and can take over him. She says she even heard Gulguli telling that Veer will take over Berahampur’s crown soon. Jageer holds her neck. She asks to show his anger outside and give her the happiness woman needs.

Shivani in Veer’s room thinks she cannot stay in this room and wants to go to her husband Rangeela’s room. Rangeela opens door. Shivani pleads to get her out of here. Veer enters singing my heart is beating and asks why Shivani is crying. Shivani says she does not want to stay in this room. Rangeela says she means room is not decorated properly. Veer asks Rangeela to decorate room himself with rose and then says with Shivani’s favorite flowers. Rangeela asks Shivani which flowers she likes and walks away.

Rangeela reaches home and sees his foster brothers having food. He speaks, but they continue eating silently. He asks his bhabhi why they are silent, they should accompany him to market to buy flowers. Brother says he needs his marriage’s sweets. Rangeela says it was fake marriage. Bhabhi says for the girl it is true marriage. Another brother fumes that he married and left his wife for Veer singh. Rangeela fumes to not take boss’ name and just obey boss’ orders, he is just a soldier who knows to obey his boss.

Gulguli takes Shivani’s class and asks to write pati and parmeshwar on board. Shivani writes. Gululi says her husband sarkar tells husband is parmeshwar god and just like one serves god, she should serve husband with hot food, wash his clothes, etc. She continues moral gyaan. Shivani says husband is a partner. Gulguli says she should learn Berahampur’s rules and continues. Shivani says her husband is the one whom she married in Sambhar. Gulhul fumes that Veer is her husband and Rangeela is ghulam. She forces her write Rangeela as ghulam on board and says he is just ghulam and should just order him. She continues torturing. Bhisma calls her and she leaves asking Shivani to get ready and come out.

Shivani gets ready and throws Veer’s tied thread. Rangeela enters and tries to tae away board. He sees thread on floor and forcefully ties on her wrist. Shivani cries why did he betrayed her, for her, he is her husband and she cannot insult him. She is suffering each moment for the betrayal he did. She has ill fate that her husband decorates bed and throws her in front of someone else and ties someone else’s thread on her wrist, where should she go and whom to complain. He silently wipes board ignoring her. She sits on stairs cries. Rangeela shows on board that Rangeela is a ghulam/servant. Shivani gets out of her sleep and realizes it was her dream.

Precap: Veer orders Shivani to shoot. She afraidly shoots gun and falls on sofa. Bhisma laughs.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Antara

    class on marriage wow nice thought waiting 4 rangeela 2 realise his feeling towards shivani poor girl

  2. What the hell veer want to do with shivani? And how can rangeela obeys every order of veer? Poor shivani tied up between sarkar and gulaam….i have read about the up coming of gulaam that shivani’s uncle comes to her sasural i mean veer’s house and coming to know about bitter truth of shivani marriage with rangeela.and asks rangeela y did he done such a big sin by giving shivani to veer and got insulted by sarkar which was witnessed by rangeela…….

  3. Hai frds….

  4. I love your serial b’coz i cant get your episode on the net to download.

  5. Hi friends. Good morning . I go with you chinni 100%correct. .

  6. Hi friends. Good morning . I go with you chinni 100%correct. .

  7. hi frs good morning…chinni i go with u ……..
    as per the story 1 jageer is 70 & straight forward … 2 manmeet is mental confussion stage
    3 veer is a angry ,,foolish … womenizer…… rangeela is slave but sensibleloyal to his master ….
    shi said hub tied [email protected] name thred and also decorates the bed fo some one … yes what a pity shivani1 .rangeela ‘s foster bro family will teach him about the value of family …. wife and hub relation ….and so on bcz he has been living in veer;s jungle house …. shivani ‘s teary eyes will surely tell him a love story……..

    i am the fan of param singh bcz of sadda haq asa mec engineer .. just like my son ….superintelligence

  8. after 9.31 pm i am watching hotstar only

  9. First Piya Rangrezz and now this, why does this channel keep romanticizing the idea of abusing women?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I also thought Ghulaam will be another Piya Rangrezz but that’s not the case, Piya Rangrezz main theme was crime and love story and love story between a Gunda and a simple girl. But Ghulaam is more of the slavery concept and also torture on women.
      I just hope Ghulaam doesn’t have a tragic end like Piya Rangrezz

      1. I hope this storyline becomes positive.

  10. hai frnds,,, can i join u r family??
    im fan of param singh. felt too bad 4 shivani. the ending part of episode was nice…nd precap is horrible


    awesome episode feeling bad for shivani

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Rangeela always have had a soft corner for Shivani. He is defending her. And despite Rangeela did bad to her she still considers him as her Husband and it also hurts her when veer treats him like a Ghulaam as Rangeela is Ghulaam of veer. Veer is funny sometimes in the mean way, and I hate his dad more ?
    I don’t understand why does this veer’s Mom or gulguli doesn’t do anything

  13. SidMin

    Feeling sad for Shivani…… Rangeela …… has some feelings for her ….. I am sure ….

  14. Hi guys I’m new to this page….I liked this serial …I liked the acting of param Singh n niti Taylor….two make a romantic Jodi ….excited to watch this serial in future ….bye

  15. Thank u br …

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