Ghulaam 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gulguli drags Shivani out of haveli, but stops seeing Veer. She pushes Shivani in front of him and provokes Veer to kill her and take revenge. Bhisma comes out and happily hugs Veer and says let us go in, later he can think what to do with Shivani. They all get in. Veer fumes seeing Rangeela and shouts why did he come here when he went without taking his permission. Rangeela tries to speak, but Jageer stops him and says Rangeela had come to meet Veeru, but Veer was heavily inebriated, so he did not let Rangeela in. Veer asks why did not Rangeela come to meet him in hospital. Jageer gets tensed. Manmeet enters and says Rangeela had come and pleaded like a kid to let him meet his maalik, but Jageer did not let him in. Jageer says he did right, why will he let a ghulaam.

Drama continues. Jageer provokes Veer against Shivani and Rangeela. Gulguli tells Veer how Shivani spent a night in Rangeela’s house under inebriation, danced, etc. Jageer starts his dirty trick again and asks Veer to kill Shivani. Gulguli also says she wants to see Shivani dead. Veer asks Rangeela to bring pipe. Rangeela brings thinking Shivani will be punished with peope. Veer says Shivani will demonstrate how she hugged him that night and then hit him with pipe. Gulguli asks what is he telling. Veer insists Shivani to hug him and then hit him with pipe.
Shivani starts crying.

Jageer continues provoking and brainwashing drama. Veer insists Shivani to hit him. Shivani cries and says she will hug Rangeela and demonstrated how she hugged him that night. Everyone shout. Veer shouts that baby doll has only Rangeela in her mind and considers him as her husband. Veer holds gun on Rangeela and warns Shivani to do as he says. She hugs him and cries. Veer pushes her and says he will punish her in front of everyone by making her hug him instead of killing her at once.

Precap: Jageer provokes Veer to kill Rangeela as he danced with Shivani/maalkin. Veer says nobody saw their dance, today Raneela will dance with Shivani and everyone will see.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This veer is more a gd actor ….
    ..and handsome than randhir……to b straight cut ………I like veer more than param…….by the way ………rangeela is real son of sarkar in ghulaam and shivani will fight for his rights………sarker had betrayed rangeela’s mother……so she is mental!!!!!

    Waiting to see veer’s reaction on learning
    the truth……that his ghulaam is his step-brother!!!!!

    1. Yeah u r right rangeela is a son of sarkar

    2. How did u know this??

      N if this is right thn can’t wai to watch veer’s reaction…

      N by the way who is randhir??

      Hlo my dear frndz

  2. Hi guys anu renu,,antra,,aanya,,richu,,sakshi,,karan,karina,joy,and,othersgood,morning,,,,,,
    Today veer,givesopen,confession….that he is pagal…mental,,,,,veermental bcz of shivani. Rangeela,maa,is mental bcz of jageer.
    The best family.
    Veer u blackmail shivani that meansif u won’t hug me I will killrangeela. This is not a life. ….rather than this u may die
    Yes u r pagal .jageer instead of shivNi asks maldawali to dance with rangeela
    U can check madawaliisfeeling rangeela. Or not. ..I think u r blood is boiling yes u r wife maldawali love rangeela more than u
    Sarkar asksgulguli to dance with any stranger…gulguli plz cute hug with u r servant. Sarkar and whlefamily become kushi. ….Veer is doing the same…..manamketta kudumbamda,,,,,,,,
    Nologic. Shivani. This is golden chance
    This foolish family give permission todance with u r pathi rangeela. ,,,,,,enjoy…..
    All the best for the party

    1. somewhere I read that you are a teacher, which subjects do you teach? I really want to know. Is English one of them?

  3. hey….. veer must be good but param is simply superb- no comparison between the two

  4. Hi alina randhir is cute young and energetic,mechanical. sadda haq serial here is rangeela dumi…we forst half of sadda haq is nice…very interesting mech basic more information ….its still in my mind…. I am watching this serial only for param
    Here param make up dull .only malik .malik. blinking. No smile. Most ofthe time kusha when he sees amma kutty hug negativoooooooonegative

  5. Unknown is there any problem,,,,,bcz,,,of,my, eye,,sight,,,,typing mistakes occurred. Small phone only,,,,,,,any.disturb no problem …I will stop and then from tomorrow onwards ….I have no time to watch and comment…..okok kushi. Bala santhosha agitha…..rombha santhoshama. …thx a lot. Unkown

    1. @BR mam please dont stop commenting..we all look forward to ur comments

    2. Omg! Kaise kaise log teacher ban jate hai 😀 😀 😀 i can’t stop laughing!! Aap ek teacher ho, teacher banne ke liye apne padhai kari hogi toh english toh obviously padha hi hoga. Aap hi batao, koi teacher hokar itni galti kaise kar sakta hai? Woh bhi itne saare comma (,) ke saath. And when I asked you you said that you have weak eyesigjt. This is a huge JOKE or I can say THIS IS JOKE OF THE YEAR. And if you have small phone, buy another phone. Mattlab faltu ki izzat pan liye apne aap ko kuchh bhi bata do, kuchh bhi 😀 😀 . Aur jab kuchh hota hai toh sympathy gain karne ke liye page chhorne ka dialouge maar do. Hadd hoti hai!

  6. Rd ,,
    Urs. Joy. ,,,,renu,,,,comments r really awesome I love to read comments.,, , very interesting, , analyzing is a art,,,, philo,from channai,,9thstdanother from6th,,,11th. College students. Dr ,,,,engineer,, working at bank housewives. Foreigner different backgrounds people wrote comments for ikrs really nice. Just like eating badam alwa. Enjoy and chew bit by bit just like that. Readingcomments. Plz RD ,,, karan, karina,, sakshi,,iam waiting for u r worthy comments….
    Richu how is u r father?……

    1. Karina

      Hello Br mam h r u ? im glad you consider my comments worth reading…thank u mam…
      The epi was full of drama…Veer is getting crazier day by day…I still think Shivani did wrong by comming back to Bherampur, she should have waited for Rangeela…now both her and Rangeela will suffer…Jageer is the worst of them all…even Maldawali has some good in her in some points…Gulguli and her husband are making me question their sanity with every episode that i watch…the only good characters are Manmeet and Rashmi…i cant wait for their story to begin…i think the CVs are dragging ShiRa love story to much…i wanna see some good scenes of ShiRa free from all the drama…i am watching this show for Param…he is an amazing actor…if it werent for him i honestly dont know if i would keep watching the show coz its to much drama for me…

      1. True they r dragging Shira story

    2. Hello br mam…hws u??…i m glad dat u always mention me in ur comments…

      Coming to episodes…now a days I m getting very much bored….i just read updates..nd if I find them intresting then only I watch episode….so I will not come to any conclusion..waiting for nxt..hope to get some logical episodes in future..fingers crossed…

  7. Nobody pulls other,s legs…we write just like debate,,, discussing commen topic is develop ur writing ,,,analyzing,,thinking,,,,skills,, ,when. U have time…u express u r thoughts about ne topic……..all the best children……

  8. Please br mam don’t do that please mam.y the way day y day cments r decresing here y gys.

  9. Hello all..last episode was full of veer..I agree he was hurt..his massive ego was crushed. Just like he asked Shivani ..what wrong I have done in considering u a wife after taking saat pheras with u..abd hugging u?..He must understand the same thing Shivani has been telling. What wrong has she done considering Rangy her hubby after taking pheras?
    Veer was emotional yesterday, not exactly the angry guy he is otherwise..He has the potential to change..if makers want..It would be good if he falls for Shivani, may be then can understand her plight..may be then he can let go of her for her happiness.
    Interesting change was Rangeela actually ‘thinking’ nd ‘worrying’ for Shivani and was hesitating to bring the rod to Veer.
    Shivani the stubborn girl..I like the little brave girl..she outright told that she will hug Rangy only to demonstrate the nights events..and Veer was like again brought down..
    It was a sort of Veer vs Shivani..Veer needs lots of such failures to rise as a person nd change his outlook..
    All three leads are now in same position as before Veer after Shivani, Shivani after Rangy, Rangy after Veer..There must be at least one mutual feeling preferably frm Rangeela..otherwise story wont move..he will forever remain ghulam

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