Ghulaam 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela with Balam and Shivani comes holding Balam’s daughter and says he brought Roshni/light. Sarkar takes baby in his hand and says he did injustice to girl childs till now and will promise that he will protect them hereon until he is alive. He says they will name this baby with whole family. Veer speaks to someone over phone and says he will not let anyone break Berahampur’s rituals. He thinks where did Maldawali and Shera go. Sarkar on the other side asks Gulguli to just follow him or she is free to do whatever she wants. Gulguli sits crying. Veer comes and consoles him and then points gun. Guguli is shocked. He says he has to kidnap her if he has to defeat sarkar. Gulguli says she gave him birth and this is what he is giving in return, she did wrong by not obeying her husband. Veer drags her away.

Sarkar gathers family and other village ladies and says he is naming Balam’s baby as Roshni. Shanti says let us call Gulguli ji. Sarkar says she must have escaped from Berahampur. Rangeela asks where is Gulguli ji. Veer enters and says amma is with him, he has kidnapped her, if they don’t give baby to burn her alive, he will kill amma. Sarkar says he will save this baby and even get back Gulguli. Rangeela asks proof. Veer shows video in which Gulguli is tied to a chair and goon points gun at her. Rangeela gives baby to Veer and says he accepts defeat. Sarkar say he will not though. Manju pleads Veer to kill her, but spare her baby. Rangeela leaves.

Rangeela enters Veer’s den and saves Gulguli. Gulguli asks how does he know Veer kept her here. Rangeela says he saw Shivji’s sketch on wall behind and came here, Veer forgot that he was Veer’s Ghulam for ages and sketched Shivji. He says let us go and save a baby girl from Veer soon.

Veer laughs at Sarkar that Rangeela escaped and left him alone. He snatches baby again from Sarkar. Gulguli comes with Maldawali and pointing gun on him warn to return baby, else she will shoot him. Maldawali says Veer insulted her and forgot she is his babhi. Jageer shouts Veer is worst than an animal and backs Maldawali. Gulguli shoots Veer. Sarkar says he will kill Veer. Rangeela says let Berahampur women finish him. Rashmi, Shivani followed by others shoot him and throw him in a grave he dug for baby. Veer pleads Gulguli that he is her son. Shivani asks Pannawalil to throw mud on Veer first as he buried her daughter alive. She does followed by other women and Veer gets buried alive. Gulguli cries emotionally.

Gulguli emotionally hugs Sarkar and apologizes him for disobeying him. Rangeela and Shivani touch her feet and take her blessings. Maldawali holds baby and says she took baby from Balam and Manju and baby is her and Jageer’s daughter rnow, she will brighten Berahampur’s future. Family gets emotional. After 7 years, Roshni cycles home from school and greets a passerby man. Man asks if she is coming from school and blesses her to brighten Berahampur’s name. Roshni looks at Berahampur’s signboard and makes it Rahampur/mercy village.

The show ending with Rangeela changing Berhampur’s future for good.

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