Ghulaam 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shanti Plays A Prank on Gulguli

Ghulaam 1st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gulguli tells Sarkar that their’s blood is always loyal to them, Veer proved it by saving him. She says good Rangeela’s true colors out on time, suggests him to not let jal abhishek by Rangeela and let Jageer do it and give him elder son’s rights. Sarkar asks why she is so much concerned about Jageer today. Gulguli says she is Jageer’s mother and is worried about him. Sarkar smiles and leaves.

Shamsher’s wife Sanyukta hugs Shivani and thanks god that Shviani is safe. Shivani emotionally says that only Rangeela is concerned about her and nobody else. She requests her to take care of Rangeela if she something happens to her as Rangeela does not have anyone. Sanyukta says her condition was similar when she was kidnapped 20 years ago and got forcefully married to Shamsher. She got

pregnant and luckily Shamsher’s posting was in Delhi. She delivered a baby girl and fearing Shamsher would kill baby, she called her cousin brother and gave her daughter to him and asked to take care of her girl and never meet her again. Shivani asks where is her brother now. Sanyukta picks mamaji’s photo and is about to show it to Shivani when Shamsher enters and asks her to serve food, seeing her crying says why she is remembering her daughter, good someone kidnapped her, else he would have killed her. Sanyukta cries hugging Shivani.

Sarkar gets Jageer inebriated. Jageer says he is surprised that he did not let him near him, but now serving alcohol, he knows he will let him do jal abhishek. Sarkar asks how does he know. Jageer says he is elder son, so it is obvious. Sarkar serves him more liquor.

Shanti enters Gulguli’s room silently and seeing her sleeping lights paper under her fingers and hides under bed. Gulguli wakes up and shouts who is it, she walks out shouting. Shanti silently closes room. Gulguli opens door and falls down. Shanti silently walks out. Gulguli opens door forcefully and tries to slap. Sarkar enters and scolds how dare she is to hit him. She yells Shanti tried to burn her with burning paper. Veer enters and he also yells. Sarkar calls Rangeela to bring Shanti. He asks Gulguli to keep her hand on his head and take oath that she did not try to harm Shanti. Gulguli does not. He angrily tires to slap her. Veer warns to dare not to hit his amma. Sarkar says he is respecting woman, so he will not slap Gulguli. He then slaps Jageer and reminisces how he with amma and Veer planned against Rangeela and his amma. He slaps Jageer again and says just half a bottle did its trick and he expelled everything. He warns Gulguli and her sons to stay away from Rangeela and Shanti.

Precap: Manmeet brings Rashmi’s parents home. Rashmi runs and hugs them. Veer tries to remove Rashmi’s father’s clothes and challenges him for a wrestling match. Maldawali gives him langot/Indian underwear. Rangeela asks Sarkar is he wants to change Berahampur for good or not.

Update Credit to: MA

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