Ghulaam 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jageer tries to provoke Bhisma that he kicked out Rangeela sometime ago and now is backing off his decision, what will Berahampur people say. Bhisma says being a coward, he should be thankful to Rangeela, if he had not saved him, he would have pissed in pants. He is a born with a woman soul and should have some courage at least. Maldawali smirks hears this. Jageer says like father, like son, if he was not his son, then he would have been someone else. Bhisma shouts. Gulguli warns to shut his mouth. Jageer says she got angry with one word, but she did not tell anything to Sarkar. Rangeela says he does not want any problem because of him, so he will go if he permits. Rangeela says he will stay here, last time he left because of Shivani, now he should stay back and serve Veer after he comes back from hospital. This is his final decision and whoever will oppose can leave Berahampur. Rangeela thinks he has to send Shivani somewhere else before Veer comes here and investigates about her.

Shivani lying on bed reminisces Rangeela taking her side. She gets up and sees mamaji sound asleep. She then sees Rangeela’s wallet on floor,picks it and finds her anklet in it, thinks how did Rangeela get it. Rangeela enters and asks if she did not sleep yet. She nods no and looks at her anklet. Rangeela asks to return anklet. She returns. He tells her about temple incident, how a girl prayed next to him in temple, etc… Shivani reminisces the incident and smiles. Rangeela says whenever he will find that girl, he will return that anklet. Shivani thanks god that his magic is unique, but she and Rangeela cannot stay together.

Jageer fumes in front of Gulguli that sarkar cannot insult him repeatedly like this, he is scolding himself indirectly. Gulguli says women don’t have any power in Berahampur and she cannot go against sarkar. Jageer says Rangeela is the reason for this problem, what if he gets him out of way. This is the only way to show his power in front of Sarkar. Gulguli gives him Sarkar’s gifted gun and asks to show his magic.

Maldawali dances on Tune maari entriyan to…song.. happily and murmurs looks like time stopped as Rangeela stopped back in Berahampur. Rangeela comes and says he came to return her gun, she dances well. She pulls him towards her and gets intimate. She starts dancing and he dance with her. She realizes it is her imagination when Jageer comes and switches off music. Jageer says she can dance till he kills Rangeela. He plays back music and dances around her.

Mamaji prays god in the morning. Shivani keeping her legs in warm water thinks Rangeela’s words. Rangeela enters and says they have to leave Berahampur right now. Mamaji asks if they came to know that Shivani is alive. He says until he is alive, nothing will happen to them. Shivani says she knows. Rangeela says he will wait for them in car.

Rangeela takes Shivani and mamaji in car till Berahampur’s border and gets them into Balam’s jeep. He asks them to go from here forever. He tells Shivani that she killed Ghulam and relived Rangeela forever, he frees her forever. Shivani says she will go only if he goes with her. Rangeela says forcefully gets her into jeep and says he brought her to Berahampur and is sending her away. Shivani says she will wait for him whole life.

Precap: Jageer over phone tells someone that Veer will come home in some days, Rangeela should be killed before that. Maldwali hears his conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi good morning guys. Mamaji chapter close maldawali chapter may be closed….shivaniis waiting for him ….reangeela is serving his malik veer….over

  2. Shivani is always crying baby….rashmi and manmeet may be unite…..

    1. Renuverma

      Hello br mam. Have u registered in tellyupdates.

  3. Thanks for update MA.

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Okay finally the track is better now so finally Rangeela freed Shivani n Mamaji from behrampur ? I think maldawali will save Rangeela and i have a feeling maldawali will turn into a positive character too. This track is not bad ?

  5. Without Shivani show will bore..hope she reunites with Rangeela in his house

  6. Ur right br whts about veer?nd nowadays y r so less coment here.

  7. Maybe Rangeela will follow Shivani once he finds out she is his mystery girl.

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