Ghulaam 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bheema Scolds Gulguli

Ghulaam 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela asks STS officer Sonu to return back to Delhi as Veer has identified him and realized he is not a decorator. Sonu gets adamant. Manmeet says many officers could not harm Veer. Rashmi says when we are all telling, he should agree, she lost already Raghav and does not want to lose another officer. Sonu points gun at them and warns not to stop him. Manmeet catches him and snatches gun. Rangeela sniffs him chloroform and he collapses. They hide him under bed. Veer enters searching him. Rangeela says he went back to Delhi. Veer say he was STS officer. Rangeela laughs more and says he was just a decorator. Veer calls his goons and orders to check all Delhi buses and catch decorator.

Sarkar scolds Gulguli and asks her to inform Veer to apologize Rashmi’s parents, else he will kick him out. Gulguli says between father and son’s fight, she is suffering. Sarkar warns he will kick her out then. Rangeela passes by and requests Sarkar not to scold Gulguli as she is afraid now and to handle situation like an elder. Sarkar says he will punish Veer. Rangeela says he should not punish him either. Sarkar calms down. Gulguli says she will inform Veer that his father forgave him again. Rangeela continues calming Sarkar.

Jageer gets ready to go out of station for work. Maldawali pleads not to go. He says he cannot stay here and burn his blood, he ordered her kill Rangeela, but her love did not let her kill him. Maldawali says she tried to kill him, but Shivani rescued him. He asks her to finished her unfinished job at least when he is away and leaves. Maldawali panics. Rangeela enters with Shivani and locks door. He keeps gun on table and says she wanted to kill him when he is asleep, now she can kill him when he is awake. She gets nervous. Shivani asks why she wanted to kill her. Maldawali says out of jealousy. Rangeela says it is her lust that she was behind him and not love. Maldawali says it is love. Rangeela convinces her that it was lust. Their drama continues. Shivani asks Rangeela what now. He says his death.

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