Ghulaam 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela kills Raghav’s friends and disarms him. Veer pulls Rashmi towards him and says Rangeela is equal to 1500 men, now he should fight with Rangeela and take back Rashmi. Rangeela throws his gun. Raghav starts beating Rangeela. Rangeela laughs and runs, jumps on wall and punches Raghav. Raghav falls down injured. Rangeela boasts that his commondo training will not work on him, drags and throws Raghav in front of Bhishma and tells him that his servant brought his enemy, now he can decide what to do to his enemy. Veer kicks Raghav. Rashmi pleads to spare Raghav. Bhisma says if she agrees for marriage, he will spare Raghav and orders to go in.

Raghav sitting in bath tub reminisces how he killed Raghav and his friends. He gets out of bath tub and calls Rangeela. Rangeela enters. Veer orders him to drop water on him and says he did commondo’s shraad. Rangeela asks what did he do. Veer says he gave Berahampur’s responsibility to him, how could commondo enter. He throws noose in Rangeela’s neck and pulls him on his feet. Rangeela apologizes. Veer says he considered him as brother and not ghulam/servant. Rangeela says he bought him up and gave him food, he does not know how he could miss. Veer says he was inebriated with bhang, from today he will have only one god, either him or shivji. Rangeela says he is his god from today. Veer eas choc and gives his bitten one. Rangeela eats. Ek ghulaam hai…song..plays in the background.

In the morning, Rangeela reminisces Veer’s words that he will consider only him as god. He then goes into flashback where in his childhood Veer enjoys icecream and Rangeela looks at him. Bhisma asks Veer to give some icecream to his ghulaam. Veer gives him last bit of ice cream. Out of flashback, a boy asks him where is his choc. He gives 100 rs to boy.

Rashmi is brought in bridal’s attire for marriag. She thinks she agreed for marriage to save Raghav, soon she will escape from here. Veer’s mother asks tatoo artist to inscribe name on Rashmi’s hand. Rashmi resists. Veer calls an drunkard in groom’s attire and says he will marry Rashmi as Rashmi insulted him by calling her boyfriend and killing his men, he does not like to even spit on her face, forget marriage. Rashmi spits on his face. Rangeela tries to slap Rashmi, but Veer stops him and pushes Rashmi on floor. He then gets burning coal and stuffs it in Rashmi’s mouth.

Next day, Bhisma and Veer watch wrestling match and enjoy. Minister calls Bhisma and informs him that he is saved this time and tells commondo made mistake by not informing STF and installing jammers to hide his location. Rangeela reminisces burning commondo jeep. Bhisma asks what he needs. Minister tells 40 shooters. Bhisma says he was in jail. Minister says he is shifted into hospital now. Bhisma orders Rangeela to go to Delhi and handle minister.

A girl/heroine in Delhi tries to cross road and panics. She clashes with Rangeela’s bike and he asks if she wants to die. She says she wans to cross road. He crosses her road and leaves in underpass. Girl panics again and runs out. Rangeela passes on his bike again and asks what happened now. She says she wants to take medicine to the opposite lane. A few goons see them and start misbehaving. Rangeela asks them to let the girl go. They start fighting. Rangeela beats them. Girl runs and clashes with kulfi vendor. Kulfis fall down. Vendor scolds her and asks to give 1000 rs. She gives 200 rs and says she does not have money, she is waiting outside hospital since 2 days and does not have money to stay in a hotel. Rangeela silently hears their conversation. Vendor insists to give 1000 rs. Rangeela says he has to give 2000 rs fine first as he is selling dirty water kulfi outside hospital. Vendor asks to give 200 rs itself. Rangeela says he should pay fine first. Vendor runs from there. Rangeela tries to speak to girl, but she runs again.

Precap: Rangeela sees girl and thinks he has to fool her for food. Girl thinks this man is very dangerous, he is stuffing food in his tummy, she will inform her uncle and aunt.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Manu24

    the only fact that is disturbing me is that.. they have shown the girl to be extremely dumb..
    village girls are not like that.. they don’t cry on each and every thing..

  2. I love this show already! why doesnt anybody else watch this??? its toooo good!

    1. I watch it and I really love it. It is a very creative idea. I know that.maby fond the show very ruthless and very cruel to women but sadly it is a fact of how villages actually kidnap girls and forcefully get them married to their village boys. It is a very daring risk. So the show is a fact that there are villages that do this. I enjoy the show because I look at it from a story and from a story it is different and brilliant. Ignoring torturing scenes but this is what villages do. Some villages. But overall it is a good show. A very daring attempt. And foward scenes look interesting. I request people to see it like a drama. As this is based on true events.

      1. I mean many find

    2. Hey I’m also watching it. BTW… Who really is the male lead here, Veer or Rangeela? This serial is one crazy ride but I’m staying on. I like village stories, they are different, rustic and unglamorous, I’m tired of the glitz and glamour where characters so love to beautify themselves, the sleep in make up too.

      1. Rangeela is the main lead

  3. I m in love with the show already…param our very own randhir of shq… is really cute

    Hi deepti and manu24
    Did u guys watched shq

  4. I love this show only b/c param singh and neethi taylor are the main actors in it love it 🙂 <3

  5. I love this show only b/c param singh and neethi taylor are the main actors in it love it 🙂 <3 **am i the only one who thinks that show this show reminds me of begusarai

  6. Richu

    Yesterday someone had said that this show is showing no importance of girls….

    May be…..

    But I guess the start is like that and ghulaam…my rangeela might change the rules of berahampur going against his boss…..

    Kushagra saku happy that u are cmemting here…
    Wish to see more of param!!?
    And my sweet sh family also

  7. SidMin

    Loved it ?????????
    Param rocked the episode
    He looked so hot ??

  8. good morning freands…………
    wow rangila is very handsome
    but i hate gulam ……………………………

  9. Loving this show…. At the starting of yesterday’s episode, when Veer slapped Rangeela aka Param and treated him so badly, I was sooo angry… Bt watching param and Niti’s scenes afterwards… I felt really good…. Looking eagerly forward to today’s episode… It’s gonna be sooo good

  10. Wow really amazing episode good going??????????

  11. Sana, thank you for the info, much appreciated.

  12. Oh…….right, that explains the title of the serial, how remiss of me….. It’s Rangeela who is the lead, he’s the servant. He’s not familiar to me, Sana so that’s why I asked, thanks again.

    1. yeah it’s ok…anytime ;D

  13. i am a speechless acting of both the leads is just perfect
    param sir rock at every emotion

  14. Angelk1

    Love the eps today, rangeela won my heart. I hope he helps that girl an her fiance soon

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