Ghulaam 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Maldawali Frames Rangeela

Ghulaam 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maldawali reminisces taking RM ring from jeweler’s employee and asking him to inform jeweler to prepare one more ring and forget this ring. She continues alleging Rangeela. Rangeela asks Sarkar to call Sanyukta and asks her if Maldawali did not get flowers for Shivani. Maldawali cries that she bought flowers from temple for both her and Shivani, she did not get unwell, then how can Shivani get unwell. Jageer shouts he will kill Rangeela for touching his wife. Gulguli yells Rangeela should be insulted and his engagement with Shivani should be broken. Sarkar tells Rangeela that he is alleged strongly and should prove himself innocent by evening.

Veer tells Jageer and Gulguli that he is waiting for the evening when he can kick Rangeela out. Maldawali says he eyed on our bahu and should be punished vigorously.

Rangeela calls Shivani and explains her whole situation. She asks how will he prove himself innocent. He explains her whole plan. He then informs Manmeet and Rashmi’s father also his plan and asks Rashmi’s father to draw Maldawali’s painting from camera fitted frame in the hall.

Maldawali ‘s inner voice tells her that she proved Rangeela wrong in front of everyone and did wrong, now he will hate her. Shivani calls her and cries that Rangeela broke up with her and told he will return to Maldawali. Maldawali says she is lying. Shivani says he is getting Maldawali’s painting to prove his love for her. Maldawali hears Ragneela and Rashmi’s father speaking in living room and walks out. She gets happy that Shivani’s words are right and Rangeela is preparing her painting. Rashmi’s father goes for a break. Rangeela loudly says Maldawali does not know how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Maldawali comes and asks to express his love openly, she was waiting for this moment since 2 years as her husband is impotent. She says they can leave Berahampur and live somewhere happily. Rashmi’s father comes and she rushes away.

At night, Veer and others wait for Rangeela. Gulguli says he must have run away. Rangeela comes holding painting. Gulguli thinks it is her pic. Rangeela shows Shivani’s pic and shows Maldawali’s confession video. Maldawali shouts he betrayed her. He says he did to expose her truth and says he had fixed camera in painting frame.

Precap: Rashmi’s dad tells Rangeela that they got lots of factory clips and gives chip to Rngeela. Veer tells Gulguli that Rashmi’s father must have captured many videos from painting frame, wait and watch what he will do with Rashmi’s father. They both walk towards Rashmi’s father’s room.

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