Ghulaam 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 13th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela’s amma gives her oath and asks Rangeela to tell if he married. Rangeela gives her 100 rs and asks if she will have ice cream. Amma takes money and runs. Mamaji scolds Rangeela that he took Shivani’s life and now even Bhola parrot, he should have let bhola at least with Shivani. Rangeela says Bhola would not have survived between guns and bullets in haveli, so he brought him here. Bhola says he wants to go back to Shivani didi. Rangeela shouts he will stay here.

Rangeela goes to haveli and tells Bhisma and Veer that badi malkin/Gulguli wants a big tank in wrestling ground and wants to fill it with colors for holi. Veer asks Rangeela to get some book from his room, he will tell which colors to add in tank. Rangeela goes into haveli and sees Gulguli angrily walking towards Shviani’s room yelling she will give her electrical current if she is seen sleeping. He rushes from backdoor and seeing Shivani sleeping on chair imagines Gulguli giving her electric shock. He hurriedly wakes her up. She gets up and slips and he holds her. He then says Veer asked to get a book. Gulguli enters and scolds what is he doing here. He says Veer sent to get a book. Gulguli orders him to go and then scolds Shivani to not let anyone in when Veer is not at home. She orders that she has to do bholenath’s aarti every afternoon to pray for the baby.

Rangeela gets white kurta for mamaji as holi gift. Mamaji throws it angrily. Amma comes and laughs that even she tore her dress. Rangeela gets emotionally and cries hugging her. Mamaji sees his emotional form, picks kurta and signals he will wear it.

Shivani walks with aarti when Veer enters and asks to do his aarti. She says it is for bholenath. He insists that paati is more than parmeshwar/god and she should do his aarti. She says she will not compromise when it is a question of god and if this dog/Atom has to bite her and it is bholenath’s wish, then it will bite. She leaves and Veer fumes in anger. Shivani walks towards temple with Maldawali and Rashmi. Maldwali taunts Rashmi if she wants to pray bholenath to stop Manmeet from consuming drugs and stop beating her. She taunts Shivani if she wants to pray for her husband.

Veer angrily orders Atom to bite and kill and kill Shivani, he will see if Bholenath will save her or not. He loosens chain and Atom runs towards Shivani and is about to bite when Rangeela bears his attack. Atom bites Rangeela. Rangeela asks Shivani to run. Shivani reminisces taking oath to protect each other, walks towards Rangeela and throws kumkum on Atom. Atom runs. Shivani then ties her dupata to Rangeela’s wound and says she cannot see him in pain, what she should do now.

Precap: Veer orders Rangeela to tweak his wrestling skills tonight, tomorrow he will fight in wrestling ground. Next day, Veer throws Rangeela in air repeatedly. Shivani gets worried for Rangeela.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. It was nice to see that mama ji is starting to see Rangeela’s many layers…he finally saw Rangeela as someone different…and for the first time, we saw a different shade of Rangeela;
    the way he interacted with the parrot and the fact that he was so happy when mama ji accepted the Kurta…it meant a lot to him

    True, Rangeela has done a LOT of bad things due to the instructions of Veer’s family…but if you notice: whenever Rangeela had a choice of his own, he has done the right thing- even if it means he’ll get in trouble.

    Also, he saved Shivani two times today (three- if you count the time he held her when she slipped)
    The first time he saved her, it was totally his choice. Shivani is a bahu of Behrampur- and whatever punishment she gets; whatever Gulguli does to her, should be none of his business honestly. He saved her because he genuinely didn’t want her to get in trouble

    When he saved her from the dog, he was helping her cause she’s his ‘malik’…but when she started getting closer- he was scared- not for himself, but for her safety. If he really considered her as JUST a malik, he wouldn’t have reacted when they got closer- he would have been focusing on the dog.
    Besides, Rangeela is pretty smart: he MUST have known that Atom had been sent there, cause Atom was on a leash the last time Rangeela saw him, and why would Atom chase after ONLY Shivani unless he was given orders…but DESPITE all this- Rangeela still chose to save her.

    For all Shiveer fans out there, they might be a potential jodi…but honestly, Veer is NOT the one for Shivani…he has tried to torture her, insulted her, been rude to her, sent his dog after her, tried to KILL her, etc.
    And we would be dumb to support them just because they have got ‘chemistry’…(just my opinion :D)

    Anyone who read all of the above, thnx…hehe…it was just an analysis of Rangeela’s character…

    1. Yr I know but shiveer ki chemistry Bhut mst h n mje veer bhut acha lgta h
      N there r other points also like
      Veer cruel h I agree but koi yh ni sochta ki uski upbringing hi ese hui h ki use sb bhut easily mil gya isilie use kisi chiz ki value ni h lekin kbhi notice kia h woh apni maa se bhut pyar krta h Shivani ko usne sirf apni maa ki qsm ki wjh se chd rkha h
      N scnd Shivani is legally married to veer
      N rangleea is gud but still Shivani ke sath unki chemistry mn woh baat ni h
      Veer bs thoda cruel h lekin dil usmn b h
      Aur veer ke wjh se hi show mn jaan h

    2. Hey, are you the same person who sometimes analyses SSEL? Your name there is kriyam rocks, right? I love your analyses…plz do comment more

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Best comment I read so far on Ghulaam, well done Ghulaam fan
      Yeah shivani-veer have the chemistry I agree
      And everyone knows in the end it will be shivani-rangeela paired at the end of the day,
      Ofc I like ShiRa more than ShiVeer, what I like about shiveer is the chemistry and also the oposite things, but yeah veer is too cruel -_- he is so dumb but funny lol
      Yes the mamaji-rangeela and rangeela and his mom scene was quite emotional

    4. Thanks RANdom fAN Creationz ?
      It means a lot??

  2. Great analysis ghulam fan?☝??

    1. Thanks??

  3. Hi br mam n all dear freinds

  4. ⛤ Rangeela knew that he cant lie to his mother about his marriage with shivani n so he cunningly gave her money for icecream to avoid the situation ??
    ✡ gulguli getting angry on seeing shivani alweoing n giving her electric ahock☹☹??. Luckily it came oit to be rangwwla dream n he again saved shivani from gulgulis wrath .?? n woke her up before gulguli came.
    ✡on seeing ranheela in shivani room gulguli gave her instructions to not allow any male inside in veers absence?? .wonder what wud bw her reaction when she comes to know that shovani considers him as her pati ??
    ✡ mamaji threw new clothes brought by rangeela as he was angry with him n thought him as stone hearted but on seeing him emotional with his mother mamaji accepted the new kurta ✌
    ✡ it was indeed funny to see veer telling shovani that he beingher pati shud be goven more importance than god n his arti shud be taken??. Shivani was bold enough to contadict veers statement n telling him that god has highest place in her mind??
    ✡ It is a shame that for his ego veer is ising a dog n that too on his onnocent wife.????
    ✡ ATOM dog running after shivani qas ?? Rangeela again saved her pooja thali from dropping down n her from dogs attack?? but was real disturbing to see rangeela being attacked by dog in bid to save shivani.
    Shivani has again succeeded in her pati dharm n she was able to scare dog by throwing gulal??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes renu dii today rangeela-shivani scenes were bang on and superb

  5. Yeah…rangeela is bst for shivani…they look adorable…I min their relationship atleast have respect and care towards each other

  6. Good morning rangeelas.gys shivani can do anything for rangeela.mama ji ko bhi rangeela se sympthy hone lagi hai.story bhut slow hai m getting bore bt i don’t wona left it.gys u don’t think so khuch blast jesa ho i want sm masala in serial.

  7. renu good morning ……very good morning for other guys also

  8. gulam fan and renu were gave me a very good feast for holi
    what awonderful analisysis!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love to read sariyana potti


    amma u does not know any thing what can do … i am here for u dont worry.. rangeela tears

    mama poor thamaji he has to care mom … aswell obey malik order understating

    again accept that new dress and i will wear it .. with sign …..super

  10. to day only maldawali did good work..she burut some bad thoughts in holi fire ……..

    when shivani wnted to save rangeela from the dog .rashmi not allowed she hold her hand…..but maldawali sign rashmi not to stop shivani…….

    2 gulguli ordered shiv not to allow any one when veer was not in the room………

    meaningful matter.plz ANSWR FOR THE QUESTIONS 1 WHO SAID TO WHOM?

  11. when and where ever she was in trouble…our hero only helps her

    that is hero.. in poor;s life if fight b/w stomach and the mind first stomach only wins .. and then slowly mind telling the right things……….. some times may win . .. mostly money wins panam pathum seiyum

  12. shivani felt that ayo my hub was suffering from but couldnot able to do that is sensible…….very nice when rangeelanearer to her he loves a lot but if some one notice she will be punished …. that is why …….he control his self
    every one has done their part welll
    but director sir donot show too much of negativity …if u show now only 7to 25 comments some times 45 rare i will less

  13. sorry it will less

  14. I always admired ranveer bcoz they have some sort of magical bond 1-if veer is at fault then rangeela is also wrong bcoz rangeela does what his malik orders him and veer is obeying what sarkaar has taught him if rangeela need to stand for himself then veer also need to stand for himself
    2- shivani plz baar baar yeh mat kehna ki rangeela is your husband especially not in front of veer bcoz ranveer ka bonding effect ho rahi hai
    3-if you guys can see +ve side of rangeela why can’t you see+ve side of veer ..did you observe veer in tears when he had to punish rangeela he was controlling his tears
    4-veer loves his family he never had a bad eye on maldawali or Delhi wali veer is not a disgusting but he choose a wrong values to follow
    5-manmeet doesn’t know what he is doing but being in drugged state he took a stand for rashmi saying my wife was punished so I will punish gulguli but veer couldn’t see that he punished manmeet
    6-when manmeet was consuming drug’s veer stopped him bcoz he has human values
    7-when veer broke the door and said he would do his suhaag RAATH in open jignesh (badaa betaaa of sarkaar) he covered the room doors bcoz he has some values he is against rangeela bcoz he knew maldawali has a crush in rangeela he is insecure about that
    8-even maldawali also saved rashmi from getting punished by manmeet
    9-when veer asked rangeela to imitate his mum veer saw the crying face of rangeela and stopped the music
    My point of view is choudary gharwale buraa nahi hai they need to change them self a bit or more in some aspects

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      i completely agree with u shobha even veer have done good things and also have some positive characteristics, that’s why I love his character a lot overall, even though he is dumb and stupid at times but that makes him so cute sometimes, but at one or two cases he is annoying 😛 and even I love ranveer. Actually I love veer and maldawali’s character the most here even more than shira’s characters as these two characters arent completely positive or negative, it’s just because of situations they r like that, veer cause of the way he was brought up (this portrays why parents are to be blamed or praised for their children’s value) and maldawali as by staying at this place her mentality changed even she has done good stuffs (like not telling anyone it is actually jageer cause of which they cant have children and also saved rashmi when manmeet was gonna beat her) and I think manmeet will become positive first, maldawali and veer will take time, manmeet cause his only reason is drugs and i think rashmi will stop him, since she knows that manmeet was a diff personality once. The reason why I love this show, because for the first time I saw that not all characters are completely bad they are portrayed as if they are entirely bad but at parts they have done good and benefit for others
      and also not to forget to mention when veer surprised rangeela when he was a kid by bringing his mom back, even sarkar and gulguli also have some positive traces like sarkar saved rangeela when he was a kid, and gulguli tries to manage situation at times for shivani and her bahus instead of making it worse.
      It’s just cause of the place and their 21 years thingy, and only Rangeela can change this but he has to be really wise and smart in this
      If they reduced the unrealistic aspect and the too much negativity aspect in this show as today’s generation its unacceptable, this show would have done wonders
      but overall i m still liking this show and hooked to it, but the too much negativity makes me wonder if i should continue watching it at times

  15. Anamika i aegre with u dear i also like veer shivangi’s esa khuch nhi ho skta.i also like rang m confuse.

    1. What do u mean by ni ho skta?
      Shiveer ?
      Of course ho skta h do u know Niti aur vikkas gye the promotion ke lie y not param
      N jb Shivani legally married h veer se toh woh kya sochti h ise koi frq ni pdta kuki phere uske veer se b hue h bs woh Abhi negative h lekin negative se positive mn aane mn time ni lgta
      N ek bhut imp baat do u really think ki veer ke zinda rehte rangeela shivani ka couple possible h?
      Aur veer ko maar b ni skte coz show mn jaan usi ki wjh se h

  16. Totally agree wid u #Anamika but I don’t like shivani yaar,actuaactually the my point is niti is not suitable for this role becoz this role needs an strong personality actress who portrays this role who can feel shivani’ s pain n audience ko feel krwa sake but she failed to portray shivani’s pain

    1. Yrr this we cant chnge so we have to accept Niti as shivani
      But mje prblm h ki hr jgh har koi shira ko promote kr rha h aur shiveer ko ignore

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