GHKKPM 26th October Analysis: Pakhi insults Sai again

The episode starts with Panditji asking Bhavani who will do the Pooja. Bhavani replies Virat and his wife will do the uttararti today. Vaishali asks Pakhi what is happening? She and Samrat were the ones to install the idol of Bappa then they should be the ones to do the uttaaraarti too. Pakhi replies that it’s Sai’s habit to steal all her rights. She had to be discharged today so she could steal her right to do Pooja also. Vaishali replies that the Chavans are not doing right by you. Pakhi replies that to get my right now I will have to do something. She brings a chair and asks Sai to sit and do Aarti since she got discharged today, she would be feeling discomfort to stand for so long.

Shivani tells Mohit that something is wrong, Pakhi is making some plan because she would never care for Sai so much. Mohit replies yes you are right, even I think she is planning something because Pakhi vahini would never think good for Sai vahini without any reason.

Sai says that I won’t sit, I can stand for so long. Since everyone is standing for the aarti, how can I sit, it will be insulting to everyone and to the Aarti also. Vaishali comes forward and says that instead of thinking so much you should just let Pakhi and Samrat do the Pooja. She says that Sai’s health is fragile so she shouldn’t do so much exertion. Bhavani comes forward and says that I understand why you’re saying this, you’re a mother so you want your daughter to get the most importance but this is our family’s matter and we will decide who does the Aarti. Pakhi repeats parivar ka maamala. Ashwini says that due to Bappa’s blessings only Sai has defeated death and won life that’s why she needs to do the pooja to thank Bappa. Samrat says maami is right, you don’t worry, everyone is equal in this house who does the Aarti or who doesn’t, it doesn’t show anyone’s importance. Omkar tells Sonali everyone is not equal in this house. One person is insulted to make others feel important always. He tells Mohit to remove the chair. Panditji says let’s start pooja. He asks Sai to keep her hand in her husband’s, he puts some offerings in their hand, Pakhi is jealous seeing that. Panditji says to close eyes and begin pooja.

Everyone dances and sings and brings Bappa our. Virat sets down the idol. Ninad tells Virat that before the visarjan if he wants to ask Bappa for something he should whisper it in Bappa’s ear, same for everyone else too. Omkar interrupts and tells Virat that Bappa is god of brains so don’t forget to ask Bappa to give some brain to Sai also, Sai replies you’re correct Omi kaka I am going to be a doctor so I need brains, she tells Virat to ask it. Everyone smiles except Omkar, Sonali and Pakhi.

Virat nods and goes to say to Bappa that i don’t want anything, just give to Sai what she wants, you know what’s in her heart, if her happiness is in going away from me, let her go away but don’t let any harm come to her please. Pakhi feels jealous, Vaishali shakes their head at her. Sai says Bappa fulfil all wishes of Virat sir, keep Virat sir happy always, because of him I got such a big family, an amazing aai, if it’s his happiness in going away from me, fulfil his this wish also. Pakhi prays to make Virat realise that he and Sai don’t have anything in common and he has made a very big mistake in choosing Sai. Samrat says Bappa I have decided to give a second chance to my marriage, don’t let it prove wrong. If not for me, then for my family, please make this marriage successful. Pakhi looks on.  Everybody joins hands and chant Ganapati Bappa moreya and Virat submerges the idol in the water.

The Brahmins are sitting for food. Pakhi brings the Prasad and Bhavani asks her to give the plate to her. She says why badi mami, Bhavani stares and she gives it to her. Bhavani calls Sai beta come here, it’s this house’s rule that all daughters in law make the Prasad together, but since today you couldn’t help in making the food, it’s your duty to serve the Prasad. Pakhi and Vaishali are shocked. Sai says ji kaku and served to the Brahmins while they bless her. Everyone looks on smiling, Sonali blows on her hands in pain.

Pakhi gets angry and tries to go  inside, Vaishali stops her. She says I can understand what you must be feeling, you and all the other ladies of the house did so much effort to make the prasad but now when it came to take the blessings of the pandits, Bhavani ji made Sai go forward. Pakhi says you don’t know this aai, but these days everyone is mad for Sai only. I don’t understand who is the older bahu of this house, me or Sai? She further says that I understand that Sai only gets this love and respect because she is Virat’s wife. But now Ashwini mami has made the announcement that Sai and Virat will stay in separate rooms from now on. I don’t know till when this will go on. Vaishali asks but how can a husband and wife stay in different rooms despite staying in the same house. Pakhi replies they can stay aai, if there is no husband-wife relation between them.

Virat comes out of the shower and looks in the mirror to set his hair. He looks up and sees Sai behind him. He gets happy then closes his eyes. Sai disappears when he reopens his eyes. He says I am missing Sai so much that I am seeing her everywhere. He sighs and gets irritated with himself, says stop dreaming, Sai is not here. He throws his towel on the bed. He sits on the sofa and picks up his book. He looks up and sees Sai’s reflection in the cupboard glass. He looks behind and Sai says hi. He says what is happening to me, Virat focus, focus what are you doing? He gets up and goes to sit on the other chair. Sai looks up confused. Virat thinks stop dreaming with open eyes Virat. Your brain is playing tricks on you. You should fool your brain it is all your misunderstanding. Sai comes in front of him and says Virat Sir. Virat closes his book and say what is happening. I am controlling so much but still I can only see Sai. He says Virat concentrate on the book not on the dream. Sai says what is happening to you Virat sir, why are you behaving like this with me? Virat says Sai don’t bore me, I know you’re not here, my brain is playing tricks on me, you’re not here. Sai thinks is he doing drama to get rid of me?

She says Virat sir are you alright, I’m standing right here and you’re saying nonsense, what dimag ka khel are you talking about I don’t understand anything. Virat says I understand. I understand everything, my imagination is so powerful, you look actually real. But I am also Virat Chavan. I can distinguish between illusion and truth. You are not here so I’m 123, you should disappear. He closes his eyes. Sai gets angry and says so I’m not here? He says not at all, she asks are you sure he says yes. She pinches his nose. He yells out and opens his eyes. He looks shocked and says Sai. He gets up and says you’re actually here. She says what sach mei and pinches his arm. She says what do you mean sach mei I am standing here since long and saying it too, but you keep saying you’re saying weird things. You’re ignoring me right. He says no Sai what are you talking about, it’s not like that.

He tries to explain that when I was there and there then says I’m sorry. She says yes I know you’re very happy, you don’t have to get annoyed by me 24 hours, Virat says it’s not like that what are you saying. He thinks how can I tell you Sai just how much I’m missing you. She thinks I know Virat sir, you don’t miss me at all. Virat says what are you doing here Sai? Sai says why, can’t I come in your room now, if that’s the case then put a board outside do not disturb. He says when did I say that. Sai I ask you one thing and you make a big issue out of it. She says no no if you don’t want me in your room, if you have a problem with me entering your room you should have told me before that I can’t come to your room I wouldn’t have come. Virat says did I say that? Please don’t drag the topic, he folds hands and says whenever you want you can come in this room l. I only said because I thought that you should be staying in your room to rest right now. You must be tired after pooja and visarjan that’s why I said that. She says how can I rest in that room. Virat says why, is there a problem in that room? If you want to rest in this room I can go out. She says I am habitual to this room Virat sir. Virat thinks has she talked to aai and taken her permission to come back to this room? He gets lost in thoughts. Sai clicks her fingers and says where are you lost? Did you not like me coming to your room? He says what are you saying Sai, one minute. You’re still standing in this condition, please sit.

They sit. Virat says Sai I wasn’t lost in thought but I was just thinking that you are now going to stay here only. He says I mean that you have decided to once again in this room?

precap: Sai says that aai has said that we have to stay in different rooms now. But all I know, is that husband wife should stay in one room. And your bestfriend was also saying the same thing. What is our relation now Virat sir? Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai? Virat says I have no answer to this question, do you have? Sai says if I had the answer why would I ask you? Virat says then who would have the answer to this question? Pakhi drops water on both of them.

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