Ghar Ek Mandir 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update : Nisha’s plan succeds

Ghar Ek Mandir 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amaji asks where is your younger daughter in law, Kundan says she will be here, Kundan says you bless her and then we will starts Muh Dikhai, Kundan asks Shivam to take blessings, Genda walks in with Nisha, people praise Genda’s beauty and says Varun is so lucky and they look so good together, Varun and Genda take blessings, Anuradha says bless them that soon they have Shivam’s younger brother, Amaji says Genda and Varun that when you take elders blessings you must massage them so they get happy and bless you, Genda and Varun do so, Amaji gives them blessings, Anuradha says shall we begin the Muh Dikahi ritual, Anuradha asks Nisha to stay with Genda and note who gives what, ladies give Genda gifts and praise her beauty and Nisha thinks I hope Amaji doesn’t leave. Nisha starts massaging Amaji’s leg and says it must be your lunch time, Amaji says no I won’t have food, we have Sadhu Samoh today and there will be a Dharmik Samoha, Nisha says Papaji please tell her, Kundan says its Genda’s first Rasoi please have something, Amaji says I am impressed with your welcome and you know I dont eat outside, Anuradha says all care is taken, its Satvik and simple food, Nisha insists Amaji to stay, Shivam says please have food, Amaji agrees.
Nisha thinks now drama will begin

Anuradha ask Nisha and Genda to get Amaji’s plate. Nisha sees Genda has a plate ready, Genda says this is Varun’s plate so I kept it aside, Nisha thinks God also can’t save you today, Nisha says come lets prepare Lunch plate. Genda says let me wash hands, Genda starts arranging the plate. Nisha thinks I just have to exchange these bowls, Genda burns her hand drops the bowl, Nisha says I was thinking I should make Shivams plate too but first let’s finish with Amajis and go get sweet, its in fridge, Genda says okay and goes to get kheer, Nisha exchanges the bowls. Nisha says today Amaji will be very happy.

Genda and Nisha walk out with plate. Amaji asks Kundan is business doing good, Kundan says yes. Genda serves the lunch. Nisha hoping Amaji eats Dum Aloo first, Anuradha asks Amaji taste it and tell me if our younger daughter in law has taste, Amaji takes first bite, and she realises it has onion and garlic in it and spits it out, Kundan shocked, Nisha very happy. Kundan asks whats wrong, Amaji says I made mistake coming here, I made mistake trusting you and having food here, Kundan asks what is wrong, Amaji says this food has garlic and onion, you broke my years of Dharmik Anushtan Tapasya, you made huge mistake and sin, Genda in shock, and in tears. All look at Genda, Genda looks at Varun, Kundan says Genda what is this, Nisha says Genda wanted to cook for Varun so may be, Anuradha says enough Nisha don’t support her, Kundan Apologise to Amaji, Genda says Amaji please forgive me, Kundan falls in her feet and says Amaji I would never forgive me if you leave, Anuradha falls in her feet, and says it was by mistake please accept our apology, Varun whisper what is this Genda, you insulted my parents. Nisha takes Genda away. Kundan begs Amaji to forgive, Manish says punish us, Varun says my wife did a mistake please forgive us, Amaji says Kundan and Anuradha where is temple I want to meditate alone, Kundan shows her way, Amaji walks in temple.

Genda checks in kitchen and says I did all good but how did this happen, Nisha says I don’t know but its very bad, Genda says I took all the care but how did the bowls change. Manish walks to them, and says Amaji has asked to throw the food, Genda says we can’t throw it, its disrespectful to throw it we can feed many people, Varun walks in says you are worried about food what about my parents.

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  1. Why do the elders daughter-in-law always manipulate and scheme to insult the younger daughter-in-law? It’s so common in India series. Nisha made a mistake and was scolded and instead of accepting her mistake and change her ways she is bent on humiliating Genda. Why all this hatred? I’m sure Genda will do something to make Amaji forgive her and her family.

  2. so sad genda try her best and this chameleon nisha she humiliating genda and her family all this hatred in her heart hope genda solf the problem now

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