Ghar Ek Mandir 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update Siddhant decides to take revenge from Genda

Ghar Ek Mandir 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda says Siddhant your documents are incomplete, Dad says Siddhant you lost to a girl and has asthama attack. Siddhant says congratulations on small win but now its a war which I will win, Genda takes coconut from his hand and breaks it in front of shop and says Siddhant don’t worry have prasad and remember Agarwal and Sons will always be there. Siddhant wears his glasses and leaves.

Siddhant in his house drinking, Manager walks in, and gets money back and says Manohar Tripathi returned money and I am sorry because of me, Siddhant says leave right away.
Kundan says Varun you lied, Manish says we thought Genda is unwell, Genda says I, Kundan says shutup its no use talking to you, Varun says she had to go Mathura, I was going to go but you fell sick and so Genda had to go otherwise she would never leave the house because you didn’t want and I am proud of her, she did what she said she will and saved our shop.

Siddhant pours drink all over the money, and says for first time Siddhant Sinha lost and that too with a girl and burns the money and says my Dad had to leave the pooja for first time, he was insulted all because of you Genda, till now this thing was just a fun gane for me but now it is a war and I will take revenge from youm

Anuradha performs Genda and Varun’s aarti and says today you two saved us and made us proud.
Dad performs Siddhant’s aarti and says there was evil eye influence and so my son lost to a woman and I know he is not weak.
Nisha says to everyone, Siddhant doesn’t give up so easily, Anuradha says he was wrong he lost it, Manish says he won’t keep quite, Kundan says I am worried about same and till our shop is with bank, Siddhant will keep fighting for it, Varun says don’t worry Papa I will work hard day and night to pay the loan and bring our glory back.

Varun wakes up next day, and sees a note beside his bed from Genda, wishing him Happy Birthday and finds different notes around the room, wishing him Happy Birthday.
Varun gets ready happy, Genda walks in and wishes him, He says I love you and hugs her and says where is my gift, Genda says tell me what you want, Varun says will you give me what you want, Genda says stop it, Varun says let’s fo out in evening, just us and first time some girl has given me so mang roses and messages and I feel like shouting I love you Genda, Genda says what about Papaji, Varun says yes, Genda says that’s daring, Varun says I will give you my life, Genda says I told you so many times not to talk like this and here land papers please submit at register office.

Genda cooking, she gets message from Varun, he sends her video and she plays it, Varun shouts I love you Genda, Nisha and Anuradha hear it, Genda gets scared, Nisha says that’s Varun right, Anuradha says cmon Nisha don’t tease.

Siddhant says to his Dad, how about I remove the son from Agarwal and sons then lets see how Genda saves her shop. Varun leaves for home, he is being watched.
Genda starts getting ready for Varun, she bakes him a cake. Varun stops on his way home and buys bangles and flowers for Genda.
Genda calls Varun, she asks him where he is, Varun says on my way, Genda messes the icing by mistake but doesn’t feel good about it.

Pre cap: Varun is being hit by a truck.
Genda warns Siddhant says I won’t spare you if something happens to my Varun.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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