Ghar Ek Mandir 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update : Maharaji brings problems into Genda’s life

Ghar Ek Mandir 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivam says I love you too to Kundan, and now lets go see Dassera fair, Kundan says let others come and then we will go together, Shivam plays with radio, Kundan says don’t, Shivam says is this special did somebody gift you this, Kundan says I gifted this to someone, and looks at Anuradha and says it was from my first salary. Maharaji says going somewhere, Shivam says dassera fair, you come too, Maharaji says I will but first Shivam will tell me reason behind this festival, Nisha walks to them and says we are ready lets go, Maharaji tells Shivam Dassera story. Shivam says moral of story is evil never wins, Maharaji says lord Ram and Mata Sita always passed all their tests, and even human part in such tests and become good. Maharaji thinks even Genda will have a test today and ask where is Varun and Genda, Varun and Genda walk out of their room, Kundan says good whole family will gi together

Door bell rings and few men force them inside, Kundan says who are you don’t you have any sens, Harish and Kailash’s younger brother walks in from behind, and start asking for money, Maharaji asks them to behave, Harish misbehaves with him. Genda thinks how many more problems will my family have, Maharaji thinks I got this problem so that you learn to fight with such problems.
Harish’s men start picking things inside home, and says this will continue till we get our money back. Varun tries to interrupt, Kundan stops him. Nisha goes to her room and says don’t go out to Manish.

Kailash brother starts messing radio, Kundan feels bad. Shivam scared hugs Anuradha, he sees his toys taken away, he asks them not to take it away, they say go ask your grandpa, Shivam starts crying. Genda sees men push Kundan and yells at Harish says how dare you misbehave with my father in law, Harish says Kundan, your daughter in law has no respect for elders, Kundan says go to your room Genda. Maharaji thinks you need to raise voice to stop bad and you sent Genda in and stopped her because she is a female. Kundan asks Anuradha to take Shivam in too.
Manish scolds Nisha and says how can we, Nisha says why, he doesn’t want your help, Manish says he is my father, just because we are not on good terms doesn’t mean I don’t stand for him.

Anuradha gets Kundan medicine, Manish walka to Kundan and says I know you are upset with me but I won’t leave you alone, will surely do something for you. Kundan says you will do something for me, you didn’t do anything for your kid whose toys goons took away and you were hiding in your room. Anuradha says calm down all will be fine, Kundan says I did everything possible but nothing is changing, Varun says have medicine first, Genda says Papaji they were wrong and we should complaint against them, Kundan says quiet you don’t know anything, you want everyone to know about our situation, my house women don’t talk about police and fight with goons, Genda says but they were insulting you, Kundan says you insulted us, who asked you to talk to them, this shouldn’t repeat, Varun holds Genda’s hand seeing her in tears, and says lets go and leaves with Genda. Kundan asks everyone to go to their rooms

Genda and Varun unable to sleep, Varun says it wasnt good, Genda says I feel so bad for Shivam. Shivam sitting alone upset, Maharaji asks why aren’t you sleeping, Shivam says I can’t sleep without my toys, Maharaji says I told you a story what was it, Shivam says never surrender to evil and bad things, but I am not, Maharaji says okay close your eyes and smile you may get your toys, Shivam does so, Maharaji snaps and Shivam has his toys back. Shivam very happy, and says they will be punished right, Maharaji says yes and Sita will fight for good.
Genda says I have faith in God you too keep faith, Maharaji says I am happy to see your faith regaining. Varun says Genda I don’t know how things will sort, Genda says we won’t give up and fight together, Maharaji says problems are going to increase Genda, I am going to get them to make you more strong and be an example.

Pre cap: Varun and Kundan on their way to shop, everyone starring at them, they find their shop doors has cheaters written on it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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