Ghar Ek Mandir 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update Varun stops Maharaji from leaving

Ghar Ek Mandir 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maharaji asks Kundan to cut Jowar, Kundan hands Varun, Manish and Shivam a stem and asks them to put in on their head for good beginning, Shivam says mummy you do to, Kundan says no only men do it, and asks Genda to circulate Jowar in whole house, Genda leaves, all start praying.
Genda in her room keeping Jowar as asked by Kundanz Varun rushes to her and says here keep it on your head, Genda says but Papa say only men do it, Varun says but you worked hard for it and so I don’t believe it and we will do this together and both apply jowar to eachother forehead, Varun holds Genda’s hand and says today our relationship has a bew beginning, I am not ahead of you or you behind me, we are one and always will be together. Genda thinks I believe now this is not a dream but reality.

Kundan asks where is Varun, Anuradha says I will go check, Genda and Varun walk in, Kundan asks where were you, Varun says had some important work, Kundan says okay lets start pooja. Varun and Genda perform aarti. Genda prays today Is ee my husband as my support and can fight any hardship, Maharaji thinks now Genda its time to step in the most difficult fight of yours.

Maharaji thanks Agarwal’s and says you helped me with food, house and my shop and treated me as family, these times are priceless for me and will always keep you all in my good wishes. Nisha thinks he is such a big drama. Genda feeling bad. Varun looks at her sad face, Shivam thinks he is really going, Nisha thinks before someone stops again please leave. Varun thinks about how sad Genda is and thinks I know you don’t want him to go and so do I and says stop Maharaji.
Varun walks to Maharaji and says I am sorry I asked you to leave, Nisha thinks what is up with him now, Varun says since the time you are here everything good is happening to us, all feel same, and no one wants you to leave, right Genda, Genda nods yes and says please stay. Kundan says Varun is right please don’t go, Anuradha says he should stay, right Manish. Manish says yes please stay, Maharaji says please let me go, I don’t want to trouble you, Shivam goes hugs him and says you won’t go and if you go who will tell me stories, help me with homework, teach me good. Kundan says listen to kid. Maharaji says I saw a house in Dwarka, Kundan says its very far, and we are your family too, Varun says please stay. Maharaji asks Genda what she wants, Genda says like everyone wants please stay, Kundan says it’s final you won’t go, Maharaji says on one condition you will accept rent, Kundan says not possible, please don’t, Maharaji says I will leave then, Kundan accepts rent condition, Nisha sad, Genda happy. Shivam looks at Maharaji and winks at him. Varun happy to see Genda happy.

Genda calling Varun says come get ready soon or we will be late for Ram Leela and also you will miss your favourite chat, Varun walks in with tea, Genda says you wanted to drink tea I would make it for you, Varun says then how would you test tea made by me, Genda says you made this, Varun says you do so much for me and my family, I can do atleast this for you and now taste it. Genda tastes its and says very yummy, Varun says let me taste, and has a sip and says this is not at all sweet, Genda says its the best and sweetest tea I ever had and your button is broken wait let me fix it. Varun looks at Genda as she fixes his button. Genda by mistake pricks him, Varun says he is fine. Varun starring at Genda, Genda says done and why are you starring, Varun says you look so pretty today, Genda says just pretty, Varun says this saree is beautiful too, Genda asks and, Varun says I don’t know, I never said it before so I am nervous, Genda says don’t be and what have you never said before, Varun says I love you. Genda in tears and blushes and leaves. Varun says she left without I love you too.

Pre cap: Anuradha opens door and few men walk in and start taking things saying this is because you haven’t paid us back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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