Ghar Ek Mandir 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update Nisha fakes pregnancy

Ghar Ek Mandir 18th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kundan gives Sandy prasad and says eat this, and your wishes will coem true, Sandy thinks I will surely eat it then, Genda says I just want our business to go online and Sandy is going to help us, Kundan says Varun, you and Sandy work together, because Varun always wanted to do this during college, Sandy thinks thanks uncle, I atleast will get time to spend with Varun now, Varun leaves.

Genda walks to Varun in their room and says you have interest in web designing, then help Sandy, Varun says you look into it, Genda says I don’t know about all this, Varun thinks Genda I don’t want to go near her and I’m not liking her staying here. Varun says see I don’t want to do and I knoe you can handle it, Genda says calm down, I will do it, Varun says sure, you won’t ask me again, promise me, Genda says promise, I will handle it.

Nisha acts as if she is vomitting, Genda rushes to her, Manish and Anuradha, Kundan, Sandy all rush to Nisha, Nisha says I’m very giddy, Genda says don’t worry I will get you lemon water and leaves.
Sandy goes to Varun and says I’m coming with you to shop, so that I can see it for website, Varun says you go with Genda, I have an important work.

Varun sees Genda in kitchen and says I was looking for you, Genda says bhabhi isn’t feeling well, Varun says Sandy wanted to come to shop, you handle her you promised, Genda says don’t worry I will manage.
Genda with Nisha, asks is she feeling okay, Sandy walks in and says Genda I want to go to shop, I will come with you, Nisha says Genda you don’t go please stay with me, Varun bhaiya will help her, Genda says I don’t want to leave you alone but Varun will need my help, Nisha asks Sandy to leave, and says I need to talk to Genda alone, Sandy leaves, Nisha says I guess I’m pregnant will tell everyone when doctor confirms, you will come with me, Genda says offcourse I will come with you, I will tell Sandy, Nisha says don’t tell anyone, Genda says no I won’t and leaves.

Genda walks to Sandy and says she has to go alone to shop, because she has to wait with Nisha, Sandy says okay but is she fine, Genda says yes you go, Sandy says okay.
Two men near shop, discussing about Nisha paying them to work for her.

Sandy reaches shop, Varun asks where is Genda, Sandy says she didn’t come, Varun thinks Genda promised and didn’t take care of it and calls Genda. Nisha sees Varun calling Genda and acts as if in lot of pain, while on their way to doctor. Sandy asks why are you upset Varun and website work, Varun says no, I have an important order, Two men walk in and call Sandy- Genda and says we heard you make beautiful Jewellery, even we would like to order, Varun says she isn’t Genda, give me details, two men leave saying we came here for Genda and leave. Sandy thinks Genda rules over everything, even Kundan uncle trust her, and this is why Varun isn’t happy.

Sandy asks Varun, why he doesn’t want to work on website, is Genda forcing him not to, Varun says why so, Sandy says I know you are capable, remember you made me website in college, see I still have it, and this is why I know you are capable and we together can make a great website and all will praise you, Varun says shut it down.

Doctor examines Nisha and says its a false alarm, you aren’t pregnant, Nisha acts as if she is hurt and starts crying, Genda says calm down bhabhi, all will be fine, Nisha says promise you won’t tell anyone, all will be so worried, Genda says I won’t you please calm down.

Anuradha asks Manish where is Nisha, Manish tries to call them but they walk in, Anuradha asks Nisha to sit, Manish asks Nisha what did doctor say, Nisha says I asked Genda not to tell anyone but I myself can’t stop, I thought I am pregnant but doctor said its a false alarm, I was so happy that Shivam will have a sibling now, Genda says bhabhi we all understand your pain, Nisha says you won’t understand this pain, and now I think till you become mother, I won’t be a mother, Manish says what nonsense is this, Nisha says I dreamt early morning and lord Shiva said I will be pregnant only after my sister in law becomes mother. Nisha says mummyji do you believe this because I heard early morning dream become reality, Manish says Nisha you need rest and takes her inside.

Varun upset at Genda, and says you disappointed me.
Kundan says to Anuradha are you thinking about Nisha, Anuradha says yes, Kundan says then call Varun and Genda lets talk.
Genda trying to explain Varun why she didn’t come, Anuradha walks in and calls them out.
Kundan in front of everyone says, Nisha made me and Anuradha think and we want to be grand parents again, Anuradha says to Genda, you both are married for a year now and we are settled too and now you two should think about this. Varun says we already have lot of responsibilities, Kundan says being a parent is also a responsibility and shop will keep going, you don’t worry about that, Varun leaves.
Anuradha says Genda, Varun won’t understand but you can, so talk to Varun convince him. Nisha looks at Sandy very angry seeing all this and thinks my plan is working great. Sandy thinks these people keep forcing decision on Varun and if he doesn’t want kid means he isnt happy in his marriage.

Pre cap: Nisha makes a plan so that Varun and Genda can’t be together.
Genda checks her phone and is in shock. Genda sees Varun and Sandy walk in and thinks Varun now likes spending time with Sandy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Hhhhh this foxy family Varun can feel his ex pain but he can’t feels Genda ones super and the producer make the favorite scenes with this 🤮 instead our carda they make varun obsessed with Genda hands but he can hug and carry and feed and maybe she will pregnant with his child also 🤮 because the producer and writer like cheating and 🤮 relationship

  2. Poor Genda he only be angry on her and this new shitan want varun which she thow him as a rubbish now because he with other girl want him and if he really love Genda he can stope this ex and prove that he love Genda not her but the 🤮 producer and even akshay it seams he like this girle and feel good with her because shrenu are the queen and no one cane be at her talent and level and the new actresses the same level of akshay

  3. Hhhhh all this time and Genda done know that varun web designer and his lively girl with make him do this really very silly all this to make him closer and have romantic moments together and his servant Genda maybe at the end beginning for forgiveness 🤮😡

  4. Sansanee Narula

    First of all do send sandy out of varun’s life & ignore Nisha or dismiss her story, story getting worse & worse bringing ex girlfriend of varun’s

  5. Sansanee Narula

    First of all do send sandy out of varun’s life & ignore Nisha or dismiss her story, story getting worse & worse because of Nisha now taking the lead

  6. Hhhhh oh no it seams that producer got b12 lose we see usuless varun not the one which sandy described and varun can cook why he must go to the kitchen with her if he can serve himself and if varun webs makers what the need of sandy and if he is this guy why Genda didn’t know and why Genda so stupid to feel sorry seeing him feeding sandy first he hold her then choose her plate then help her all the time at the same time be angry on Genda and bunch her then he love whom it’s clear and we want normal women Genda which be angry when her husband cheating her not stupid and understand ones and varun cheater if he love Genda why he be confused when he be with sandy and caring alot about her i want small scenes both the girls have an accented and see the illness producer will make him save whom

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