Ghar Ek Mandir 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update Varun’s responsible behaviour

Ghar Ek Mandir 16th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun thinks about how Genda stood by him, Genda walks in with Shivam, Varun happy to see her, Shivam says look I told you he is crying now console him. Varun says you didn’t sleep yet come let me drop you, Shivam says I am big boy now I can go alone and she is here to console you, don’t fight again okay, Varun smiles at him, Shivam leaves. Varun says thank you Genda for giving me and our relationship a chance, I knew you will never leave me alone, Varun about to hug her, Genda stops him and steps back and says I gave myself a chance and not you, it is fory responsibility I have here, I had sworn on few things, I will support you in every sorrow and happiness and this is why I am back, I will happily fulfill my responsibilities and you as a son, husband fulfill your responsibilities.
Genda goes to bed. Varun sleeps on sofa in his room. Varun thinks I swear on the happiness you gave me by coming back, that I will bring back your happiness.

Anuradha gives Kundan his medicine, and says we didn’t do good, Kundan asks what, Anuradha says wr scolded Varun a lot, I agree he did a mistake but to scold him in front of everyone, what if Genda takes advantage of situation and starts misbehaving with Varun, Kundan says she is daughter in law here, Anuradha says you gave her all this, she should take that in notice and still if she misbehave with Varun, Kundan says we are one family, all make mistakes, if tomorrow Genda makes mistake even she will be scolded, my love and anger is same for everyone so you and Genda do not forget that. Anuradha says okay.

Nisha walks to Genda I felt bad yesterday for you but after all that you are in kitchen today, you should rest, Nisha sees Anuradha and says anyways things shouldn’t affect our responsibilities, Genda says yes I will fulfill my responsibilities, Anuradha says very good Genda, for you Varun should always be priority, Genda says don’t worry Mummy I will never avoid my responsibilities, Anuradha leaves, Nisha says this tea is for Varun, he doesn’t wake up early and not after what happened yesterday, Genda says I will go check. Nisha says okay. Genda leaves. Nisha says yes go see Varun won’t step out today

Genda sees in her room, Varun is all ready, Varun looks at Genda and smiles, he says I will go shop everyday, Genda gives him tea and starts organising the room. Varun gets his medicine and asks Genda shall I have medicine before tea, Genda nods yes. Varun hurts his finger while closing the door. Genda rushes to him and holds his hand. Varun looks at Genda taking care of him and smiles. Genda gives him water. Kundan calls Manish, Varun says I will go bye.

Kundan and Manish ready to leave, Varun says Papa I will come with you to shop, Kundan asks are you fine, Varun says yes I even had medicine, Kundan looks at his watch and says you are early, Varun says I am on right time and will fulfill all my responsibilities, Kundan happy, Varun looks at Genda hoping to see her smile. Anuradha gives Varun blessings. Kundan and Varun leave. Nisha whispers to Manish look, he heard his wife and you never listen to me about job, I request you again, Manish says shut up I know what to do, and stop doing this everytime.

Manish tells Kundan he gave delivery, Kundan has visitor’s, they say they are here for Mahalaxmi bhomi poojan donation and they are hoping huge amount, Kundan says I shall send the amount, they say your new daughter in law is very nice we met her earlier, and Genda did good job when she enacted as Maharaji, Kundan says even I saw that she is very good. They request they want Genda to play Mahalakshmi role in the play in bhomi poojan day, Kundan says I will talk to her, Varun thinks this will bring smile on her face.

Manish says to Kundan, that we are not in state to give donation, we already have lot of debt and Pradhanji is missing too. Kundan says Manish don’t worry, Pradhanji will give us money.
Genda calls Santosh and says she wants some ayurvedic medicine, Santosh asks why she wants, Genda says for Varun, Santosh asks whats wrong, Genda says he is very fine, just tell me where can I get, Santosh says Pankhudi will te you, Anuradha hears Genda talk, Genda says to Santosh all is fine and don’t worry. Anuradha walks to Genda and says you did good job by not telling about Varun, and since this is your house too be careful, Genda says I know about my responsibilities and will never give you chance to complaint, Anuradha smiles and leaves.

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