Ghar Ek Mandir 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update Varun’s efforts to make Genda happy

Ghar Ek Mandir 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda says to Varun yes one more thing and my other works like cooking, taking care of family, I will always do them. Nisha thinks this Genda rules over Varun. Varun says Genda please give me one more chance to make me and Genda strong, I want to tell her that our relation is not affected by other. Nisha says God give me one more chance too, to mess with their relation.
Maharaji in his room says today all want opportunity and they will but the one who puts efforts will win and now Varun’s efforts is all that matters and I will always be there to guide you.

Sheetal visits Aggarwal’s, Sheetal asks Anuradha to call her Babes, Anuradha says okay come sit, Nisha and Genda get tea and snacks and take Sheetal’s blessings and call her aunty, Sheetal says call me Babes, Varun sees her takes her blessings, Nisha says call her babes and all laugh. Anuradha asks Sheetal why is she here, Sheetal says there is Dandiya Night in Tikona park, and bring everyone with you, Anuradha says me and Kundan won’t make it but kids will, Nisha says yes I love Dandiya, Sheetal says good sweet girl and says I don’t think Varun can dance but you come what is your name, Genda says Genda, Sheetal says I saw you dance in Agrasen temple you do come, Genda says sorry I can’t I have lot of work and leaves. Sheetal says I am late now and do come and leaves.

Varun thinks of Genda, and says I found an idea to make you happy. Nisha cooking and cribbing about work, Varun walks to her and says I need favour from you, you will go to Dandiya get Genda too, Nisha says what if she says no, Varun says promise me you will, Nisha says okay you be ready I will get her, Varun says you are world best and leaves. Nisha says this night will be a disastrous for them and Varun will slap Genda, Varun thinking this will be the best night of ours.

Varun in shop, Kundan walks to him, sees him work and says you look too much in action, Varun says Papa, today I want to leave early, Sheetal aunty has called us for Dandiya, Kundan says but you never go such places and can’t dance too, Varun thinks but Genda can and its for her, and says all are going so I thought even I will, Kundan says go.

Nisha forces Genda to get ready, Genda tries hard to deny and says we are all excited if you don’t come even we won’t go, Genda says don’t spoil your program because of me, Nisha says we are family and together we will have fun but today you proved you haven’t accepted me, Genda says okay I am coming just for you, Nisha says now quickly get ready I have surprise for you.

Nisha thinks Genda is going to get shock in name of surprise when Varun will slap her infront of everyone.

At Dandiya night, Varun arrives, he meets Sheetal, Sheetal asks where are others, Varun says they are here somewhere around. Sheetal says enjoy and leaves. Hetal meets Varun she shows him necklace and thanks him and says come dance, Varun says I can’t go ahead and I am waiting for someone. Manish, Nisha and Genda arrive, Varun can’t get eyes off Genda, Nisha says common lets go dance, Varun tries to call everyone but no one sees him, Varun gives Nisha call, she ignores it and switches off phone, Nisha thinks now Varun will have fun.

Nisha ans Manish dancing, Genda standing alone a guy walks to her, Nisha forces her to dance, Varun sees Genda dance with stranger and feels bad, Nisha thinks Varun won’t accept Genda dancing with stranger and will get angry and then God bless them.

Kundan and Shivam having dinner together, Shivam says he is missing Maharaj uncle because he tells good stories, Kundan asks where is Maharaji, Anuradha says he went out to look for new house, Shivam says I miss Maharaj uncle and his magic, Anuradha asks what magic, Shivam thinks God I had to keep this secret, and says he tells magical good things, and prays Maharaji with your snap magic bring happiness in everyone’s life.

Varun sees Maharaji and asks how come here, Maharaji says I can’t dance but happy to see everyone dance, Maharaji says such happy vibe but you don’t look happy, Varun says no I am fine, Maharaji says someone else is not happy as well and may be making her happy even you will be happy.

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