Ghar Ek Mandir 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update Nisha locks Sandy and Varun

Ghar Ek Mandir 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun holding Sandy’s hand, while helping her, he looks at her leaves her hand, gives her food and leaves. Nisha hiding and watching. Varun leaves and Nisha walks in with stick, and says oh Varun got you your food, so nice, you know when I was looking for stick, he said he will get you food and kept waiting at door till delivery boy came, he is so worried for you, Sandy says really Varun said that, Nisha says yes, he was worried about you, and I think he still cares about you, Sandy says Varun has moved on and is happy with Genda, Nisha says how do you know, and no one forgets first love, he has madly waiting outside, poor thing I don’t know if he will sleep or not and you don’t understand on other hand and if you don’t believe me check on your own, bye.

Genda walks in kitchen and sees Sandy cooking with Nisha, Genda says you should rest, Nisha says she isn’t listening, she says she wants to cook for us as thanks, Genda says not needed, and you were working late, Sandy says yes, Inwas designing website, Genda asks what are you cooking, Sandy says Lasagne, Genda says you working so hard but all here eat simple breakfast, Sandy thinks Varun loved this, and says lets try something new, Genda says Varun doesn’t eat all this so let me cook something for him. Nisha says my geyser is on,I will be back.

Varun leaving, Nisha says wait sit there is special breakfast for you, Genda has cooked something new for you and gives him lasagne, Varun says its so yummy, here have paratha too, Varun says who will have paratha infront on this, and I wish I kiss the person who cooked it, Sandy and Genda walk in, Genda says to Sandy, your dish won, Varun in shock, and asks what do you mean, Genda says we cooked breakfast together and you liked her dish, no worries have it, Sandy says I will get more for other, Genda says I will go call others, both leave. Varun says Nisha bhabhi you said Genda cooked this dish. Nisha says I didn’t, and how does it matter who cooked, enjoy your food and leaves.

Sandy happy in kitchen, Varun liked her food, Nisha walks to her and says I told Varun you cooked it and you saw his reaction, before even I thought Varun won’t eat all this because he is so boring, Sandy says no he isn’t boring, I am he wasn’t, Nisha says yes tell me, I am like your friend first and you can share secrets with me, tell me, Sandy says Varun was very different when he was with me, he use to live life to fullest, enjoyed a lot, was a free bird, but he has changed so much, Nisha says poor Varun, his wife is this way and keeps him busy in same things, he just adjusts, Sandy thinks is Varun not happy.

Anuradha gets Kundan tea, Kundan orders gift for Anuradha, Anuradha says I already have so many sarees and there is no occasion too, so why, Kundan says I don’t need occasion to order for you, Anuradha opens parcel and sees a dress, Sandy walks in and says our packets got exchanged, this is my dress, Anuradha says to Sandy, such clothes are too modern here, Sandy thinks Varun loved me in sucj dresses, Sandy says I have ordered it now I will wear it now.
Anuradha says to Kundan I find this girl weird, Kundan says she is a guest forget it.

Genda and Varun in shop, Kucha Mahajani members walk in and say Genda can’t work here, firstly she isnt our member and she can’t be a member because she is a women, Agarwal can go against society rules but we can’t, and its a 24 hr notice, she better leave or we will cancel license. Genda says Varun I will go apply for membership.

Nisha getting dressed thinks this Sandy game is working well, I need one more plan and gets an idea, listening to songs and decides to lock Varun and Sandy in a room. Nisha calls Varun and says your washroom tap is licking come home, we are leaving for function, Varun says okay.

Anuradha walks to Nisha and says lets go, Nisha says its cold here, you sit inside, once cab comes will call you. Anuradha leaves. Nisha sees Varun’s bike and closes door, Varun walks in and goes to his room. Nisha goes call Anuradha and Kundan and leaves. Varun in his room trying to fix the tap, Nisha locks the main door from outside. Anuradha says why lock, Sandy is inside, Nisha says she is sleeping and we will be back soon.
Anuradha says okay.

Sandy gets dressed. Nisha thinks Sandy and Varun use this opportunity and help me too.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. It’s strange now the producer and writer mind work they destroy Genda sS track by make it sS nisha and now they cake make all the necessary to make this s take space more that the main hero and only they make troubles for Gend and destroy her wonderful times

  2. The defense between the foxy girl and Genda foxy girl change varun and she want but poor Genda varun kills her soul by make her as his family and he wants i want angry Genda not the one forgiving varun and i want to get nisha and this stranger and even varun slap 👋 on their faces and i want manish got new girl to make tjis nisha get the same feelings she want Genda have


    Genda again cannot work outside , every time causing trouble for women earning money & this Varun should be informing genda that sandy was his past girlfriend but please do give precaps & updates of this serial also

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