Golden flies: A tale of cool students SamAina FF Part 6

Golden flies:A tale of cool students Part 6

Dedicated to Mansi who wants SaIna rain scene

After the classes got over Riya went towards Preeti.She stared at her.Preeti found her facial expression scary.
Riya took the acid bottle from her bag and opened it.She poured it on Preeti’s face.Preeti covered her face with her hands and cried loudly.
The Golden flies landed up there.They got scared.
Sameer:Preeti…remove your hands from your face.Nothing has happened to you.
Preeti removed her hands from her face.Her face was normal.Riya could’nt believe it.The Golden flies were relieved.
Sameer: I saw Riya stealing the acid bottle.So when she went to wash her hands during the lunch interval i threw the acid out and replaced it with a similar bottle filled with water.
Riya was shocked.All were shocked about what Riya were planning to do.
Naina shouted at Riya:You tried to harm our Preeti?

Ali came towards Riya:You tried to put our Preeti’s life in danger?
Ali:Unfortunately you are a girl.Otherwise I would have punched you hard.
Riya stared at him.
RIYA:You want to beat me?Then beat me Ali.Because if you beat me i don’t feel any pain Ali.To be frank if you beat me I will only feel that you are touching me with love.
Ali got irritated:Just stop it Riya.I don’t love you and i will never ever love you.
Riya was hurt:Ali!

ALI:I hate you.

Riya was hurt:But i love you.
ALI:You are mad Riya.
She stared at him:What did you say?I am mad?Am i mad?Yes…i am mad…i mad about you.
Riya just ran away.
Swati:She looked really mad.She is so dangerous.
ALI:Preeti has to be very careful.
Preeti stared at him.

Class interval…

Preeti sat near Ali.
Preeti:Ali,do you know what you said that day?
Ali:Yes i know.
He smiled.
Preeti:But Ali…how could you say that?
He giggled.
Ali:You may be thinking how come being a friend I fell in love with you.You may be so angry that you want to swallow me fast.But relax Preeti.You know that I can’t even think of falling in love.I just want to make up a career and look after my mom well.

Preeti:Then that day you said that…
Ali:I said like that to defeat Riya in her stupid bet.I wanted her to fail.All other Golden flies knew that I was telling a lie.But you foolish girl…you did’nt understand that.Sorry for saying such a big lie regarding you Preeti.
Preeti was relieved:Now only I got peace of mind.

Ali smiled.

After the school bell rang they all stepped out of the school.It was raining.
Manoj:Oh no..rain.My school bag will get wet and books too will get spoiled.Guys let me leave fast.
Swati:I am also coming with you Manoj.I forgot to take my umbrella.
Manoj:Ok..come fast.
Manoj caught an auto .He and Swati got inside the auto.

Preeti:Stupid rain.
Pandit:Preeti you sit on my bike fast.I will ride it fast and drop you home.So that you can escape from this rain.
Preeti:Good idea.
Preeti sat behind Pandit on the bike and he rode it fast.

Preeti:To be frank I am enjoying the bike ride with you.
Pandit:To be frank even I am enjoying it.
They smiled.
Pandit started singing.Preeti was enjoying it.

(Zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana) -3
Arey o leiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo
Oleiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo
Oleiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo
(Chand taaron se chalna hai aage
Asmaanon se badna hai aage) -2
Pichhe reh jayega yeh zamana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana
Zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana
(Haste gate jahan se guzar
Duniya ki tu parvah na kar) -2
Muskuraate hue din bitana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana
Haan zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana
(Maut aani hai ayegi ik din
Jaan jaani hai jayegi ik din) -2
Aisi baaton se kya ghabrana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana
Zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana
Di di di, du du du
Oleyo leyo ha haa haa(Andaz).

The auto driver took a sudden break,so Manoj and Swati bumped into each other.
Unknowingly they shared a sweet eye lock.

Ali held his umbrella above and walked to his place.

Sameer Naina were drenching in rain and enjoying.
Sameer:Guess only we both are enjoying rain.
She smiled:Ya.Sameer…Shall we have hot pani puri.
Sameer:Sure.Eating hot pani puri in rain is a fun.
They both bought pani puri from the street shop and starting eating it.
The paper plate slipped down off his hand.
Sameer:Oh no.
Naina:Don’t worry Sameer.We will share the same plate.
He looked at her deeply.
She moved near him with the plate so that he can eat from her plate easily.

Slowly they both started eating from the same plate.
Naina:Shall we drink a hot tea too?
Sameer:I don’t want tea Naina.You drink it.
Naina bought a tea and started sipping it.
Sameer:Guess we got wet enough.We will catch flue.
He opened the umbrella above themselves.
They both giggled and chatted while Naina was drinking tea.

Ali went to a shop.He saw A lady and a man taking out Riya from the car and taking her inside the mental hospital.He was shocked.He ran inside the hospital.He waited there for hours.
Ali went towards that crying couple:Are you both Riya’s parents?
ALI:What happened to Riya?
Riya’s mom Rekha:Are you Ali?
R:Seeing you enquire about Riya itself i guessed you are Ali.
ALI:What happened to Riya?

The Psyciatrist Anand came out.
An:Riya’s hypnotism is over.You all know that after Riya’s grand mother’s death she has been undergoing mental depression.
Ali was shocked.
An:I told you all to be careful.But now Riya is really going crazy.Who is Ali?
ALI:I am Ali.
An:She was uttering your name through out.She is madly in love with you.
ALI:But Doctor,it’s not even a week since we met.
An:May be.But Riya is fast in loving everyone.She loves and hates everyone fast.She is shattered after you ignored her love.Mad love.That’s why her depression level has gone up suddenly.I know that it’s not easy to love someone.But at least to save Riya’s life you have to pretend to love her.

Ali was shocked:What are you saying?If i do that when she comes to know the truth she will be in danger.
An:But her life is already in danger.If you don’t do that now she will be completely mad.
Riya’s parents:Ali please save our only daughter.

Ali was in a dilemma.

Anand took Ali inside.Riya was sleeping.
An:Riya,wake up.See who this is.
She opened her eyes with surprise:Ali!
Ali smiled:Yes Riya.
Suddenly she embraced him.He was stunned.

She looked at him holding
his hand:Ali…please don’t ignore me.I can’t live without you.
ALI:Riya…i will always be there with you.
She was relieved:Promise?
Ali kept silent.
Anand stared at Ali.Ali nodded his head:Promise!
She was happy:Ali…don’t hate me.I will not hurt your gang in future.I will bury my ego for you.You love me?
Ali hesitated to say ‘i love you’.
Anand:Ali loves you very much Riya.That’s why he rushed to see you.
Riya was very happy.

Ali brought Riya to a place by bike.
Golden flies were shocked to see them together.Riya smiled.

PANDIT:What is this Ali?
RIYA:Guys…Ali loves me.I also love Ali.And I don’t hate you guys anymore as you all are my Ali’ friends.
Naina:Stop it.You don’t deserve to be our Golden fly’s girl friend.
Riya was hurt.Ali knew that Riya’s mental stage will go worse if she gets hurt.
ALI:Don’t hurt Riya.
They were shocked.
Naina:You are fighting with us for this wretched girl?
ALI:I am not fighting.But you are fighting with Riya.Don’t use bad words to address her.

Preeti:You told me that you can never think of falling in love.But Suddenly you fell in love with this violent girl?Disgusting.
Swati: What kind of a boy you are?
ALI:Love happens with anyone at any moment.Is loving a person a crime?
Manoj:Loving aperson is not a crime.But you got only Riya to love?
Swati:By making our rival Riya your girl friend you insulted our gang Golden Flies.
Sameer:We have been defeated in front of Riya because of you Ali.Now Golden flies have become a laughing stock in front of others.
Naina:What an insult!We can never forget it.

ALI:Please don’t misunderstand me.
Naina:What kind of misunderstanding?We understand you very well now.You are an insult to friendship too.Ali…you got only Riya as your girl friend?How could you fall in love with the one who tried to put our Preeti in danger…
Ali did’nt know what to say.
He said in his mind:How can i say in front of Riya that it was her mental condition which made her do that to Preeti?
NAINA:You have nothing to say now?
Riya shed tears:I am sorry Preeti.I tried to harm you.But believe me.I did’nt do it purposefully.Still i don’t know how i got the courage to do that.I felt that some evil force was making me do it.
Preeti stared at her:You did’nt do it purposefully?If Sameer had’nt saved me my face would haves een burnt or i would have died.Do you know that?And you yourself is an evil force Riya.

Ali thought:How can I make them understand that it’s Riya’s mental disease which makes her do such violent things.
Riya was crying:I never thought of killing you Preeti.I just wanted to make your face look ugly so that Ali will stop loving you and love me.
Ali knew that too much of crying will harm Riya’s health.
ALI:Don’t cry Riya.Don’t take their words to heart.
NAINA:You are still thinking how to console this witch Riya and wipe her tears?You can’t see Preeti’s tears?
Ali was helpless.
PANDIT:This is blind love.His blind love for Riya.Ali who was allergic to love fell in love.That also very fast.
Manoj:You are trapped in Riya’s evil magic spell Ali.

Sameer was angry:You made Riya your girl friend and hurt Golden flies.If your friendship was true you would not have done that.Our gang needs only true friends.Not cheaters.You are a cheater who played with our emotions.So we don’t need you.You are not a Golden fly anymore.
Ali and Riya were shocked.Also the other Golden flies were in shock.
SAMEER:Sameer has only one word.And I meant what I said.
All the Golden flies left the place tearfully.Ali was shattered.Tears rolled down his cheeks

The Golden flies were very upset.
Preeti cried:Our gang was so strong.Then what happened now?
PANDIT:Is love destroying Friendship?
Naina:No never.Love makes friendship stronger.
Sameer and Naina looked at each other.
Manoj shed tears:Remember the last Christmas celebration in school?We had a blast.

Flash back…
Christmas celebration…

They all had a get together in the school.They all wore stylish casual clothes.They decorated the school with balloons.They decorated the Christmas tree too.They cut a big cake and fed each other.They put songs and danced a lot.

Manoj was shy to dance.Swati held his hands and made him dance forcefully.

The others laughed watching it.

They had a grand lunch.

They even had fun with their teachers.

The golden flies enjoyed a lot with the other classmates too.

Preeti:Was it our last joyful Christmas?
PANDIT:One Golden fly is out of the gang.Then how can we be happy on such a special occasion?
Sameer was silent.
Naina:Sameer..why are you not saying anything?
Sameer:Forget everything.Forget that Ali was our friend.

Manoj:Is it easy to forget Ali that easily?
Naina was crying.
Suddenly Sameer burst into tears.

Everyone shed tears.

Shilpa talked to Golden flies:We heard that Ali is out of the gang.So sad.I thought you all were thick friends.

Sameer:We did’nt do it purposefully.Ali himself is responsible for that.
Naina:Instead of supporting us who always supported him he supported our rival.

Shilpa did’nt understand anything.She wanted to ask them more.But as she had class she had to go to the next class immediately.

Suhail was very happy.He told Riya:Congrats Riya.You won the bet.As you wished Golden flies’ destruction has started.Congrats.Your plan has succeeded.Now you can use Ali against Golden flies.Ex-Golden fly against Golden flies.Wow!

Riya slapped Suhail.He was shocked.
Riya:Stop it.My love for Ali is true.I can’t see him cry.So I want the Golden flies to be always grouped together for Ali.They should never split.If so Ali will hate me thinking that i am the reason for that.I can’t imagine Ali hating me.

Suhail was shocked.
He said in his mind:You stupid girl!Suddenly you transformed from witch to an Angel?You slapped me for those dirty Golden flies even though i supported you.I will not leave you.

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