Getting you love with my love or obsession part 6




All sarna family was happy with twinkle and kunj wedding. They wanted twinkle and Kunj’s wedding to be grand. Kunj was very excited after all his dream was going to be true his lady love has said yes to marry to marry him but he was stressed as well because of aliya he very well know that aliya would do anything to harm twinkle.

Kunj was sitting in his room with twinkle photo in his hands…

Ku : see twinkle I got you… in my life… caressing her photo.
You are soon going to become my wife. You know what you have promised sameer that you wouldn’t give his place to anyone but see i have got his place. And now I’m going to make place in your heart too… very soon..
I love you more than your self and your late ex husband sameer… I’m so happy today… I can’t describe my feelings in words. I love you sooo much my love… You are only mine… I will protect you from all the evil eyes. No one will dare to look at my girl… I promise.

In office…

After the meeting ends. Kunj had this smile on his face all employees amazed to see him because first time they have seen him smiling like this and what not his dream is going to be true. In some time manohar arrived in office and announced that the marriage of kunj and twinkle is held very soon. Manohar invited every one from his office. Each and every is shocked. Yuvi aliya and twinkle. Aliya was shocked because she thought how all of a sudden twinkle ready to marry kunj and got furious. But in next moment only there was a evil smirk on her face which is noticed by kunj. Yuvi was shocked and thought in his mind… what twinkle and kunj’s marriage.. how I mean why man.. why this twinkle is marrying this arrogant and rude kunj sarna… aah my crush.. twinkle taneja. Twinkle was shocked and tensed because she don’t wanted to show everyone that she is marrying businesses man kunj sarna. All staff members congratulate Kunj and twinkle whole heartedly. Except yuvi and aliya.Kunj looked at them and smirked. Walked towards twinkle slided his hand around twinkle waist twinkle snapped her head and looked shockingly at kunj. and said.

Ku : what happened aliya yuvraj why you both are so dumb. Won’t you congratulate us guys… 

Twinkle feels uncomfortable and looked here and there. While yuvi and aliya s gaze on kunj hand which was on twinkle waist. Suddenly twinkle phone rings which broke their trance.

Tw : I will just come… and went in corner…

Aliya thoughts : now your happy bubble broke… now I don’t think you will even thought to marry kunj twinkle… tch tch tchh poor sushant… smirked.

Tw : hello….

Man : is this mrs twinkle singhania.

Tw : yes I’m speaking.. who are you.

Man : madam I’m speaking from city hospital… are you mother of sushant sighania.

Tw : ho… hospital…. stammering… yes I’m mother of sushant sighania. What happened to my son… hell scared.

Man : actually madam he has met with an accident I have took him there I had saw his school ID card your number was written on it that’s why I called you to inform you. Your son is in operation theater right now. Please you come soon.

Phone slipped from twinkle s hand…

Tw : no… no my sushant… babaji… breathing heavily..

Kunj and yuvi rushed towards twinkle… and shocked to see her state… Kunj cupped her face yuvi looked at them.

Ku : twinkle what happened…

Tw : my sushant… crying.

Ku : what happened to him.

All the while yuvi was rubbing her back because she was breathing heavily.

Tw : acc… accident… he he is in hospital…. crying.

Ku : what..

Tw : I want to go… hospital now please…

Ku : handle your self twinkle please… okay..
Let’s go….

All sarna family reached hospital  and saw twinkle sitting on bench crying vigorously.

Bebe and usha caressed Twinkle head…

Bebe : twinkle my child nothing will happened to sushant. Just don’t do this with yourself.

Usha : yes twinkle bebe is right have faith in babaji he will protect our sushant.

Tw : already my sushant is suffering from anaemia and now this. What babaji want from me… first he snatched my parents then he snatched my sameer my reason to live my existence and now my son I’m on the verge of losing my son sushant too… now I don’t have strength to live…. Twinkle was totally broken.

All feels bad seeing her. 

Bebe : sshhh… Twinkle just have faith in God…

Just then doctor came there.

Tw : doctor how is my son…  is he alright… nothing happened to him right?

Doctor : relax mrs sighania… nothing happened him. Actually he has losted some blood  but eventually we have find blood for him. Because some time before only Mr kunj told me about sushant condition and I talked to doctor bhasin and we arranged blood for him.

Kunj clenched his jaws listening mrs sighania.

All get relief…

Tw : thanks.. thank you doctor thank you so much.

Doctor : you should thank to Mr Kunj… we have only done our duty.. if Mr sarna wouldn’t inform me about his condition then he might not be safe now…

Usha : babajai have listened your prayers twinkle…

Twinkle nodded and looked at kunj…

Kunj thought : I’ll not let make your place in twinkle heart sameer…one day she have to forget you sameer…
Twinkle taneja soon to be twinkle sarna…
I will get you by hook or by crook…

Other side aliya slammed her phone in front wall in anger.

Aliya : how … how… how can this happened.. how can this sushant be alive I thought he will be dead but no…. no worries twinkle what if my this plan have failed. I will make sure you will not sit in peace that s my promise… n I mean it…. said aliya venom in her voice.

Doctor : you can meet him but only two person at a time.

Twinkle in room and saw sushant. Oxygen mask on his face forehead bandaged with stained blood drip attached on his left hand…. seeing her son in vulnerable state her heart ached badly… tears were flowing from her eyes rapidly… Twinkle caressed his face.

Tw : my baby… chocked.

Sushant slowly opened his eyes

Sushant : mu… mumma.

Tw : sushant… are you okay… thank God you are safe n fine.

Sushant : mumma where is partner.

Ku : I’m here only… entering in room and sit beside twinkle on stool.

Sushant : when you both are going to marry mumma papa.

Tw : what.. papa who papa… confused…

Sushant : mumma you and partner marrying each other then he would be my papa obviously.

Twinkle and kunj looked at each other… after some time twinkle and kunj feed sushant soup with sushant continuously blabbering this and that.

Tw : thank you sir…

Ku : for what…

Tw : for whatever you had done for sushant.

Ku : twinkle its my duty. You don’t need to thank me and by the way sushant already consider me as his father. And it’s father’s duty to protect his son. Okay… and one more thing don’t call me sir from now onwards.. call me Kunj only after all we are going to marry each other. You are would be my wife.

Tw : okay… ku.. ku..

Ku : it’s Kunj very simple why are you stammering so much.

Tw : kunj…
Twinkle looked here and there. Kunj smiled looking at her.

After two days sushant got discharged from hospital. Kunj was trying to get close to twinkle but she always run away from him because of this kunj get irked.

Usha bebe and nikki sitting with twinkle in lawn selecting engagement ring.

Nikki : see twinkle how’s it.

Tw : nice.

Bebe : what happened twinkle… today is your roka be happy… this dullness doesn’t suits on your face.

Tw : nothing like that bebe.

Usha : okay okay leave these things. Nikki you take twinkle to parlour and you both get ready.

Nikki : okay.

Guests arrived in sarna mansion all praised twinkle and blessed twinkle and kunj. Some aunty taunting twinkle.

Lady : usha what kind of girl you have found for your son. She was already some one else and on top of that she has a son….

Twinkle has tears in his eyes… kunj get angry and said.

Ku : enough… you are no one to say anything to my to be wife.

Lady : what did I said wrong… how can you accept a girl who is widow of someone else and moreover have a son too.

Manohar : no more allegations miss who ever you are… Twinkle is more like a daughter to me and I won’t tolerate any thing if someone said anything  to my daughter… and in which century you are living miss… in this small world so many youngsters died… if a girl dies and man has her kids then this society said to marry him for the sake of his kids… and if a girl marries then this society started to accuse her why…. both girl and a boy equal to each other.
The lady got quite and bow down her head in embarrassment. Manohar walk towards twinkle cupped her face and wiped her tears.

Manohar : I’m so lucky that my kunj is getting married to you.

You are right uncle kunj is very lucky that he is getting twinkle in his life… a voice said from behind.

Ku : yuvraj..

Uv : yes me…..
Congratulations to both of you… you know what twinkle I had a crush on you.. your simplicity your elegance… I just wondered how can someone be so cute…

Twinkle looked at him wide eye while kunj gritted his teeths.

Ku : now stop yuvraj you want to do all her praising now only or what…

Uv : look jealous from now only… all giggles.

Bebe : now should we start the rituals..

Ku : yes bebe..

Uv : ooh so much desperate.

Kunj rolled his eyes and thought… why this monkey came here. And top of that he had crush on my twinkle huhu. Yuvraj luthra now she is going to be mine forever.

Uv thinks : aah why man… can’t kunj’s family find another girl for this rude and arrogant man. Aah mummy my crush. But what ever it is she is looking so beautiful. Can anyone say that this young beautiful girl is a mother of four year old child.

All sarna family were performing rituals happily. Ishan and sushant jumping and dancing out of happiness Twinkle and kunj were made to sit beside each other. Then usha and bebe made twinkle wear a red chunri over her head…. all rituals were going on smoothly …. But kunj was looking at uv from corner of his eyes who was looking at twinkle admiring her… Kunj clenched his jaws…

Ku : I will kill him with my bare hands… murmured.

Anand : what..

Ku : look at this uv how shamelessly he is staring at twinkle.

Anand : uff my jealous brother… But why not after all he has crush on our twinkle… winked.

Kunj give him a look and said…
But now she is going to be my wife.

Anand : obsessed lover.

Ku : not obsessed bhai but possessive lover.

Nikki : what you both brothers whispering in each other ears.

Ku : nothing bhabhi.

Anand sheepishly smiled at kunj and kunj elbowed him.

Bebe : finally roka done…

Manohar : yes bebe… now kunj twinkle you both rest tomorrow is engagement…

Ku : yes papa… Kunj is looking at twinkle.

Nikki : devar ji your twinkle is going nowhere she is here only. You go sleep peacefully. All giggles twinkle looked down.

Kunj lay down on bed thinking about twinkle and today’s event a bright smile appeared on his face.

Ku : finally roka done… now engagement… but I hope aliya don’t come tomorrow. I’m sure sushant accident was done by aliya only. I have to be more alert now.

Next morning…

Sarna mansion decorated beautifully.

Bebe : usha Anand manohar everything done. I want each and every thing to be perfect after all its my kunj’s wedding.

Anand : you don’t worry bebe every thing is done.

Usha : Anand where is nikki.

Anand : maa she is with twinkle selecting dress with twinkle.

Manohar : and where is my grand kids ishan and sushant.

We are here….. shouted ishan and sushant from behind… they both run towards manohar and jumped on him.

Manohar : where were you both…

Ishan : Dadu I and sushant were planning surprise for chachu and wedding.

Usha : what is it.. tell us too.

Sushant : no we will directly tell on wedding right ishan.

Ishan : right.

Manohar cupped sushant cheeks…
Now I’m your Dadu… my grand child… they both hugged each other.

Usha bebe Anand : Hug only for Dadu what about us… they all shared group hugged… Kunj watching all this from upstairs and smiled…..

In evening…

Guests arrived in sarna mansion all waiting for twinkle.

Usha : my son looking so hansome.

Anand : today twinkle will faint seeing our kunj.

Sushant : where is mumma papa…
Ishan : how much time she will take.

Anand : nikki is bringing twinkle… just have patience kids.

Just then ishan and sushant gaze fall upstairs and jumped.

Ishan / sushant : yeyyy chachi / mumma has come…

Kunjs gaze immediately darted on twinkle and mesmerized to see twinkle. Kunj can’t take off his eyes from twinkle…

Nikki and twinkle coming downstairs… Twinkle looked hell beautiful all boys present there staring at twinkle along with uv who has wide open eyes looking at twinkle making kunj jealous.

Anand whispered in kunj ears…
She is looking hot right.

Ku : yeah… not in sense.

Anand giggles… Kunj comes back in his senses.

Ku : what bhai…. protesting.

When twinkle came down kunj farward his hand. Twinkle looked up at him kunj smiled at her and gestures her. Twinkle holds his hand.

Bebe : my kunj twinkle looking perfect with each other… God blessed you.

Twinkle is wearing ivory color lehnga and kunj is wearing ivory color Sherwani complimenting each other.

Bebe put off their evil eyes… Kunj and twinkle took blessings from elders.

Manohar : now come on let’s start the ceremony.

What… you will do your engagement without me kunj…. a voice said from behind.

All turned and looked at aliya… who had smirked on her face.
Kunj gave death glares to aliya but she winked at him.

Episode ends here only…. aliya smirked face and kunj angry face.


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