Getting you love with my love or obsession part 4

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hello every one. Sorry for the delay. I was too much busy that’s why couldn’t post it. 

Next day...

All wakes up at Sarna mansion. Twinkle takes her bag with sushant and went downstairs. All look towards twinkle.

Manohar : twinkle are you going somewhere?

Tw : yeah…. actually I’m dropping sushant to his school.

Nikki : but their van would drop them na.

Tw : it’s okay bhabhi.

Ku : let me drop you then… also we are getting late for office too.

Tw : no sir… I’ll manage…

Kunj looks at twinkle suspiciously.

Bebe : twinkle Kunj is requesting you so much please go with him na.

Tw : okay.
Twinkle in her mind : now how I’ll go to doctor bhasin he has called me to him.

Kunj snaps his fingers.

Ku : twinkle where are you lost… we are getting late come.

Tw : yeah…

Kunj and twinkle dropped sushant to his school. Kunj take u turn far from his office twinkle gets confused..

Tw : sir office…

Ku : we are not going office…

Tw : what… then why

Ku : Kunj sighs… we are going to doctor bhasin’s clinic…

Twinkle looks at kunj  shocked…

Ku : what… why you looks so shocked… I have listened your conversation last night…

Tw : but sir we have a meeting…

Ku : meeting will be held after two hours… so don’t worry…

Twinkle looks out of Windows…

Tw : sir… can I ask you something.

Kunj is surprised. Because it is the first time twinkle is initiated something and that with Kunj. In his heart Kunj was doing happy dance. He has a weird smile on his face.

Ku : yeah ask…

Tw : why you doing this all…

Ku : what do you mean… confusingly.

Tw : I mean me and sushant. Who are we both to you. Already you and your family done so much for us. You have done much favors on us for that I will always be very thankful to you sir.

Ku : twinkle I haven’t done any favor this is just a humanity you and sushant both are very close to my family….. especially you are to me.. whisper slowly…

Tw : what… you said something…

Ku : did you listen something…

Tw : no.

Ku : twinkle… one more thing.

Tw : hmm.

Ku : why you always get awkward around me… like I’ll eat you..

Tw : no it’s like that…

Ku : no you have to tell me today.

Tw : it’s just you always on angry young man mood… that’s why I have kept a name for you.

Ku : for me…. surprisingly.

Twinkle nods.

Ku : what.

Tw : no you will get angry.

Ku : no I’ll not… now tell me na.

Tw : sadu… slowly said bowing down her head.

Ku : what… sadu…. chuckle.

Tw : what. You don’t mind if I called you by this name.

Ku : no… smiling..

Tw : why.

Ku : because you called me that’s why… by the way this is our longest conversation for a first time till this date.

Tw : hmm… Twinkle looks awkwardly.

Kunj in his mind : oh no again that old version of this twinkle come back. For the first time twinkle has talked to me so friendly May babaji always keep her smile like this n I promise you twinkle very soon you will be mine.

Ku : we have reached… come.

Kunj and twinkle both were sitting in doctor bhasin’s cabin. Doctor looked at kunj and get confused.

Doctor bhasin : twinkle is he your husband?

Twinkle was shocked. And look at kunj. And nodded in no and feels embarrassed infront of Kunj.

Tw : no he is my boss… awkwardly.
Kunj looks other side and murmured : but I’ll become soon to be her husband.
Doctor heard him and cough to gain their attention and smiled looking at kunj.

Tw : doctor everything alright.

Doctor bhasin : twinkle whatever I’m going to tell you please listen carefully.

Ku : doctor you are scaring now… what happened just spill it.

Doctor bhasin : twinkle…. sushant has anaemia….

Tw : what… hell shocked… Twinkle’s ground has left the feet.
No doctor you are lieing… my sushant… how can this even possible… he was just little ill someday before…

Ku : twinkle… Twinkle .. calm down.
Doctor you please check again may be there was misunderstanding.

Doctor bhasin : I’m saying truth only you can see these reports by yourself  it is clearly written that sushant is diagnosed with anaemia and we need blood for him as soon as possible. And twinkle you have to accept this bitter truth.
Twinkle slump on floor and cried vigorously. Kunj was also in great shock.

Tw : my sushant… what you have done babaji to my child… tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Kunj feels bad seeing twinkle in this condition. Kunj holds her shoulder and pick her.

Ku : twinkle let’s go.

Other side on airport.

A girl wearing one piece showing off her body walking like a model all man present there staring at her. Then she takes off her glasses. And take out Kunj’s picture from her bag.

Girl : what you thought Kunj that I’ll leave so easily… no never… you rejected me for that blo*dy middle class twinkle taneja. Now see I have returned to get you in my life by hook or by crook.
Again wears her glasses and spoke evilly : now you just wait and watch twinkle I’ll break you to that extent that you will curse your fate why you have your life… Kunj is mine and only mine…

Again back to Kunj and twinkle.

Kunj take twinkle out of clinic. Twinkle was just crying n crying.

Ku : twinkle… look at me….. cupping her face.

Tw : Kunj my sushant Kunj please do something I can’t live with out him please… Twinkle was holding Kunj shirt in her fist she doesn’t know what she is speaking and in flow she called Kunj by his name.

Kunj s heart pricked seeing his love in this condition he can’t take this and pulled her in his embrace. Twinkle also breaks down badly in his arms and clutch his shirt tightly and wetting with her tears. Kunj continuesly rubbing her back to soothe her. Kunj closed his eyes tightly and tears also from his eyes. Officially this is their first hug and so close to eachother.

Twinkle is devastated and shattered to know that sushant is suffering from anaemia.

In office Twinkle was simply sitting but her mind was on sushant’s reports this all notice by Kunj who was sitting in his cabin looking through glass wall.

Kunj goes in flashback…

Sameer Kunj and twinkle was in same college But twinkle’s campus was separate infront of Kunj and sameer’s college. Trio class section was also separate. Sameer and twinkle already in relationship that Kunj didn’t knew. Twinkle loved to spend her spare time in orphanage where she and sameer brought up together with sameer. That orphanage owned by bebe. One day twinkle was playing in garden area with kids of orphanage she was blind folded and playing hide and seek just then a car haulted there and bebe and kunj stepped out of car bebe went inside But our Kunj was continuously staring at twinkle he was mesmerized by her cuteness but suddenly sameer came there hugged her from back and kissed her cheeks Kunj felt something broken inside him twinkle turned and removed her blind fold and immediately hug sameer Kunj turned his face and followed bebe. Day by day bebe and twinkle’s bond got friendly. Bebe liked Twinkle for Kunj all sarna family too but they didn’t knew about sameer one day in college Kunj find out that twinkle is studying in his college his happiness has no bounds. One day sameer spotted Kunj who was admiring Twinkle because he was insecure about twinkle. Kunj was talking to himself unaware that sameer was behind him listening him.

Ku : she is so cute full of innocence and simplicity… just like the girl I want… I think I’m in love with you…

Sam : what did you just said… angrily.

Kunj turned and look at sameer surprisely.

Ku : who are you?

Sam : to hell with who I’m… you tell me what did you said just now.

Ku : that I love her…. pointing towards twinkle who was sitting in canteen writing her notes.

Sam : you can’t love her… angrily…

Ku : why… who are you to tell me that I would love her or not… shouting.

Sam : because she is my love and we both love each Other too…. he too shouted angrily.

Ku : what…. no you are lying… Kunj shocked listening Sam.

Sam : okay fine then… come tomorrow at Durgah Temple and witness by your self.Kunj was shattered listening to Sam but he comforted his heart for satisfaction that may be Sam would be lying but what he saw next day shattered him completely twinkle and sameer completed holy rounds and twinkle became MRS Sameer Singhania officially that day innocent and shy Kunj died who never got aggressive on small small things. Kunj was hell broken from inside he locked himself in room skipped his meals and dinner. Preserve himself in his room.

After their education completed Sam joined army But before going he talked with Kunj.

Ku : now what you want…

Sam : I know you love twinkle… But I don’t think that she will ever love you because she love me immensely. She can never give my place to anyone… not even you..

Ku : time will tell in whose life twinkle has destined.

Sam laugh sarcastically.

Sam : let’s see…

Kunj come out of flashback.

Ku : till this date I’m not able to make place in twinkle’s heart. But in this condition I should be happy or sad. Yesterday Twinkle was in my embrace But the situation was inappropriate.May babaji keep sushant healthy and safe…

Kunj called all employees.

Ku : I want each and every detail of this project. In half an hour Mr shams is coming to collaborate with our company.

All went from there. Twinkle about to go but Kunj stopped her.

Ku : twinkle…

Tw : yeah…

Ku : twinkle… sushant will be alright… okay..

Twinkle nodded.

After sometime in conference room Kunj was waiting for Mr shams. Just then Mr shams entered with a girl in her mid 20s wearing knee length one piece.
Kunj shocked to see this girl.

Mr shams : hello Mr sarna… nice to meet you… sorry if I’m late..

Ku : it’s okay. Nice to meet you too sir…

Mr shams : by the way… meet my daughter aliya… aliya khanna… from tomorrow she will handle this project.

Aliya : hi Kunj… how are you… hugged him immediately. Kunj parted himself.

Ku : hi… coldly.

Mr shams : you both know each Other…

Aliya : yeah dad me and  Kunj were in same college same class.

Kunj rolled his eyes meanwhile aliya was continuously staring at Kunj.

Meeting started aliya was trying to get Kunj attention by her silly attitude but Kunj’s all attention was on twinkle who was giving her presentation aliya noticed it and get furious on twinkle.

Other side in school in break Sushant was sitting with ishan. Ishan was telling him about Anand and his bond on which sushant feels sad that he doesn’t have father. At that time he remembers Kunj how nicely Kunj handle him fulfilling all his wishes like a father.

In office after meeting had ended aliya again started clinging to Kunj just to show twinkle but twinkle didn’t looked at them. And went from there after collecting her files.

Aliya : what happened Kunj. Why are you behaving like this with me. We are meeting after so long.

Ku : I know very well your intentions aliya so don’t try to be innocent… just stay away from me.

Aliya : aww so smart Kunj… that’s the thing I love most in you… touching his cheeks sensually… and smirking.

Kunj jerked her hands. And walk out from there….

Ku : twinkle… let’s go we have to pick sushant from school.

Tw : sir I’ll go… you…

Ku : twinkle I said we are going it means we are going..

Twinkle and Kunj reached school. Both noticed that sushant carry gloomy face. They pick sushant and ishan. All the while sushant was silent but ishan was continuously blabbering.

Ku : sushant what happened why are you so sad…

Sushant : nothing… mumma can we go to sarna mansion please.

Tw : sushant no…

Ku : twinkle let him …. okay partner today we will spend gala time together. Happy… But sushant just nodded his head.

When they reached sarna mansion sushant hold one hand of twinkle and one hand of Kunj. They both looked at sushant then at each Other twinkle feels weird why sushant is doing like this.

Ishan jumped on manohar.

Ishan : dadu…

Manohar : my baby come… how was your day.

Ishan : awesome.

Usha : first get freshen up then do your talks.

Bebe : yeah…

Ishan : bebe sushant and twinkle chachi also come… see they have come.
All look towards entrance and surprised to see sushant holding twinkle and kunj hands like this. All admired them.

Twinkle touched their feets.

Manohar : what happened to our sushant today.

Bebe : yeah why he is looking so dull.

Tw : don’t know bebe he is behaving weirdly when we picked him from school.

Usha : what happened sushant tell me why are you so sad…. cupping his cheeks.

Sushant : just missing papa.

Twinkle looked at sushant immediately tears formed in her eyes.

Kunj looked at twinkle.

Ku : sushant I’m here for you baby we all are here for you.

Sushant : partner can I ask you something?

Ku : yeah ask.

Sushant : do you love mumma?

All were shocked.

Tw : sushant… shouted…
What are you saying… say sorry to him.

Sushant : no… ishan also have papa my all friends have papa but only I don’t have…. partner mumma please you both marry each other… mumma please for me make kunj uncle my papa…… crying

Kunj was stunned.

Tw : sushhaant….. shouted angrily raised her hands but stopped herself.

Sushant hugged Kunj and hide himself in Kunj arms. Kunj embraced him tightly. And caressing his back sushant was continuously crying.

Tw : I’m so sorry sir….. I’m really sorry behalf of sushant.

While Kunj was also crying.

Screen splits on trio who was crying.

hope you all like this part. 

thanks to all of you who liked and commented on previous part. And for the dislikes also. Alteast I got to know which type of stories you like. 

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