Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) Episode 7

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Hi guys I’m back with another episode, if you missed my last episode this is the link Click Here

Here goes the 7th epi

Scene 1
Gauri and prinku visited the orphanage, they play with the kids give chocolates, they also meet the father of the place
Gauri – hi father I’m from smile NGO foundation, so here we are u had called us right if I’m not wrong
Prinku – hello father even I’m the director in smile foundation
Father – thanks, but there is one problem, who is very dangerous and trouble s us
Just then kaali thakur enters
Father is shocked and the book in his hand s fall down
Kaali thakur – removing his sun glasses, madam myself and u are 50/50 partners that’s the problem , and he tells that the coackroaches are dangerous
Father – yes that’s the problem
Prinku – it’s ok our NGO will pest control your kitchen teach kids and also give monthly visits by NGO worker s
Gauri – exactly so Mr Kaali thakur you have to sign this paper and accept that we are the 50/50 owners, and that you have no problem if this happens
Kaali thakur – staring at gauri)madam file
Gauri – sure (When she gave the file he purposefully touches her hand)
Kaali thakur – sorry madam
Gauri – it’s ok(Gauri feels awkward)
Prinku and Gauri go and bid bye to the kids
Kaali – how dare you took this decision any way,(and holds his collar) I’f u try to act smart again I will make you reach your father, I’m coming Mallika sharma haha

Scene 2
Om (gets up) oh god it’s 10.30am I’m still sleeping, I will get ready and go

Scene 3
Gauri and prinku reach the NGO office
Gauri – you take care of the office I will come back, I have to go it’s 10 55 OK bye
Prinku – bye
(Guys there is a small change Gauri is the ceo of smile foundation and prinku, is the director of the NGO )

Scene 4
Gauri is waiting for Om, she thinks let me go to the temple and come back, she goes to the temple as it is Monday,(shiva temple) she gives the prasad to God and flowers to God, she takes the prasad and comes back, Om by that time comes, Gauri comes and sees him
Gauri – hi ye lo she gives the prasad
Om – no its OK I have to go
Gauri – when somebody is giving prasad you should not refuse, u should take it
Om – OK
(there was a small piece near his mouth, Gauri signals him, he did it the other side, so Gauri wipes it with her napkin, her hands touch his lips)
Gauri – sorry
Om – it’s ok, your phone
Gauri – thanks, would you like some coffee
Om – ya sure

Scene 5 Oberoi mansion
Anika – I wanted to talk to you, I’m actually
Shivaay – (cuts her of) Anika I’m very busy today, so can we talk later
Anika – bye
Shivaay – where are you going
Anika – wahi toh baath karni thi par aap bahut busy hai right,
Shivaay – OK fine sorry, Now tell
Anika – I want to open my company for event management, which I need 5, 00,000, so I want to take a loan
Shivaay – wowwwwwwwww, anika is taking about business, anika y do you want to take a loan when sso is here, by the way Company y do you want to open a company
Anika –(Guys in my ff Anika is a well educated girl) because it was my childhood dream to open my company and I want to be a independent working women, shivaay pls this is my dream, a lone tear escapes from her face
Shivaay – OK, fine I will do it for my Anika, happy
Anika – really
Shivaay – yes
(she kisses shivaay on his left cheek in happiness and goes, oh jaana plays)
Shivaay – wowwwwwwwww, and he fell on the bed (like ib)

Scene 6
Gauri – one cappacino With extra cream and Om what would you like
Om – a latte
Gauri – would you like any snack s
Om – no its OK. Where do you work
Gauri – I’m the ceo of smile foundation, and on weekends I conduct dance classes
(And Gauri keeps on talking) Om looks at her lovingly which was disturbed by the waiter
Gauri – I’m so sorry, I was talking to much that I didn’t let u talk
Om – (sipping his latte) it’s ok
Screen ends on Gauri s face

Precap – Om marries Gauri

Hey guys I hope you like this epi, sorry for the typo s, silent readers pls comment, Guys I’m getting very less comments, if you don’t like it pls tell I will end this epi in few episodes, pls comment. Tomatoes and eggs are accepted.

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    Hello rasika ,
    How are you?
    your ffs is just awesome because i like your ff. don’t feel bad for getting less comments…
    i can’t wait omei marriage please update next part as soon as possible.

    1. Rasika

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