Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) Episode 5

Hi guys, I’m back with another episode
Here goes the 4th episode
Scene 1 – sharma house
Mallika – meri bacchi kitni acchi dikh rahi hai kisi ke nazar na lage,
Gauri – thanks ma but ma aap bhi mujhse kam nahi
Mallika – makkhan math laga ab der ho rahi hai
Gauri – thik hai ma chale
Mallika – chalo

Scene – 2
Shivika come downstairs
Rudra – bhaiya aur bhabhi itne acche dikh rahe hai na ek saath
Om – voh toh hai
Rudra – Pata nahi ki kab ye dono love confess karenge, bhaiya bhabhi Ko pyar karte hai but wo Anika bhabhi ke language me tadibazz hai
Om – voh toh hai but hum inse love confess karvayenge
Rudra – kaise
Om – wahi toh sochna hai
By that time shivika come down

Shivaay – chale
Omru – chalo
Anika – me dadi Ko leke aati Hu
Rudra – bhaiya ab toh haat chod do, billu bahut romantic hone laga hai aaj kal
Shivaay – Aisa kuch nahi hai OK , ab chale
Dadi and omru one car shivika one car

Scene 3
Mr and Mrs sinhas function
Mallika and Gauri get down from the car
Mr sinha– thank you Mallika for coming, pls enjoy yourselves,
Anaya sinha – Mallika hi, thank u so much for coming
Mallika – you are my best friend how could I miss to come
Gauri – aunty aap kaisi hai, Your looking good
Anaya – thank you beta, enjoy yourself, Mallika u come with me
Gauri – OK aunty
(At t same time the Oberois arrive they got down from the car)
Dadi – shaadi ki saal gira mubarak

Mr and Mrs sinha – thank you
Shivaay – congratulations, happy anniversary (Anika gave the bouquet)
Mr and Mrs sinha – pls enjoy yourself and thank you for coming
Shivaay – sure
Scene 4
Omkara was thinking about something when Gauri was talking on the phone and bumped with Omkara and she spilled orange juice on him
Gauri – I’m so sorry
Omkara – it’s ok
Gauri wipes it with her napkin and she comes close to wipe…… o sathiya plays, Om is staring at her
Gauri – it’s done, I’m sorry once again, oh hi you, hi I’m Gauri sharma
Om still staring at her

Gauri – hello?
Om –( disturbed by Gauri) oh so you are Gauri sharma, prinku keeps telling abt U,
Gauri – Prinku bhi na, vaise did prinku come
Om- no she stayed back bcoz mom is not well
Gauri – tell aunty to take care, my phone?

Om – I’m so sorry I didn’t bring it, I didn’t know u would come here
Gauri – um it’s ok, c ya tomorrow near my dance Academy.
Just then there is a announcement of a dance competition of couples
Scene 5
Anika – chalo shivaay dance karte hai na maza aayega
Shivaay – Anika I can’t dance
Anika – pls shivaay pls
Shivaay – OK

Anchor – who ever wants to participate can give there names and whosever names come in the chit, they should dance together
Scene 6
Gauri asks her mom she says yes, anika, shivaay give there names
Shivaay gets anika s name… they dance on Gerua all couples name get over Gauri s name is left over,

Next Gauri gets Om s name as Rudy gives his name
Om – me, I guess it’s mistaken somebody else
Anchor – it’s ok your name has come, so dance, He announces Om and gauris name
Om takes Gauri aside and tells
Om – idk how to dance, I didn’t give my name also
Gauri – it’s ok just follow my lead, he has already announced so can’t back off. …. Guys think of any romantic song, and they dance together

Scene 7
Om takes Gauri aside
Om – thank you so much Gauri
Gauri – how many times will u say thank you, so can we be friends
Om – sure, friends
(they handshake)
Screen ends on both there faces

Precap – not yet decided

Sorry guys for telling I will give u 2 episode’s, I’m a little busy, so can’t update, and sorry for posting 2 times the same update, and sorry for not able to reply to your comments, thank you for giving your comments, but I think nobody is liking my ff bcoz I’m getting very less comments, if you didn’t like it pls tell I will stop writing, pls comment.

  1. Oh rasika , please don’t stop writing. I am an ardent fan of omri and really love this ff. Please start to add more omri romantic scenes.?

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    1. Rasika

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