Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) Episode 3

Hey guys I’m back with another episode
Here goes the third episode
Scene 1 – Oberoi mansion gate
( Gauri leaves in her scooty)
Om – Gauri your phone, she gave my phone but she left her own phone here and she went
(Rudra enters)
Rudra – who was that girl, Your gf, Om you didn’t tell me,
Shivaay – who was that girl Om gf ha, giving hi fi to Rudy
Om – will u both stop it, my car had stopped working, so Gauri gave me a drop and she left her phone by mistake here, by the way I have to go now, I’m getting late
Rudra – so her name is Gauri phone number puchne se pehle phone hi mil gaya,
(Om giving angry look to rudra)
Shivaay – leave all this, we have to attend the sinhas function so go get ready, and Om that deal is postponed to tomorrow and this is the file
Om – ohk shivaay thank God I didn’t go till there, I will go tomorrow and crack the deal and prove it to mr Oberoi what I can do.
Shivaay pats on his shoulder and goes

Scene 2
Sharma house
(Gauri reaches home)
Mallika – where were u? Y didn’t u pick up my calls
Gauri – 1 minute aapne mujhe call Kiya mujhe Pata hi nahi chala, ek minute mera phone, mera phone kaha he? Lagta he ki Maine phone Academy me hi chod diya
Mallika – u are so careless now leave all that we have to attend my friend s anniversary party, thatswhy I asked u to come early,so get ready fast
Gauri – OK ma

Scene 3
Shivika room
Shivaay enters and sees Anika struggling to tie the back of her blouse, (she was wearing a golden cold shoulder blouse and a black saree)
Anika – this blouse, oh god
(shivaay comes and ties her back lace, bg music plays,Enna sona……. Plays, he puts sindoor on her forehead, and ties her mangalsutra o, and puts the earrings on her ear)
Shivaay – beautiful, Anika you are blushing, and lifts her chin up, they have an eye lock
(dadi enters, shivika still standing in same position)
Dadi – ahm ahm, let’s go we are getting late
Shivika moving apart, and shivaay gave his hand and anika gave her hand in his hand and they went together downstairs

Scene 4
Sharma mansion
Gauri is wearing a sleeveless black gown with a stone necklace with studs and eyeliner, light pink lipstick
Gauri – calling neha, (from another phone) neha picks up hello neha did I leave my phone in the Academy
Neha – no while I closed the Academy there was nothing there
Gauri – are u sure
Neha – 100 percent sure
Gauri – ohk
Gauri – hey shankar ji where is my phone now
(Sweety barks she pats him on his head)
Gauri – sweety it’s not there in the Academy now what shall I do? Idea I will call to my no
Gauri – hello, whoever u are give my phone back otherwise you don’t know what I will do
Om – hello I’m Omkara Singh Oberoi
Gauri – oh you, I’m so sorry, I was so tensed thatswhy, I shouted on you
Om – no its OK
Gauri – so will u come near my dance Academy, to give my phone, is it OK
Om – it’s OK I will give it to you near your academy tomorrow ok, bye
Gauri – thanks bye
Screen ends on Gauri s face

Precap – gaurikara meet again.

Sorry guys for the short update but my phone is dead. so I’m using my friend s phone who is very angry at me right now but I will give u 2 episode s update tomorrow as I’m getting my new phone tomorrow, ??Pls comment, positive or negative

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