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Gauri in sanskrit means white and ;
white , an inherently positive color, is associated with purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.
of which all these qualities Gauri possesses , maybe the writers have gone through a lot before the character development of our one and only Gauri Kumari Sharma , oops , “Sarma” , maybe thats why she is so patient and endures all the insult that comes across her path as her name suggests , but f**king hell , every single blo*dy person has a level of tolerance , right ?

I’ve been lately reading many fan fictions , and i’ve always thought about writing one , especially since right now its hard for me to digest whats going on in the show , call me a faminazi , a sadist , and what not , but one thing i cannot tolerate its women getting ill treated , for all the girls and guys out there who are reading this , nothing matters more than your self respect girls , and guys , treat your women right unlike “The Asshole Oberoi’s” THERE , I SAID IT .

I love watching indian shows filled with so much drama and suspense , but honestly , indian shows get a little too out of hand . look at Ishqbaaz itself , whether you like it or not , we all know that Shivaay was an a*sh*le , like his character has developed a lot from the beginning , but in the beginning he really was too much , and after all , for what ? because she said she wouldn’t apologise ? OK , we can all agree that men have a big fat ego , that doesn’t give them the right to ill treat women. I frikking hate the makers of the show because its as if , what the followers of the show want doesn’t even matter , and if they had to insult these female stars then why put up a “strong women “ face ? the female leads are powerful and can deal with any man except the male leads ? like what the hell , they aren’t even in love in the first place , its not at all justify able ( is that even a word ?)

Also , I totally forgot , Anika is going to be the “forgiving” bahu when everyone finds out pinky is behind everything , which is utter bullshit , i don’t think any human in their senses would forgive someone so easily after they know that someone has been plotting against them so much. BUT OH , I’M SORRY , I TOTALLY FORGOT , THIS IS INDIAN SERIAL INDUSTRY , ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ! its high time they change the genre of the show form plain simple drama to unrealistic drama and romance .

Anyways i’m over the hating Shivaay phase , but now lets look at Omkara , two words “f**kED UP” its not even funny , they have really ruined the character so much , is there any more mess they can make with his character , somebody who never judged unless he looked at two sides of the coin and someone who respects women , i agree he has gone through a lot and he is doing it for his mother, and if he loves his mother so much why can’t he be nice to Gauri because Jhanvi obviously wants that , i get that you need a story line but this is too much and now even Jhanvi doesn’t want tej , (Jhanvi is the most sensible character in the show to be honest according to me ) after watching today’s episode , where Omkara asks Gauri to get out of the room , puts water on her , ill treats her , i feel that its high time our women start reacting , pack their bags and leave at the least and make the men say sorry , right ?

Its obviously not going to happen in the show , so i thought why not i pen my own version of it ? comment down below if you guys agree with me , and even if you don’t , its okay , you can’t please everybody right , i’m really not doing this for popularity or anything , but i just want to know how many people agree with what i’m saying , i just want to know if i’m the only one who feels this way . guys , i still love both the shows a lot and i mean no dis respect to the actors and everyone who’s been putting visible efforts and the people working behind the screens , i just hope this reaches to the makers because the angry young rich man falling in love with the helpless middle class sweet woman is growing old , nayi soch my foot , these people indirectly promote “disrespecting women” . And as fans at least we should spread some awareness because there are so many people who love the actors so much and they blindly follow everything thats shown on screen , but little do they know that these actors are douchebags only on screen and are very nice people as soon as the director or the producer or whoever yells “CUT.” (Also guys tell me if i should do the fan fiction thingy)


(Also guys , if i’m going to name my fan fiction , i’m going to name it Gauri Bhadrakali as it is in this form that Ma Gauri is in her most powerful and most fierce form)

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  1. neelam kumari

    supooooo!!!!I am agree with you in really excited for your next ff

  2. I agree with you Aparna….in the beginning Annika was a strong girl…..but now she is weak and doesn’t care about her self respect at all..And its better to don’t say about Om’s character……CV’s killed our Om…and Gauri should be strong and she should leave OM….

  3. _APARNA_

    you really have stolen the words from my mouth @san , i’m so happy that you agree with what i think 🙂 also , do you think i should do the fan fiction thingy ?

    1. I am waiting for your ff….plz post asap

  4. _APARNA_

    @neelam kumari , thank you so much , looking forward to your love and acceptance <3

  5. Zaina

    I too agree with u aparna…. actually iam fed up of these Indian dramas. I don’t know what the writers are up to… atleast u showed courage to write against them… anyways all the best for ur neww ff….

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you zaina , i hope the “fan power” actually has some effects in the way the stories are written at least now

  6. Devikaaa


    1. _APARNA_

      i’m so happy to see i’m not the only one

  7. Shraddha-DBO

    Waiting for your dhamakedar ff?

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you so much shraddha , much love

  8. Shreyanvi

    Agree wd u in omie’ s case.. if we hv a look at his characters graph then it’s just rolling down….they totally ruined omkara’ s charm cz of which he has huge fan following..
    Anyways waiting for ur toddu ff…

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you my lauliieeeee <3

  9. agreed
    like & love from my side

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you so much aashi dear

  10. Women empowerment……wow being a girl i really appreciate this……bingo aparna?

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you so much naymaz <3 your profile picture speaks a great volume by itself

      1. Yes maa durga she only gives me all the strength to handle every situation….

    2. _APARNA_

      girl power

  11. Rasika

    I totally agree with you, especially Om character he is such a calm and cool person he is becoming sso part 2, the cvs are spoiling his character…. ?

    1. Rasika

      Waiting for your new ff

    2. _APARNA_

      rasika , i have to tell you , i’m a huge fan of your ff <3 it means a lot that you noticed this , and this being my first work , its something i'm proud of

      1. Rasika

        Thank you so much I’m on cloud 9, it means a lot to me too, sure

  12. Criz

    I agree with you .in the serial also womens didn’t get their watching yesterday’s episode dbo omkara is becoming very rude to gauri…
    waiting for your ff

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you so much criz , glad i voiced my opinion because only now i know that its not just my opinion

  13. hey ,, sorry Aparna I don’t agree with your ideas,,, I don’t understand what actually is women’s empowerment means for you,, as a teacher the why you have used vulgar language it is not allowing me to support your ideas..

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you so much for expressing what you feel , but i’ve already said in the beginning that the passage contains abusive language , and also , using foul language isn’t such a bad thing , unless your a kid of course , but this is just my opinion , but thank you for coming out with how you feel

  14. I disagree with your idea’s Aparna sorry .I don’t understand what actually is women’s empowerment means for you,, as a teacher the why you have used vulgar language it is not allowing me to support your ideas..

    1. _APARNA_

      women empowerment means exactly what the stereotypical serial male lead does not do , like disrespecting women , raising your hand on a women is not the only way of disrespecting a woman , the way you behave with her , the way you talk to her , and how you treat her is what matters , and this goes around to both genders , but sadly , in what i have seen , only women get disrespected in these shows , hence “women empowerment” otherwise , regardless of gender , it would have just been “empowerment” and since i’m into the idea of “not treating women like crap” it totally triggered me . And there is your answer , i did not mean to offend you , i’m sorry if i did , but thank you so much
      much love


    Yes , you are right APARNA, but don’t use bad words. we need love , respect and action, we need to see something, that can make our day happy!!!

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you so much seda , but i guess this is just my way of expressing views , you can’t please everybody can you , but thank you for expressing your views

  16. it’s been about more than a year that I’m actually going to comment on something (of course,,bcz I don’t visit TU now)…well I’m too happy to see ur post bcz it’s actually speaking my mind right now. I loved om but now his character sucks & gauri really should stand against this… amazing plot u took,, I’m sure ur ff is also gonna rock..& ppl gonna love it.. whether I read it or not,,u should know that I support u ♥♥♥

    1. _APARNA_

      this really brought a smile to my face when i was reading this , thank you so much prapti , means a lot and thank you for standing beside me

  17. your thoughts were right but the way u expressed your views was really not appreciable.

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you cutie for appreciating my thoughts , but thats just the way i roll <3
      much love

  18. Totally agree with u, apart from family a, self respect is must. Anika and gauri should stand for it. Because love must be great but not greater then self respect ..well written apu

    1. _APARNA_

      thank you so much sonu , i’m so happy you agree with my ideologies <3

  19. yes you are right that women’s should take stand for there rights and men’s should take ask forgiveness for there wrong behavior ,,, and mark my words a day will come when gauri will stand for her rights and respect ,, amd the day om kara will know what actually gauri is he will ask forgiveness ,

    1. _APARNA_

      Hopefully , but not anytime soon , that’s what I think at least ?

  20. I to stand up for women’s but in real life not in reel life, you said sooo called “India “. people say India is a free independent nation and we celebrate independence day every year from 1947 … but mahatma gandhiji also said that when every girl will reach her home safely even at the mind might then actually will the nation called as independent nation according to him ,when we read the history we see even father of our nation was insulted but he selected non- violence to fight for freedom ,let’s even we follow the way of peace to encourage women’s empowerments

    1. _APARNA_

      Woah , I don’t know anything about history , but I sure do know that it’s hard to watch a girl getting dis respected like that he it in a show or in real life , I can do something about it if it happens in front of me , and since it’s a show , I can at least do this at the least to my content so that I can satisfy myself , because it’s hard for me to watch shit like that and tolerate this , and this is just the way i roll bruh
      Peace ❤️❤️❤️ Bye lovely

  21. hmmmm that’s ok our point of views are different , let’s stop talking on this , just for the sake of one TV serial we should not loose our patience, we both aim at womens empowerment but our way of archiving is different , that’s ok all the best

    1. _APARNA_

      there you said it baby , i meant no hate , thank you , love you <3

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