Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia goes into a state of coma


The latest promo of Anupamaa has witnessed a piece of sad news for the fans of the show. The channel recently shared a new promo where Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia was seen in a state of coma while Anupamaa takes care of him and is determined to help him recover.

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The fans were already sad over the last few episodes as they were hinting toward the death of Anuj. However, during a recent Gaurav rejected the rumors of quitting the show but his answers were not direct and straightforward. It seemed like he is dodging the questions.

Now after watching the promo one can understand why. Meanwhile the fans of the show are extremely disappointed with the channel. One of the fans wrote “Noooooooooooo i can’t see my Ak in this condition, please end this track soon, stay strong #maan”.

Another user commented “Gonna quit watching if anuj goes into coma and it becomes just another saas bahu drama and serial”, one more comment read “Why doing this with MaAn let them breathe at least. Not a single day of peace since the wedding why do you always show good people suffering n toxic people flourish why can’t they get few moments of peace n smiles.”

  1. It does not surprise me. So much negative tension; something was bound to give in. Character Anupama suffers from ‘Destination Swarg’ syndrome. These type make their current life a ‘Narak’ to such an extent that death appears to offer ‘Swarg’ to them.

    Very Sad state of affairs when our scriptures tell us that we are our own creator and the law of karma neve sleeps.

  2. Bogus show bogus story…
    Full of bullshit writing by screenplay writers…
    Aaaaa thuuuu….

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