Gathbandhan 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mai and Dhanak work together

Gathbandhan 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai and Dhanak are in rickshaw. Mai says we will eat pani puri first. Dhanak says but.. Mai says dont worry, I want to see you cry first. She brings to stall and ask him to give pani puri. Dhanak says we are getting late. Mai says dont worry. Dhanak says we will eat fast. Mai says who stops first will lose. dhanak says lets start. They both eat pani puri and compete against each other. Mai says I like seeing you in tears, they laugh. Mai turns to leave. Seller asks for money. Dhanak says are you mad? She is Savitri Mai. Seller says I will call police. Mai says this Dhanak is a police officer. Seller laughs and says she doesnt look like one. Mai laughs and says I like you, she gives him money and tip. They leave.

Mai and Dhanak comes to Tawre’s luxury house. Dhanak says our rat’s house. Mai says he looted a lot of money. Tawre is inside and calls Mai. She takes call. He says I am waiting for you. Mai says I am on door. Dhanak hides. Mai knocks on door. Tawre opens door to see Mai. She burps. Dhanak hides from Tawre. Tawre says welcome. He turns. Dhanak hides in house. Mai hides her behind couch. Tawre brings sweets boxes. and shows her gold bars. She is shocked and says these are real. Tawre says you want Dhanak to lose her job? This gold will do. Someone has given tip to commissioner, hide this gold in Dhanak’s room. Mai says have you gone mad? we live in same house. Dhanak coughs. Mai acts like she is coughing. She silently gives water to Dhanak. Tawre says give this gold in her parents’ house then I will raid her house and then she will lose her job. Mai says great plan, only a policeman can make other police-woman lose her job, she is gone now. Dhanak bites on Mai’s finger. Mai moves away and says tell me plan. Tawre says send this gold to her house then I will raid her house. Mai says you are losing this gold for her? Tawre says we will take is in police custody and police station is for me. Mai says you are doing this for your son and I am doing this for money. Mai makes a deal. Tawre says come late at night. She says okay and goes out of house. She recalls how she forgot Dhanak in his house. Dhanak is tensed. Mai says what will I say now? Dhanak hides behind couch. Mai rings door bell. Tawre opens door. Mai says I saw some police officer outside. Lets hide gold. She goes in his room. Dhanak runs out of house. Mai leaves with Dhanak.

Scene 2
At night, Dhanak talks in Marathi. Mai is stunned. Dhanak says my husband and mother in law are marathi. Mai says we are goons but you are not. Mai says I am, she shows her gold biscuit and says I stole it. Dhanak says this is wrong. Mai says I took one biscuit only. Mai hugs her from behind and says Raghu is very lucky to get a mother like you. Mai says you can butter me but I am not giving this biscuit to you. Dhanak laughs. Mai smiles and leaves.

Raghu is waiting for Dhanak and Mai. They come home laughing. Raghu is shocked and says you both together? Mai says we went to movie together. It was good, then we ate together. Raghu slaps himself and says you both went without me trying? Mai says she is my enemy.. she points knife at her and smirks. Dhanak smiles and acts sad, she says I am going to room. She leaves.

Dhanak is cooking in kitchen. Raghu comes there. Dhanak mistakenly applies flour on his face and laughs. She says it happened when we met first time. They both laugh. Raghu says those were happy days. Dhanak wipes his face and says we can live happy life now too. Raghu says I want smile on your face. He says I am going somewhere, I promise that I wont do anything bad with innocent person. Dhanak says I have a surprise for you tomorrow. He says I will wait. He turns and thinks that I will punish Tawre. Dhanak thinks I will bring justice against Tawre for Raghu with Mai.

PRECAP- Raghu comes to Tawre’s house and sees gold bars. He thinks Tawre is gone. Mai brings her gang to Tawre’s house to do his work.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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