Gathbandhan 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu divorces Dhanak

Gathbandhan 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Akshay asks Dhanak if she wants to marry him? You can tell me tomorrow. He leaves. Dhanak goes back in house to see Mahindra reading the letter, Akshay takes Ronak from there. Mahindra says you were leaving me? You know I can’t live without you. Dhanak says I am sorry, Akshay made me realize I was sacrificing a lot of relations. Akshay says its high time, I have given her a solution but the choice is hers. He leaves.

Raghu thinks that Dhanak will enter my life tomorrow and make my home.

Dhanak tells Mahindra about Akshay’s proposal. Mahindra says Raghu won’t stop, he forced you to leave us all, Akshay is a good person and we are with you to marry him.

In morning, Raghu sits in his lounge. Akshay comes there and says Raghu.. Raghu says call Raghu Sir. Akshay says Raghu Sir actually.. I have made the plan for house security, you have to sign it. Raghu looks at papers. Akshay thinks that I hope Raghu doesn’t read divorce papers. He throws water on his shoes and says sorry, you can go and change. Raghu signs on papers hastily and gives it to Akshay.

Dhanak looks at divorce papers and says Raghu signed them, how? Akshay says leave that, you have to decide now if you want to marry me now. He leaves. Raghu’s servant brings clothes and Raghu’s letter. Dhanak reads a letter that only 6 hours are left, you and Ronak should wear branded clothes that I sent, I am waiting. Dhanak calls Akshay and says did you leave? He says no I am at chawl gate, why? dhanak says will you marry me now?

Scene 2
Raghu sits with his family to eat. Mai gushes over luxuries. She shows gifts for Ronak and says I am his grandmother and I will teach Dhanak a lesson. Mai says I will sit on the floor. Raghu sits with her and says I am where my Mai is.

Dhanak gets ready for her wedding. She recalls her moments with Raghu and sighs. Akshay comes there and admires her. Dhanak says I am making this relationship with honesty, I want happiness for Ronak and I want your support in that. Akshay holds her hand and says I am always with you as your friend, let’s go, he leaves. Dhanak gets Raghu’s call. Raghu says its good that you listened to me, only 5 hours are left, he ends the call.

PRECAP- Dhanak is in mandap and asks Sejal to bring Ronak as she will introduce Akshay as his father now. Sejal looks around and says he is not found anywhere. Raghu calls Dhanak but her phone is off.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t usually like when they introduce a 3rd person but for the very first time I actually do think Akshay is better for Dhanak, Raghu keeps messing up and he’s got such a possessive mother that she is willing to let her son suffer then let him be happy with Dhanak. The only sad thing is that now there is a little boy involved and his dad does have rights over him as well but I understand Dhanak fear of Mai getting her hands on Ronak as she would ruin his life as well. I hope they don’t show Ronak going against his mum

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